Acer Predator G3 Helio 300: Is It Still Worth It? – Buy Manual

Acer Predator G3 Helio 300: Is it still worth it? – Buy Manual

Launched a few years ago, the Acer Predator G3 Helio 300 is a gamer high performance notebook that was intended for the public who wanted the best settings at the time. Of course today your settings are not at the top but are far from outdated! The unit also provides optimal performance in today’s games and can be a great choice for those who want to enjoy the fall of its price on behalf of other recent releases of the company.

This notebook has a seventh generation I7, 16 Gb of RAM and a video card GTX 1060 with 6 GB of dedicated memory configuration that makes it a powerful model well. Want to discover more about the Predator G3 Helio 300? Then read our review!

Acer Predator G3 Helio 300: Is It Still Worth It? - Buy Manual
Acer Predator G3 Helio 300: Is It Still Worth It? - Buy Manual

Design and finishing

The Predator has a look a little more aggressive when compared to other notebooks gamers. Your entire chassis is made of a combination of metal and plastic, something to be expected for notebooks of this price range. Its cover is a mix of brushed steel with geometric lines and textured details. The two lines present are red, characteristic color model. In the center you can see the logo of predator line.

Acer Predator G3 Helio 300: Is It Still Worth It? - Buy Manual

On the inside we do not have many details. Your keyboard is backlit (also in red) and may have the backlight off when you understand well. The touchpad is large and has an outline in red, but no other detail. It is worth noting that its edges have a small cut, which helps to give a unique air to the device when compared to normal notebooks.

Acer Predator G3 Helio 300: Is It Still Worth It? - Buy Manual

It is not the gamer notebook world’s lightest, but it’s not hard to spot of bother in transportation because it has 2.7 kilograms. He has Aeroblade 3D fans and air vents on your back, but since they were together placed (one side of the other), you may feel a little heat in the WASD keys if the notebook reaches high temperatures, a situation can happen to frequency.

Acer Predator G3 Helio 300: Is It Still Worth It? - Buy Manual

Keyboard, touchpad, entrances and exits of the notebook

The good news for the Brazilians is that your keyboard has the standard ABNT2 (yeaaah we will C). Another point is very positive that we also have the keypad here, but what’s the cost? Keys squeezed! Some may even find freshness, but after using a full-size keyboard, you end up missing several keys in one of these that are a bit squeezed. But do not worry, it’s only a matter of adaptation. The keys are chiclet style and respond very well to typing. As mentioned earlier, you can turn on or off the backlight when you want them. As usual in gamer keyboards, the AWSD has a highlighted so you can find them easily in time to play

The touchpad is quite large, has good tactile feel and is accurate, responding to commands very well. It accepts commands gestures among others. It’s quiet use it for common tasks, but in time to play is almost an indispensable mouse.

As for its inputs, it has a USB 3.1 Type C, an HDMI port, a USB 3.0 port, two USB 2.0 ports and an SD card slot.


Here in Brazil Acer only brought a G3 line of notebook, which is the version with i7 7700HQ. Importantly, there is already an upgraded model of the Predator line, including available here in Brazil, but it is not part of the series mentioned above, it is about which we are speaking. But do not worry, soon the updated version of the Predator 300 will also have its review here.

As we said at the beginning of this article, even with a processor a little more “old”, this notebook also has well wattage settings. See the table that we set up to your specifications:

You can find some variants of this notebook with SSD already built, but we are considering only the version listed on the official Acer website in Brazil.

Overall performance

Overall performance this notebook can do very well. The i7-7700HQ has four cores with eight threads running between 2.80 and 3.80 GHz frequency. In some benchmark tests, this notebook does better than most of its competitors with similar hardware, this means that you get a good performance in common and even tasks using some heavier programs, especially considering that the device has 16 Gb RAM, which is still more than enough for most programs.

The problem in version that Acer brought to Brazil is the lack of SSD. Even the HD having a good storage space, he loses and the item “performance” for the SSD, and this is reflected here. Most programs will take longer than they should to start (considering the set of hardware present here). The positive side is that it has a slot dedicated to M.2 SSD, then you might be upgrading without losing HD, so using a hybrid storage. This is something that we strongly recommend that you do not have a performance “limited” by HD.

Gaming performance

The GTX 1060 delivers a great gaming performance, managing to run multiple titles in very high quality and over 60 FPS. Even games that you can not achieve the maximum setting, you can still play at a good graphic with an SPF decent, which is normal, because even though it is a great card, or pass close to being among the best in the market today. On its website, Acer provides a table with some data on performance of this card in some titles, check out:

This FPS may vary depending on updates that games receive, specific times or even a few settings, but you can see that this notebook features a great performance in securities that are not so light. The SSD will once again be missed here, but not in the category of FPS. You will experience a long delay to start the game or even make change maps / scenarios, then it is another reason to invest in the upgrade.

Notebooks gamers reach high temperatures without too much trouble and this is not necessarily a problem, after all you are running heavy applications on a laptop. The Helios 300 cooling system is efficient, but if you put in stressful situations, the fans end up having some difficulty to dissipate heat quickly. The plus point here is that the CPU can handle well its clock rate even at higher temperatures, something that does not happen in some rival models. This appliance has fans 3D Aeroblade, those having very thin metal strips, to increase airflow.

It features the Predator Sense software, you can configure the way the fans work, video card parameters and make the monitoring system, but the boost that is promised by the company little is reflected in practice.

Battery, Audio and Screen

Acer promises to note battery hours in most common tasks and controlled brightness, but in actual tests the notebook goes far from it. Several tests have shown an average of four hours of internet browsing, video consumption and other common tasks, so with controlled brightness. When testing games, the average drops to 2 hours, which is not good but it’s not a surprise in notebooks gamers. We need to remember two things, the first is that this unit has a dedicated graphics card, which is there consuming energy all the time, so when compared to ordinary notebook obviously have a shorter battery life (however that inflate companies the battery information in the ads). Another point is that playing with a notebook without being plugged in means a considerable loss of performance, then the recommendation is to always play with the charger connected.

He has a good audio, but nothing more. Its outputs are underneath the notebook, which is not very nice, because many times ends up leaving the muffled sound. With a good headset experience greatly improves with frequencies well balanced and a great volume, without losing sound details.

Its display also follows the standard audio is good, but nothing to the point of receiving some attention. The IPS panel ensures good colors and a good level of white and black, a glow “ok” and contrast well calibrated. This together with Full HD resolution, provides a cool image, but the downside here is that your upgrade is 60 Hz, the same as any ordinary screen.


The Acer Predator G3 Helio 300 is a good device and even years after its launch, still a good buy. He brings as negatives powerful hardware with plenty of available RAM and a good graphics card. The design also draws attention to those who want to have a product that stands out among the rest. As negative points we can mention the lack of SSD in the model sold by the company in Brazil, your screen that could be better for a notebook of this level and any heat issues on the keys, because of the position that their fans were positioned.

This is not the only line of notebooks that Acer has gamers. If you want more variety, you can take a look at our line review Nitro 5, focused on models of “entry”. You may also be seeing more notebooks gamers from other brands on a list prepared.