Analysis Legion Y530 – Buy Manual

Analysis Legion Y530 – Buy Manual

Analysis Legion Y530 – Buy Manual

Leaving aside larger models with super flashy designs and full of details, Lenovo bets on a new line of notebooks gamers, whose main features are elegance and practicality. The Legion Y530 is one of those models, being a compact notebook, elegant, with current settings, and calling attention being discreet.

The brand works with different models so you can reach different audiences, but here in Brazil only find one version, which has i5 processor eighth generation, video card GTX 1050, and 8 Gb of RAM.

If you want to know more about the Lenovo Y530, and if it meets your needs, then read this review.

Analysis Legion Y530 - Buy Manual
Analysis Legion Y530 - Buy Manual

Design and finishing

As we said earlier, this Lenovo model does not look like models that gamers are used to seeing. The brand bet on a more discreet design and without much detail, which is more like a conventional notebook. Another good thing is that it is a very compact device, being lower than its competitors. Part of that comes the good use that it has on your screen (with reduced edges) and the keyboard near the limit of your body.

Analysis Legion Y530 - Buy Manual

Your body is made of plastic, one that is very strict and tough. Also, not being made of metal, the company manages to deliver a lightweight device, which when added to its dimensions, it makes it much easier to transport. The outside is completely black, with small details and Logo “Legion” on its cover. ” Most of its inputs are at the rear in a small “extension” of his body. Lenovo also took this part to put the notebook’s air vents. This helps in time to the organization of all you are connecting, since most will not be on the side.

Analysis Legion Y530 - Buy Manual

Internally black is maintained, without any detail. The keyboard is located a little further up on the appliance body, while the touchpad is smaller than the conventional.

Analysis Legion Y530 - Buy Manual

Keyboard, touchpad, entrances and exits of the notebook

The Legion Y530’s keyboard is backlit in white and you can control the level of this illumination, but it’s just so those who like options with RGB, various settings, and pulsating colors will be a little disappointed here. It is a soft keyboard, comfortable to use, and has a very interesting finish. It is worth noting that it has ABNT (with C) and has integrated numeric keypad.

As we said earlier, here we have a large touchpad, but it fulfills its role faithfully, being precise and with a good response from clicks. In contrast, the buttons here are separate, which can be a problem for some people. Although good to be, it is something to be used for most common tasks, so we do not recommend you to play with the touchpad, a mouse is still the best option.

All together it has 8 inputs and different outputs. There are three USB 3.1 Type-A, USB 3.1 Type C, a mini DisplayPort 1.4, one HDMI 2.0 port, an Ethernet connector, and a P2 audio input/microphone.


Outside Lenovo has different settings for this notebook, and these vary between i5 and i7 (both eighth generation), video GTX 1050, 1050, and 1060 Ti and different memory RAM and storage options. Up model with 144 Hz screen you can find in other countries, but here we will be content with Full HD screen even.

Already here in Brazil only the most basic version is available, check its specifications:

Overall performance

Even with the weaker version, we still have a good setting for most basic tasks. I5 – 8300H has four cores and runs at a speed between 2.3 and 4 GHz to 8 threads can execute simultaneously thanks to Hyper-Threading. The big problem here is the lack of SSD storage, which ends up greatly limiting the device performance. Even though he has good processing power, HD ends up limiting their strength and making common applications work more slowly.

Our recommendation is that you upgrade putting an SSD as it has M.2 input then you can also take advantage of HD, opting for the hybrid storage. The performance difference with the SSD is quite large, and managed to deliver the true potential of this device. It has 8 GB of RAM, which is enough for these simpler applications and many games, but if you are working with editing applications, for example, recommend that more is placed an 8 Gb comb. You can expand your RAM up to 32 Gb.

Gaming performance

The 1050 GTX is already considered an entry card, so we can not expect a great performance in games with exaggerated settings (High / Ultra), but even so, this notebook delivers a good performance in several respects. The lack of SSD leaves the boot of the games and some slow loading maps, but does not impact much on the FPS rate of the securities.

We gather some data this notebook running several different games, see:

While some games easily passed the 60 FPS (minimum recommended for a good experience), others ended up below that rate, but we have to remember that all of these tests were done with settings on high or ultra. It is possible to reduce the parameters to get a better experience, more consistent, and still has very nice graphics. You may be using Nvidia’s software to configure various settings and make optimizations in their games, so they can achieve the best performance from the unit.

Just like any other notebook gamer, this one does not fail to heat up in time for the games, but its fan system works very well to keep temperatures. Under normal conditions, it does not reach high levels, and even when they are running at full speed, the noise of the fans does not hurt that much. If you are using the notebook keyboard to play, you may notice a slight increase in temperature on the keys, but nothing too problematic as we have seen on other devices.

If the device arrives in extreme situations and reaches very high temperatures, you can notice the effect of the Thermal Throttling, feature that makes the CPU clock lower a bit frequency, thus losing performance. Do not worry that this is no fault, it’s just a safety feature to prevent overheating and ensure the life of your device. You can adjust some parameters of this in the Lenovo software, which makes monitoring and control the fans of the computer.

Battery, Audio and Screen

It is normal for notebook gamers do not have a good battery life since they have dedicated graphics cards that are there consuming energy all the time. In Legion Y530 on average the battery lasts just over two hours in a high-performance mode, running media applications all the time with maximum brightness. This time doubles if you choose options with battery saving, maneirando a bit in tasks, and controlling the brightness. Already in games, your battery is only a little time to autonomy, and has limited performance.

It has speakers of the Harman brand and supports Dolby Audio. Here we do not have much to praise or criticize, because in general, it has a normal audio, fulfilling the role of a notebook more “simple”. The sound has a good volume, good presence of acute and average, but has problems with the bass. As in almost all cases, it is an audio that is good but does not compare the experience with headphones.

Although it can be found with screens up to 144 Hz out there, here in Brazil we have a screen with 15.6 inches in full HD resolution, which although simple delivers a great quality. Its brightness is good, the contrast is well defined and it can cover a good range of colors, from 80% of sRGB according to several tests conducted by Ultrabook Review site. This is very interesting for an entry model, making the unit is also interesting for people who work with image editing, for example. Its screen can be opened up to 180 degrees, using the extension of your body as mild support to remain so smoothly.


The Lenovo Y530 Legion is a great device for those seeking an entry model that is compact, easy to carry, without much “aesthetic exaggeration” and still rather have a good performance. He has good specifications and delivers a good performance, but suffers in the absence of an SSD, causing the user already has to buy it thinking of an upgrade. Its screen is another plus and delivers a picture better than most the same level models.

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