Analysis: Acer Nitro 5 – Buy Manual

Analysis: Acer Nitro 5 – Buy Manual

Unsurprisingly for anyone to have a gamer notebook is not cheap. The positive news is that some brands are producing models with more affordable, such as Acer. The company has the line Acer Nitro, which are models with optimal settings and prices a bit more affordable. Another advantage is that the brand offers different configurations of the same laptop, so it’s easier for you to find the right option for your needs.

Want to know more about the settings of Acer Nitro models as well as their performances? Continue reading our review!

Analysis: Acer Nitro 5 - Buy Manual
Analysis: Acer Nitro 5 - Buy Manual

Design and finishing

The Acer Nitro 5 design is not the most discreet, but the company also did not exaggerate in detail and super different formats. They have an aesthetic rather “futuristic” in a mixture of black with red, combination we’ve seen in many gamers products. Its housing is made entirely of plastic, but Acer has made some cosmetic changes depending on the model. In them has a “smooth” cap, with a look that seems to brushed steel. In other details were placed resembling carbon fiber, but not embossed. The model more powerful, it ended up being a combination of a “clean” cover with the side with some textured details.

Analysis: Acer Nitro 5 - Buy Manual

Its bottom has the cut edges, leaving the sharpest edges. Here we can see more details in red, is the part that fits the display hinges or even in small lines around the touchpad. The plastic where it supports the hand is a little softer and gives a good sense of comfort.

Analysis: Acer Nitro 5 - Buy Manual

Keyboard, touchpad, entrances and exits of the notebook

The Acer Nitro 5 keyboard has backlighting (red light) and marking the WASD keys as usual in gamers keyboards. He’s membrane and bubble gum style, having a good answer for typing. It is important to mention that it has embedded numeric keypad, something very interesting for those who will use the device in addition to the games. A problem of this keyboard are some pressed keys (Shift for example) and transparent side, which let light leak and make the use of this keyboard at night in the dark is a serious problem.

Analysis: Acer Nitro 5 - Buy Manual

Its touchpad is large with 10.4 cm and without much detail beyond the red outline already mentioned. It is very comfortable to use and respond well to commands, not being a problem for use in common tasks.

In a matter of inputs and outputs, it has an HDMI output, a USB port – C, the entrance to Ethernet cable, USB 3.0 (the latest versions are two 3.1), two USB inputs’s 2.0 P2 input for audio / microphone and SD card reader.

Different models and specifications

Something cool that generally all companies adopt, but Acer has gone beyond, is the amount of models with different configurations. The company offers all eight notebooks in Brazil with the most dissimilar hardware. In summary, there are four processors and three plates of different videos, the ones that are combined with different amounts of memory and storage types. We set up two tables with all the specifications of notebooks that are sold by the brand here in the country, check out:

overall performance

Despite having a significant difference between the processors, even the weakest model (with I5 8300H) still have a great performance in common tasks. When we compare it with the I5 8300H, for example, we have an average of 2% less performance only. Of course, this difference will increase if we use the I7 9750 in comparison, but all have satisfactory performances as well. You will be able to run programs a little heavier without major problems.

The big problem here is in the variants of the Acer Nitro SSD that do not have factory already, because these have their very limited performance when compared to the same hardware with this type of storage. The experience of using a computer without it is not the best and you can feel slow even simple programs. The positive side is that if you choose any of these options, you may be upgrading to SSD using M.2 slot available on the device, taking advantage of the hybrid storage.

The same goes for the memory which can be expanded up to 32 GB. Unlike SSD, have only 8 GB of memory today is still relatively “ok” to run most programs, but we are in an era of transition to 16 as recommended amount to have no problems.

Gaming performance

Even with eight different models available in the end we have a range of three different video cards: GTX 1050 GTX and 1050 GTX IT 1650, all with 4 GB of dedicated memory. The order of performance of the plates is exactly quoted, with 1650 being up to 17% better than the 1050 TI, which in turn has a gain of up to 15% on the 1050 figures are very significant, but in practice you get run the same games with any of the three, of course with a small difference in FPS settings changes.

Acer provides some tables with average FPS in different notebooks, check out:

Of course this will vary depending FPS updates the games receive, specific times in the match and even some more settings selected, but it is a good parameter for you to know the power of notebooks. Setting on medium parameters, you can run many current games with any of the models. The SSD rather optimizes the game load time and the maps themselves, but does not change much in the FPS.

Just as every notebook, this one may heat up greatly depending on use, but the company promises a very efficient cooling system with “CoolBoost”.

Battery, Audio and Screen

The company promises up to 7 hours of battery on a single charge (depending on use), but in actual tests he reached about 4 and a half hours on tasks such as WEB browsing, Wi-Fi turned on and brightness controlled. At stake this time is halved, but you have the performance a bit limited, so it is recommended that you use the gambles plugged into the outlet.

The company promises a great audio with adjustments made for the Waves Maxx Audio and Acer TrueHarmony ™ Plus, but in practice it is not so. He does not have a bad sound from the speakers, but is far from being something that can be compared to the quality of good headphones.

Its screen has a great rate of colors, especially compared to many competitors. Tests proved that it reaches 103% sRGB color, something very interesting for a notebook from cost. dark scenes are well displayed here, with a good differentiation of shades of gray. In addition, it also has a good contrast and brightness, which together with Full HD resolution, delivering an interesting experience. Its refresh rate is 60 Hz, staying in standard monitors and normal screens.


For those who want to have a gamer notebook and do not have a very high budget, the Nitro line 5 from Acer is a great choice cost / benefit. Notebooks are very interesting configurations and prices most often cheaper than competitors. The company also gets points for offering more settings changes, achieving suit different types of consumers. Equipment in this line have a good design, great finish and hardware that provide a good user experience, either in common or tasks in their own games.

If the Acer Nitro line did not please you, you may be taking a look at this list of Gamers Notebooks indications that we have prepared.