Analysis Legion Y540 – Buy Manual

Analysis Legion Y540 – Buy Manual

Competition in the notebook market gamers is fierce and every year several companies show launches with super powerful hardware. Among these is the Legion Y540, Lenovo. Being very compact, the handset is a mix of elegance with processing power, coming in the market to displace the giants of the industry.

The company invested in a beautiful design without so many elements “gamers” and very high specifications. This notebook has a I7 processor 9th generation, video card RTX 2060, 16 GB of RAM among several other qualities that make it a super-machine intended for everyone who want higher performance.

All this has a price, which is not cheap. Does the Legion Y540 worth it? Continue reading our review to find out!

Analysis Legion Y540 - Buy Manual

Design and finishing

For some time that many brands are failing to invest in super flashy designs for notebook gamers. For the Legion Lenovo also decided to follow this trend, then barely enough to know that it is a targeted device for gaming only by appearance, as well as being more discreet and without details, it is also compact. It can be less for optimum use that the company did here, reducing the edges of the screen, putting the keyboard almost on the appliance body boundary, this combined with a smaller touchpad.

Analysis Legion Y540 - Buy Manual

His entire body is made in a very hard plastic, which gives the sensation of being very resistant. Many expect a notebook with metal chassis for this price range, but probably the company wanted to deliver a lighter device than its competitors. It is still a point “negative” your body is made of plastic, but as we speak, is a very sturdy construction.

The outside and inside are black and without any detail, just the name “Legion” at the top of the lid. Yes no LEDs or lines that give a more aggressive look to the notebook. An interesting point in your design is that most of its connectors are on the back, in a sort of “extension” of your body. Here we can also locate the vents.

Keyboard, touchpad, entrances and exits of the notebook

Here we have a backlit keyboard in white, and the user can control the level of this lighting and alone. RGB anything for you gamers! It is a soft and comfortable keyboard to use and has a very interesting finish. It is worth noting that it has ABNT (with C) and has integrated numeric keypad.

Analysis Legion Y540 - Buy Manual

The touchpad is not very large compared to other gamers notebooks, but fulfills its task with ease. He is very precise and the response of the clicks is very good. Unlike many competitors, the buttons here are separated from the touchpad itself, which can be a problem for some is something positive for others. Particularly I never could get used to touchpads that have integrated the two buttons.

Analysis Legion Y540 - Buy Manual

This notebook is full of connections. At the front there is no connection, as in the back have a USB Type C, a mini DisplayPort, USB 3.0, HDMI input, an Ethernet port and a connector for charger. On the right side we have a USB 3.0 port and an input for headset / microphone. On the left side we have another USB 3.0.

Analysis Legion Y540 - Buy Manual


Lenovo has two specifications for this model, but we will consider only what is listed in its Brazilian site. Giving a small sought in other stores, could not find its variants, which have I5 processor, GTX 1050, 1050 and 1660 TI Ti, so we will not comment on this model in this review. See the specifications of the Legion Y540:

overall performance

The performance of this notebook is amazing, to be running simple tasks or for heavier programs like photo editing and video. The i7-9750H is an excellent processor with six cores and 12 threads, managing to work between the frequencies of 2.60 GHz and 4.50 GHz. Another important point here is the presence of an SSD NVMe, this one is often even faster 3x a conventional SSD. You will have a lot of speed and a system that flows well, is just browsing the Internet or even running some programs that require more hardware of this notebook. Part of this great performance is also related to your RAM. Here we have 16 Gb available amount that is more than enough for most users. If necessary, you can still increase this memory to 32 Gb.

Gaming performance

The RTX 2060 is the icing on the cake to rate this notebook as a top of the line. The card features a large graphics processing power to be able to run several heavy games at high settings, so without major problems. Doing some research, we gather that the average FPS of data this notebook achieves in several popular games, all with the setting in the ultra. Check out:

The FPS may vary depending on the game or specific settings updates, but all the data listed above are situations that require maximum graphics card. If you lower some parameters, even with the high setting, continue to have a great picture quality and gain more FPS. 16 GB of RAM ensure that the system does not suffer from memory bottlenecks, while the SSD makes the games load quickly, both at startup as part of the change maps.

You can still make optimizations by GeForce Experience software, or if you prefer, you can make settings in the entire apparatus with the Lenovo Vantage, this one is quite complete. Here you can make optimizations, settings on the keyboard, overclocking settings, monitor the performance of the notebook through monitoring, make adjustments to their fans and other settings.

Speaking of fans, like every gamer notebook here noted that when it requires more equipment, the temperature rises considerably. The Legion does a great job cooling, able to control the temperature better than some of its competitors due to the smaller size of your GPU. The fans are large and are distant from each other, allowing heat to move effectively. Even so, eventually you also notice your little hot keyboard, but far from being something that will burn your fingers or similar situation.

Battery, Audio and Screen

As usual, here we will not have a very good battery life, because of course this unit already spends more energy than other common due to your video card. On average you can have 4 hours of load with a glow near the minimum and performing common tasks that do not require much of the machine’s hardware. Running programs a little heavier and with maximum brightness, the duration drops to just over 2 hours. Longer if you want to play without it being plugged in, in addition to losing part of their performance will have a battery that lasts less than two hours.

It has speakers of Harman brand and support Dolby Audio. Overall, its sound is good, but it’s nothing that deserves some attention. Even the speakers being on the front bottom, have a good volume and good presence of midrange and treble. The problem here is that it is clear the lack of serious, which already is expected by the lack of subwoofers. At the very turn up the volume, you may notice some distortion. As in almost all cases, it is an audio that is good, but does not compare the experience with headphones.

Its screen is a downside when you consider the whole set of hardware. It has 15.6-inch IPS panel with full HD resolution. Its brightness disappoints a little, not reaching or 300 nits. The colors, contrast and white balance are good overall, but not impressive. For a notebook in this category would be interesting with a screen refresh rate of 144 Hz around, which is not present here. Lenovo said it will have a variant with these specifications, in addition to a higher brightness, but for now we have to stay with a screen that is “more of the same.”

It is worth noting an important point, your screen can be “folded” up to 180 degrees. This for a gamer notebook and even has touch screen is not very useful, but we can not fail to mention here.


The Legion Y540 arrived to compete with the big market and does it very well. One of its advantages is having a powerful hardware in a compact notebook, something very interesting today considering several other gamers models that are great. If you like to be discreet, you will also be happy here because it has a very minimalist design, well being “simple and to the point.” All this ends up costing a lot in your battery life, but it has had to be something expected by anyone who is interested in a gamer notebook. His downside is being your screen, which as we mentioned above, ends up being just one of several on the market, without any difference to any notebook that has a screen resolution of Full HD.

If this notebook is not what you are looking for may be taking a look at a list prepared with various indications notebook gamers the market, from basic options until well advanced models.