10 Mice Baratinhos Gamers That Is Worth Buying – Purchase Manual

10 mice baratinhos gamers that is worth buying – Purchase Manual

Need a new gamer mouse but money is short? Today we indicate 10 gamers mice that do not cost the eye of the face and deliver a cool performance for their games.

To choose a good model you need to be aware of the following characteristics:

DPI: The DPI is the standard used to measure the sensitivity of the mouse. When you change this parameter, the speed with which the arrow “walks” to move the mouse is changed, becoming faster or slower according to the chosen value. Gamers mice usually have different values ​​already programmed and some have option you customize it via software.

Footprint: Each person has a different kind of footprint and many mice are designed thinking of specific tracks. See the three most common types of footprint:

10 Mice Baratinhos Gamers That Is Worth Buying - Purchase Manual

Construction: A good construction is essential for you to feel comfortable in time to use the mouse, mainly because many people spend long hours in front of computer. Many models have more ergonomic shapes to help it, and even the weight is a factor to consider.

Additional buttons: Additional buttons (which are usually located on the side of the mouse) are very useful for you to make macros (shortcuts where you can assign actions). MMO players abuse this very function, simplifying many tasks.

LED: The LED is a characteristic of mice gamers, especially the RGB is the fan favorite. As we are talking about cheap mice, we can not demand super configurable LEDs in all mice, but many options in this list have those lights up and can be configured via software so that your whole setup be matched.

See the information we have prepared for you:

1º – Mouse G-Fire

10 Mice Baratinhos Gamers That Is Worth Buying - Purchase Manual

You want something basic in standard gamer? The G-Fire has the look and gamer, finger rest with ergonomic rubber and even LED RGB. You can choose from 60 different colors to customize this template. Its maximum DPI is 2800 and can be set to 4 different levels by a button located on the top. It also has “Shot” button, in addition to other two buttons on the side that can be used for macro. The negative side of this mouse is that you are at the mercy of the manufacturer settings, without any software to customize its parameters.

2 – Multilaser MO270

10 Mice Baratinhos Gamers That Is Worth Buying - Purchase Manual

This mouse has a design of Multilaser a little “different” from others. This is because the company has designed to be fully ergonomic, having to take a break from fingers to who gets a lot of time on the computer. He is not the prettiest option from our list, but has a very interesting price for those who want something more flashy and does not have much money available. This mouse has a 2400 DPI and two side buttons so you can make your macros. It also has a button on its top so that the DPI is changed instantly.

3º – Spider Tarantula Om-702 – Fortrek

10 Mice Baratinhos Gamers That Is Worth Buying - Purchase Manual

A simple click and without many advantages. Spider Tarantula has 2000 DPI, value that can be switched on settings established by the company and which are controlled by a button which is on top of the mouse. You can choose from 1000, 1200, 1600, or 2000 DPI. The mouse has a matte finish and a few red lights to give that look more gamer. It has two side buttons that can be used to make macros. The downside of this model is that despite the company’s promise to 12 million clicks, some users have reported that the mouse stopped working in very little time.

4º – Pro M7 RGB – Fortrek

10 Mice Baratinhos Gamers That Is Worth Buying - Purchase Manual

For those who want a very cheap model and RGB settings to Fortrek launched the Pro M7. It costs in the range of R $ 50 and an LED that can be configured in more than 16 million colors. He has some ready-DPI settings which can be adjusted on buttons on the top of the mouse, but you can also customize it and lighting profiles via the company’s software. This mouse has two side buttons for macro setting. The downside of this model is that some buyers complain that the settings in the software end up going back to the factory default each time the computer is turned off.

5º – M3 RGB – Fortrek

Another very interesting option Fortrek is the M3. This mouse features 4800 dpi and RGB lighting. Unlike many mice cheaper, these two items can be fully customized via the company’s software. It is suitable for FPS and has a very interesting footprint, fitting well in hand as both right-handed left-handed. He has dosi buttons on its top to control DPI preprogrammed’s and two side buttons that you can use to make macros. On the downside we highlight some problems in your configuration software. According to some reports, sometimes he did not even save the changes.

6º – Logitech G300S

This mouse from Logitech has a very interesting visual. He has six additional buttons, and all of them are at the top of the mouse. Two are located in the top center, and are used to control the DPI (going up to 2500) by up to three adjustable profiles. It has a small LED strip that is not RGB. Its shape is ergonomic and its edges are rubberized, so you have a good grip and also firmness when holding.

7 – Cobra M711 – Redragon

The Redragon is gaining its place among the peripheral lovers in Brazil with beautiful products, quality and very reasonable prices. Snake M711 is an example of this, he has PMW3325 sensor, braided cable and OMROM switches. It has two buttons on the side and three at the top. They are incredible 10,000 ECD that can be configured via software company. Oh, it’s not only the DPI can be adjusted there, this mouse has RGB lighting that can also be adjusted in the program offered by Redragon.

8º – Corsair Harpoon RGB 6000 DPI

For lovers of Corsair, the company also has a mouse option that is easily accessible to the less fortunate. The Harpoon has 6000 DPI and you can make your settings and store in a memory in the mouse itself. It has rubberized side grip to provide a firmer and more comfortable. The mouse has two side buttons for macro setting, and RGB LED, which can also be configured via software.

9º – Logitech G402

Logitech could not stay out of our list of cheap mice. The G402 is a very interesting mouse for those who make much use of additional buttons. That’s because it has five buttons on its side, which will help a lot especially MMO players. It has a slightly different standard design, but the company promises a great ergonomics. Its maximum DPI is 4000, which can be configured via software. On the downside we highlight the lack of RGB lighting (for those who like).

10º – HyperX Pulsefire FPS

HyperX is a famous peripherals brand that is known worldwide for its high quality. The company has a relatively affordable model for those who do not have a big budget when buying a mouse. The FPS has a Pulsefire pixart sensor 3310 and four DPI settings already ready and can be switched on a button that sits on its top. As its name says, it is more suitable for FPS, with a good ergonomic grip and 3200 DPI. It also has two side buttons that can be used for macro and braided cord for added durability. The downside of this model is that it does not have RGB lights.


The great competition to mouse market greatly benefits the consumer, who can find several quality models in many different prices. If you want to take a look at more expensive mice and more advanced features, we recommend that you take a look at our article with 10 gamers mice (no price limit).

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