Analysis Odyssey 2: The New Notebook Gamer Samsung

Analysis Odyssey 2: The New Notebook Gamer Samsung – Buy Manual

Analysis Odyssey 2: The new notebook gamer Samsung

Samsung entered the notebook market gamers almost three years ago with the Odyssey line. As this market continues to grow every day to go, the South Korean company revealed the continuation of the line at the end of 2019, called Odyssey 2. The new releases come with a refined look, updated components, more power, and new features.

Read on to learn all about this new line of Samsung that promises to compete with the best in the market.

Analysis Odyssey 2: The New Notebook Gamer Samsung - Buy Manual
Analysis Odyssey 2: The New Notebook Gamer Samsung - Buy Manual

Design and finishing

This line comes to take the place of the Odyssey, so it provides improvements in several aspects, including construction, workmanship, and design. The first evolution that we can see now is that the carcass is finally made of metal. Besides giving a modern air and luxury (a category that this device fits) finally consistent with the high prices charged in this type of apparatus. A generation ago, the company invested in the plastic as a material for the casing of the notebook gamers, something that did not please the fans.

Analysis Odyssey 2: The New Notebook Gamer Samsung - Buy Manual

In a matter of design, we now have a product a little more minimalist. The “boxy” shape remains, but now without so many super flashy details and sometimes not make much sense when we looked the Odyssey as a whole. The backlit keyboard continues beyond the numerical and even Brazilian standard (yes we will C), but the touchpad now back to the traditional square shape, with a slightly matte color. The screen has very thin edges and follows the new generation, while its hinge is now located in the center, which gives more space for cooling.

Analysis Odyssey 2: The New Notebook Gamer Samsung - Buy Manual

The logo on the device cover continues and now we have a little one in your front (above the keyboard). The company also announced improvements to the unit’s cooling system, which now has 15% more volume of air with their fans “Jet Blade”. In the previous line, it was not hard to see the device reaching up to 90 degrees in some games.

Analysis Odyssey 2: The New Notebook Gamer Samsung - Buy Manual

Importantly, this model is thinner than the above and is not very heavy, having 2.5 kg. We can not forget to talk about their entries. It has an HDMI, a USB Type C, 3 USB 3.0 ports, one for P3 headphones, and the Ethernet input. All models feature Bluetooth 5.0.

Different models and specifications

As usual, Samsung offers the line in different configurations so you can reach different audiences. The changes in processors, RAM, storage, and video card prevail, but now we have a new feature: the best screen in more models “stocky”. If you opt for the more expensive model will have a screen with a 144 Hz refresh rate! Check out the details of the three options sold in Brazil:

Overall performance

As notebooks are gamers, your settings are very high for everyday tasks, so that these are not a problem and even heavier programs like photo editing or video. A “problem” that the old line had not yet fully exterminated here is the lack of SSD on all models. Inline Odyssey 2017, the five models that came to Brazil only one was already equipped with SSD, and that kind of storage makes a difference today. A notebook with 8GB of RAM, GTX 1650 and ninth generation of i5, which is the model more “basic” this line, still feel choking and slowness in everyday use by the lack of this type of storage. This model is still limited to the HD 5400 RPM, which these days is not recommended even for models as “luxurious”.

The positive side is that the three notebooks launched here, two have come with SSD, one of them even having the NVMe version, which is faster than average. Another positive point is that the price of SSD’s today is very affordable, so though it may be a Samsung error that does not have everyone with this type of storage is cheap you buy a separate piece and easy to install, since it counts with a slot dedicated to it. The two models with this type of storage present a fantastic performance, this thanks to the large amount of RAM that Samsung put, making you feel no choking application or even fighting.

The battery is still a “problem” in notebooks gamers, in quotes, because those who purchase this type of product should be aware that these have long durations equal to conventional models. The more powerful the machine, the more energy will be sucked and this was reflected here. In tests, the notebook with the RTX 2060 hard card between three and four hours on tasks such as surfing the internet and videos constantly playing, all with maximum brightness. Autonomy will vary according to your use and settings of time, but do not expect a lasting battery as well.

Gaming performance

As this notebook is very recent and with a high price, yet there are many tests with all versions, most of the reviews to the most expensive model, which has the RTX 2060. See a table set up some gathering data from multiple tests:

The input and intermediate versions do not yet have many test data on available games. For the most basic model, we find some demonstrations showing the GTA 5 reaching 100 FPS with graphics on high, CS: GO reaching over 200 FPS with graphics too high and Shadow of the Tomb Raider reaching 60 FPS with graphics in the middle. It is worth noting that all the values ​​shown here may change depending on specific settings that the user chooses to do, different versions of the game, and update different gaming moments. Moreover, all these data were tested with the device into the socket. You can even use it for games without being connected to energy, but lose much of their performance and the battery will last up to two hours.

Samsung has a software called “control Odyssey”, where you can configure various aspects of the notebook between them view the game (the screen changes colors and shades for different types of games like FPS, RTS RPG, and others), Dolby Atmos giving a volume gain in the audio without losing hardly any quality, see performance information, create new profiles and more. But the main feature is the “Beast Mode”, which gives a brush up on device performance for gaming. You must be thinking “there’s that bullshit to supercharge game when in fact does not give any difference” right? In this configuration the gain is real, reaching up to 20 FPS in some games, because it increases the frequency of the processor and video card, elevating them almost to their limits. Thus, obviously the temperature will increase, so the fans will also gain more power.

Speaking of temperature, here the games continue reaching high temperatures recorded between 90 and 100 degrees in some cases. The positive side is that the fans can do a great job and refrigerate well, next to the air vents. Unlike the first line of this notebook, now the two fans are located on the device side, managed to dissipate heat better and not let them concentrate near the most used keys (AWSD), something that happened frequently in the Odyssey and it was complaints target of users.


In basic and intermediate models, we have a 15.6-inch screen with anti-reflective and feature an IPS panel with Full HD quality. The colors have a great tone, the contrast is well regulated and the brightness is considerably stronger. It’s a good screen that is there in the way and is not the best possible for those who work in areas where color fidelity and other aspects are extremely important and not the perfect choice for the most demanding gamers. Anyway, you can set it to present the best possible result in accordance with your requirements.

The most expensive model, consumers end up getting a screen with the specifications mentioned above and a frequency of 144 Hz refresh rate, with the G-SYNC feature, which synchronizes the RTX 2060 with the display rate to avoid flicker and serrated during the games.


Even in its most basic configuration, the Odyssey 2 line has hardware and powerful and current. The positive side of the apparatus is easy to upgrade some items such as memory and storage, high very important especially for the model that does not come with SSD (which should already be the rule today, right owner Samsung?). It is good to note that devices are not cheap, but for those looking to invest in a gamer notebook will have to deal with it in any desired option because this segment will never have cheap models.

It is remarkable the progress that Samsung has done since their first releases of gaming notebooks on the market, even if still falling short in some spots as significantly improve the battery and not very competitive with rival models in the issue price. Anyway, keep an eye on promotions if you want to purchase an Odyssey 2. If you want to take a look at the first line of the South Korean brand, can check out our review of the Odyssey, with notebooks that even after almost three years of release, they are still very interesting.