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EAPRIL stands for European Association for Practitioner Research on Improving Learning (in education and professional practice). It is a non-profit organisation under Belgian law, governed by an Executive Board in cooperation with the EAPRIL office. EAPRIL tries to increase the impact of practice-based and applied educational research on educational policy . Its headquarters is located in Leuven (Belgium), close to Brussels being the centre of Europe.

The founding members of EAPRIL have been involved in educational research and practice and decided to organise the first PBPR conference, the European Practice-Based and Practitioner Research Conference on Learning and Instruction, in 2006. Due to their great success, the conferences have been organised annually since then.

You can find EAPRIL introduction video’s on YouTube, as well as more information on our EAPRIL Association Page www.eapril.org

EAPRIL is a sister organisation of EARLI which stands for ‘European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction’.