I had my original large one (not Mickey Mouse) for many years. It was just too heavy and made more than we ever eat so I gave it to Wendy. The new M.M. line must be more than $400.00 For that large size. Mine was almost $ 300.00 several years ago. They do last forever…

Mickey Mouse Cast Iron Set

It’s French, my boyfriend’s dad bought us a le creuset for Christmas and it was the same price. Surprisingly they didn’t raise the price even though it’s Disney. That being said it cooks an amazing pot roast, but I would not recommend for induction. Get best induction cookware set for that.

Lasts Years!

Beautiful Design

These pots are well worth the money, they last for generations.

Le Creuset is totally worth the money but not 800$! I have the same size dutch oven and all my ramekins and stoneware are also Le Creuset but I didn’t pay anywhere near this ridiculous overpriced amount for my beautiful pieces.

They have lasted and still look gorgeous 10 years later.

Having tried another name brand after buying my Le Creuset, I would say the price under $400 is worth it for any porcelain coated cast iron pan. The other brand chipped right away.

Look For them on Sale

The Le Creuset has 7 layers of porcelain compared to 2 or 3 on the less expensive brands.

I find I only use my 5.5 qt dutch oven and the 7 qt. and they have been worth the price. Having said that, I’ve had them for over 20 years and they were much cheaper when I bought mine.

how to get rid of carpenter ants

One can only admire the team spirit of a fire ant colony. Until that one walking across the yard in bare feet and steps on said colony. Then the thoughts of pouring gasoline on the mound and burn their world down comes to thought. So How To Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants? Huh

Horse that are pregnant or just birthed a goal are gonna be skinny, imagine being on your hands and knees and being pregnant the weight of the baby is pulling down on the skin causing the ribs to show. Having give birth to the foal just the last day proves my point.

Hoax Ant Hole Rescue Video?

The mare wasn’t a rack of bones she didn’t look sick she looked like a horse that just gave birth. Then imagine how much milk she needs to produce and probably not having all of the right grain or whatever, now she’s gonna survive without it but it is tougher. I’m sure she’s had a different foal it wasn’t her fault the foal fell in that hole. That is a pretty big field I’m sure the farmers aren’t going to go all around the whole field looking for holes use some common sense people the video does say it is a “rescue” and it’s not like it was sitting there for a month or a week no it was barely a day!

Crazy Carpenter Ants or Similar Hole?

Ok, so horses are supposed to birth their babies outside in a natural setting. How do you think wild horses do it? These ants are the same ones everyone has and their mounds can get huge. The baby didn’t fall in the hole, the ground fell through under the baby! The mare was very smart to go to people for help!

Fake Ant Hole Rescue

I’m coming to the conclusion, that some people stage a lot of these “saves” for social media. I’m not saying that this one is staged. But, there are a lot out there that seem to be straight out of “what the fuck”. And there always so happens to be someone filming it, or they film from different angles before even attempting to “save” the animal in need of help. Every time I’ve helped an animal or person in need, I just fuckin’ do it. No need for the antics and editing.

Battle Royale. Really spicing up the game play, if Fortnite Battle Royal(nothing more satisfying then thinking you’re gonna get a kill and seeing a 5 star hotel pop up instead) wasn’t already a thing with a more distinct identity.


For a royale game, I don’t think gameplay video gives people the information they’re looking for, unlike most other new games.

You’re not really releasing a new game, you’re throwing your hat in with a new version of Battle Royale.

What people actually want to see is the mechanics of the system and how it plays.

Is there an inventory to maintain much like pubg? Or are you just picking up brightly colored weapons off the ground like fortnite? Those are the questions that immediately pop into my head when I see this ad, and I’m instantly disappointed with a cut together hyperedit action scene rather than someone explaining the difference between this game and the previous ones.

I can’t stand CoD as it’s been over recent years, however, I’m not about to buy into it over a hype trailer. Once I’ve seen some real gameplay footage I’ll make a decision as to whether or not I want to revisit the series.


This doesn’t even seem like CoD anymore.

It’s a new story with new characters that doesn’t tie into the 113 universe we know and love because this game wasn’t even supposed to be made and shouldn’t have been made. It’s trash banking on the black ops name and a video game fad we know as battle royale.
They don’t listen to their fans anymore and make what THEY want to make because THEY think THEY know what we want but THEY don’t know shit. It’s sad but CoD is dieing

Granted there has been a bit of ridiculous elements in the previous games, and I’m all for that, but this seems totally out of place.

Why not make a new game using these ideas instead of continuing the same franchise?
I figured it didn’t have to do anything with the old campaigns, it just seemed like a stretch to me to relate more things to zombies and be in a CoD environment.
They removed campaign for Blackout. So I do agree, this shouldn’t have been continued as a franchise and just turned into it’s own game. They literally could have named their new game “Blackout”
This is not call of duty, they should change the name of the series. The reason they won’t is because they will not make money as another franchise.
They’re gonna be so embarrassed when they realize they accidentally labeled in call of duty. You should send them an email before they send it out
So I’m going to assume these guys are going to be forgotten like the Shadows of Evil cast, this map will have something to do with the Original Survivor traveling through dimensions and there’s a piece here that involves something for that cyrotube that had Misty in it.
All maps no matter how bad it was for the eather story line was a vital part and without shadows of evil literally none of black ops 4 could have happened without them and their dwindling with the shadow man and Richthofen coming to take the key from them

Its not even so much about the companies behind the games. Its more because Valve allows players/fans to buy compendiums which give buyers cool cosmetics and other stuff and enables them to unlock all sorts of stuff.

A portion of each sale goes towards the prize pool of the tournament. And they set milestones. For each milestone, which is essentially when the prize pool reaches X amount in set intervals, Valve unlocks more perks/rewards for all compendium buyers.

IT works really well as you can tell as they have consistently been able to break prize pool records.


Actually the players are mostly responsible for the prize pool by buying compendium or compendium levels. (and treasure chest for skins I think).

Dota players also get incomes from organisations eg: navi fnatic etc, etc, we’re talking about the income from riot not from sponsors or clans etc because dota players receive that swell.

Riot sponsors a league called lcs were every player participating gets a monthly income from riot as well as the organizations paycheck. A steady income is way way better than a bigger price pool at the end of the year.

so how prize distribution have changed in 2 years? At least there is majors now. Also 50 players make just 10 teams which is less than competed in the ti6. Not that the 13th-16th get 0.5% of prize pool still 20k

The 100th highest earner in dota makes almost the same as a top 25 player in lol and the top lol player onky earns the same as no.60 in dota, you say after the top 100 the earnings drop off in dota and become lower then lol, please show me some data to support that statement, also riot doesnt support players below the top 100, so why would they out earn dota players after the top 100 when they dont recieve salaries OR high prize pools – makes no sense and is inconsistent with the evidence we do have. A lot of times these players are still very young.




They needed E3 to announce new content was coming to Battlefront II that game in itself was a dumpster fire that needed an E3 Announcement to gain attention again cause it started out as the biggest dumpster fire in the history of man kind

I think the ship has sailed on Battlefront 2. They announced a new Star Wars game coming next year, it was surrounded in the conference by a bunch of “meh, ok fine” and when it dropped it had almost no impact. Then it was bookended by EAs new approach to alienate gamers, free to play (pay to win) mobile games. This fixed nothing for them.

I don’t believe Bethesda needs their own conference. I really don’t. Have your games at E3 but as a whole they could easily be shown during Sony, Microsoft and Nintendos showcases.

Same sports games for the last 10 years, but with more cancerous progression systems designed to force money out of you, we don’t care but the other games we’re releasing, oh and remember that amazing game series command and conquer you loved as a kid? Well get ready because we killed it and raped the corpse by making it a pay to win phone APP!

Every company stays in a circle of specific titles, that go on and on.

EA has Battlefield, Battlefront, Fifa, NFL,NBA blah blah blah now it gets Anthem and Sea of Solitude.Every game is a shooter for God’s Sake….even if it’s an off shoulder cam it is still a shooter.They had one beloved title from old days, Command and Conquer, and now we see a mobile announcement that i believe it will not get much attention.Where this whole developement goes? To fancy Graphics? 4k Res? Where is the creativity? in Sea of Solitude? If this was an announcement for Nintendo Switch, everyone would say (oh come on!!! Not another indie, give us some cool stuff etc.)

Haven’t seen something good from EA for a long time.
Last game I played really much was Battlefield : Bad Company.
Dont know where this plot goes…But I believe the company needs Writers. As many out there do.