They needed E3 to announce new content was coming to Battlefront II that game in itself was a dumpster fire that needed an E3 Announcement to gain attention again cause it started out as the biggest dumpster fire in the history of man kind

I think the ship has sailed on Battlefront 2. They announced a new Star Wars game coming next year, it was surrounded in the conference by a bunch of “meh, ok fine” and when it dropped it had almost no impact. Then it was bookended by EAs new approach to alienate gamers, free to play (pay to win) mobile games. This fixed nothing for them.

I don’t believe Bethesda needs their own conference. I really don’t. Have your games at E3 but as a whole they could easily be shown during Sony, Microsoft and Nintendos showcases.

Same sports games for the last 10 years, but with more cancerous progression systems designed to force money out of you, we don’t care but the other games we’re releasing, oh and remember that amazing game series command and conquer you loved as a kid? Well get ready because we killed it and raped the corpse by making it a pay to win phone APP!

Every company stays in a circle of specific titles, that go on and on.

EA has Battlefield, Battlefront, Fifa, NFL,NBA blah blah blah now it gets Anthem and Sea of Solitude.Every game is a shooter for God’s Sake….even if it’s an off shoulder cam it is still a shooter.They had one beloved title from old days, Command and Conquer, and now we see a mobile announcement that i believe it will not get much attention.Where this whole developement goes? To fancy Graphics? 4k Res? Where is the creativity? in Sea of Solitude? If this was an announcement for Nintendo Switch, everyone would say (oh come on!!! Not another indie, give us some cool stuff etc.)

Haven’t seen something good from EA for a long time.
Last game I played really much was Battlefield : Bad Company.
Dont know where this plot goes…But I believe the company needs Writers. As many out there do.