Acer Monitor Gn246Hl

Review: Acer Monitor Gn246Hl – Manual Purchase

Acer Monitor GN246HL

The GN246HL is a bet Acer to deliver something “simple”, with quality and at an affordable price. Aimed at the gamer market, this monitor has very interesting specifications and cost-effective.

It features a 24-inch screen with full HD resolution and TN panel. The best part is when it comes to your specifications that will help our games. A refresh rate, only 1 ms response time will give a good performance for the most demanding gamers who are on a low budget.

Sure to be a cost-effective option, this model ends up should in some respects, then check out a little review to see if it is worth or not to invest in Acer GN246HL.

Review: Acer Monitor Gn246Hl - Manual Purchase

Design and finishing

Acer has not invested a lot to make a display with super design different or flashy here, but this is not the proposal of GN246HL. It is made with a very durable plastic, with a finish and gives the sensation of being very durable. In front we have the edges that are not exaggerated, but are also not thin, as follows the current trend monitors.

Review: Acer Monitor Gn246Hl - Manual Purchase

Their support is also very simple in the format of X and can handle well the monitor. A positive point is that it does not occupy much space on the table. On your back also we do not have any detail, just the logo on the top side of ACER. It has inputs for VESA support and is a lightweight device. The only type of adjustment you can make is on the slope.

Review: Acer Monitor Gn246Hl - Manual Purchase

Speaking of starters, let’s talk about the connections that this device has. Acer GN246HL only delivers the basics and need to stay within a good price. This is an HDMI 1.4, DVI-D, VGA, and output to 3.5m, headphones, or speakers to headphones, since he does not have speakers.

Review: Acer Monitor Gn246Hl - Manual Purchase


As we have said in other reviews, you can not expect an amazing picture quality TN panels, it is not the main goal of this type of screen. Here we have the same “problem” of other gamers monitors with TN, which is a good image in a front angle, but to try to look from different sides, the image is not strange and without any quality. We put “problem” in quotes rightly so, as it is aimed at gamers you are expected to always be in front of the screen, then this deformation from other angles will not be very impressive.

Review: Acer Monitor Gn246Hl - Manual Purchase

It has a color depth of 8 bits and covers 95% of the sRGB color gamut. The image is clear, sharp, but the colors do not impress. Its contrast ratio is not high, so at times (especially if you are playing in a dark room), you may notice that the blacks are gray.

It has a Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080) has a decent pixel density, then it is likely that you are not able to distinguish them individually. This resolution is also enough for you to run the games in excellent quality.

Another very important feature that was missing here was some sort of filter blue light or even Flicker Free. These technologies are responsible for letting the long routines forward des monitors less tiring and harmful to our eyes.

Performance in games

This monitor does very well in games within their limitations. For those who are departing from a monitor with a 60Hz refresh rate, for example, instantly notice the difference for this, which has 144Hz. The picture is more fluid, giving the feeling that the game is “faster”. With this, you will not have problems with the so-called “ghosts”, serrated or even images cuts.

His response time is only 1 ms, so here we have nothing to comment on because it is the shortest time possible. What gives to miss this model is the lack of a feature type the Free Sync, which makes your video card and monitor work in sync to further enhance the gaming experience. Although a 144Hz option cheaper, most of the competitors have this feature.

He has the BVIDIA 3D light boost which when combined with the 3D Vision Kit, also from NVIDIA, displays 3D images in better quality. It’s a nice feature, but face it, few people will use it and with a very low frequency. He has the OnScreen, so you can make various settings in the device’s image, but is somewhat limited.


Acer GN246HL is the monitor more “basic” possible that you can get inside the home of 144Hz. It is a model for a gamer who really wants to get out of the house of 60-75 Hz, but without spending too much, and it will have to give up some other features that are very interesting. The picture quality is good and it delivers a good gaming performance, all within the measured by the price charged.