Acer Predator Xb271Hu Monitor

Review: Acer Predator Xb271Hu Monitor – Buy Manual

Acer Predator XB271HU Monitor

The market monitors gamers are growing every day due to the high demand that has been created in this segment. Companies are creating several models, with many different specifications, sizes, and technologies. For those seeking one of those with a slightly larger screen than the conventional, the Acer Predator XB271HU is a great choice!

It has a 27-inch screen with IPS panel and resolution WQHD. Of course, we could not miss the specifications that make a difference in games such as refresh rate of 144Hz, only 4 ms response time, G-Sync technology, and a very interesting design.

Review: Acer Predator Xb271Hu Monitor - Buy Manual

Is it worth investing in the big one from Acer? This is what we will find out now!

Design and finishing

The predator line is geared towards gamers and Acer is careful to emphasize that aesthetically in their products. The Acer Predator XB271HU has a large screen with very thin edges, giving an air of elegance and modernity to the monitor, and follow the current trend. When looking at the “feet” of it, this elegance goes away and comes the line aggressively.

Review: Acer Predator Xb271Hu Monitor - Buy Manual

In a V-shaped contrast, the feet have a futuristic design and is made of aluminum with a combination of black and red. They are very discreet and do not take up much desk space.

Review: Acer Predator Xb271Hu Monitor - Buy Manual

The back of the monitor does not have many details, the real highlight here is for your support. In the VESA standard format, it has a wide variety of settings, which facilitates the user to find a comfortable position for viewing. You can change its inclination, rotate in both directions, and adjust its height. In its support there is a small space for you to organize cables, it is very discreet and is somewhat “hidden”, but it’s there.

Review: Acer Predator Xb271Hu Monitor - Buy Manual

In a matter of connectivity, it has a DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4, four USB 3.0 connections (two back and two on the side), and a headphone jack. Another important point that we have to highlight here is that it has two speakers, then you may have direct audio on the monitor.

Review: Acer Predator Xb271Hu Monitor - Buy Manual


This monitor has a 27-inch screen with resolution 2560×1440, which is called WQHD, and 16: 9 ratio. The IPS panel delivers vibrant colors and a great brightness in addition to the advantage that you do not have some sort of distortion in the image when looking from different angles, which combines with its variety of settings. Of course, this type of screen has a greater lag than a TN panel, which is popularly used in their own models for games, but this difference is small and will probably not be noticed by most people.

The screen is good for gaming and also good to work with issues, as it has support for 100% of the sRGB color, making it a very versatile monitor. A negative point is its contrast, which is not very good, and dark environments, leaves black with gray. In terms of technical specifications, it has 108-pixel density, a contrast of 1000: 1, and a brightness of 350 nits. However, when buying this model, you need to make an adjustment in the colors and other settings as it comes not factory calibrated.

Gaming performance

This monitor has a refresh time of 144Hz, which although not the largest available on the market, is present in most models gamers senior. It’s enough to give a great user experience, making the game more fluid, anti-aliasing signals, “ghosts” or cutting images. The difference is more noticeable if you are coming from a monitor with the standard rate (60-75Hz). It will seem that everything happens faster, and this is the purpose of having an update faster.

Since it has an IPS panel, the response time is 4 ms, but even being greater than the time TN panels are capable of providing (typically 1 ms), it is still a very small lag, and the difference between these values ​​is practically imperceptible. It features G-Sync technology, making your video card works in sync with the monitor, even being able to make a small overclock the rate of upgrading, up to 165Hz.

The Acer Predator XB271HU also has other features like the Dark boost, which increases the visibility of dark areas within the games. Profiles for different types of games are also available, with the possibility that you create a custom. targeting settings for FPS games can be made, and the option to display information such as SPF or real-time refresh rate when gambling.


The Acer Predator XB271HU is a great choice for those seeking a high level of gamer model but also want the versatility to use it at work, for example. He has a great resolution, which when combined with the quality of your screen, vivid colors, and a good brightness, delivers a great result. The contrast leaves a little to be desired, but we do not have anything bad here, just is below the rest of the set level. Its gaming performance is great, giving a new experience to the user. Its price is a bit steep, but for those seeking a large screen, it ends up at about the industry average.


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