Best buy air conditioners for 2020 – Purchase Manual

The air conditioner is an excellent alternative to leave the room in a property with a more pleasant temperature. However, when choosing, many people are in doubt about what the best options in the market. Thinking about it, we separate a list of the best air conditioners in 2020.

They were selected taking into account a number of factors. Since amount of functions to energy expenditure.

So be sure to check the list below and learn some of the best air conditioners in 2020.

Best air conditioners in 2020

1 – Consul Welfare C1R07

Best Buy Air Conditioners For 2020 - Purchase Manual

The first of our best list air conditioners air 2019 gets the Consul Welfare. It has functions to heat or cool the environment, and also has an incredible advantage.
It comes with an ice cube that can be frozen and inserted into the device. That way you can cool off with a super cold wind.
The average price of this type of model is between R $ 690 and R $ 750. Its capacity is also a differential, are about 5.5 liters.

2 ° – Comfort World Air LC-2

Best Buy Air Conditioners For 2020 - Purchase Manual

Another great alternative for those looking for a high performance climate control is the Mondial Comfort Air CL-2. Economical, it has a low power consumption.
Moreover, its wheels and facilitate the displacement. Another highlight is the electronic panel that helps in controlling the functions and the indicator of water level.
It also has a speed control to facilitate in environmental air conditioning.

3º – Elgin FCE-75BR1

Best Buy Air Conditioners For 2020 - Purchase Manual

The Elgin is considered one of the best air conditioners in 2019 thanks to its cost advantage. It is pretty basic, ideal for those who do not want to spend a lot on a genre of the device. You can find this model at retail for an average price of $ 250.

Among the main advantages of this model is the timer. With it, you can program the automatic shutdown of the unit, thus avoiding the high energy consumption.

It also has ice compartment to generate fresh wind, which makes all the difference on hot days.

4º – Cadence Climatize Compact 32

Best Buy Air Conditioners For 2020 - Purchase Manual

The Cadence Climatize 32 Compact is an ideal compact model for those who do not have much space at home.

Its design allows it to be in environments without taking up much space. In addition, it also has wheels to facilitate the displacement.

One of the great advantages of this model is its price. In retail it can be found for around R $ 339, which is a very affordable price for a climate control system.

It is also considered a model three in one, because in addition to climate control is also humidifier and air circulator.

5 – Philco PCL1QF

Best Buy Air Conditioners For 2020 - Purchase Manual

Philco is a renowned brand in the market, and of course she could not stay out of our air conditioners best list of 2019. The air PCL1QF is an excellent alternative for those who want to create more pleasant environments.

It can be easily found on the retailer for an average price of R $ 300 to R $ 400 reais. One of its great advantages is that it has hot air cycles. That is, you can use it both in summer and winter.

It also has a super charming design and still works with remote control.

6th – Ventisol CLM

The Ventisol CLM is considered one of the cheapest options on the market. He is powerful, but has a low energy consumption compared to other models.

Like other options in the category, also has indicator of water level. In addition, it also has a reinforced plastic which helps to increase the machine’s durability.

7º – Cadence Breeze 506

Many people have difficulty finding a suitable air conditioner by allergies account. And Cadence Breeze 506 is considered the best model for allergy sufferers.

This is because it uses a unique function that helps retain dust within it. This way, you will have clean air to breathe. In addition, it also has functions of cooling and swing, and has wheels. Thus, it will be easier to take it from one place to another.

The average price of Cadence Breeze 506 at the retailer is R $ 310 to R $ 470.

8º – Lenoxx Air Fresh PCL701

The Fresh Air PCL701 Lenoxx Electronics Corporation is also an excellent conditioner. Like other models, it also helps in cleaning the air, being very suitable for people who have some kind of allergy, such as rhinitis.

Moreover, it is considered a four in one, as well as air-conditioning, this model also helps filter the air, ventilate and humidify the environment. In other words, everything you need in one device.

The average price of Lenoxx Electronics Corporation Fresh Air PCL701 the retailer is between R $ 270 and R $ 300 reais. A cost-effective taking into account all its features.

9º – Cadence Breeze CLI 301

The Cadence Breeze CLI 301 is another of the models that is in our best list conditioners air 2019. It stands out for its excellent price. you can find it for under $ 200 at major retailers.

Also, it is not just an air conditioner. It also has function humidifier and fan.

He is super compact, which makes it the ideal model for small environments such as apartments. In addition, it also has a low power consumption, which is ideal for those who are looking for economy.

10th – Ventisol CLI-01

The Ventisol CLI-01 is a more focused choice for businesses. Powerful, he can ventilate large environments without any problem.

One of the main advantages of this model is the fact that he has a tank with 45 liter capacity. It also features a high power compared to other models in the category.

The average price of that air conditioner is between R $ 880 and R $ 950.


Now that you know what the best air conditioners in 2020, will be easier to choose a suitable model for your needs!

The top 10 wireless routers / wi-fi in 2020 – Purchase Manual

Choose a router is a complicated job for most people. The technologies used, speeds and many other present resources are not information that anyone is inside, and the choice of a lower equipment to this connection in your home can cause problems in the future.

How to choose a good router?

When choosing a router, you need to pay attention to some details such as baud rate, number of antennas, the quality of these antennas, security standard, frequency of the supported bands and even extra features that can be very useful for the user to access settings by phone, parental control, USB ports, among other things.

Contrary to what many think, the number of antennas are not directly related to signal quality. This depends more on how they are adjusted and also its power. The frequency of transmission is also very important. In the most basic routers, the default frequency is 2.4 GHz, which is lower and may have interference with other wireless devices (being the most common). Nevertheless, its range is greater (with a lower connection speed). At 5GHz, the user has more connection speeds and less interference from other devices, but its range is smaller. How to know which frequency is right? For a more casual browsing, the frequency 2.4 is enough, but if you need a better quality for tasks such as playing, file transfer (download and upload), streaming services for high resolution among others, recommend the frequency 5 GHz. intermediate and advanced routers work with the two frequencies mentioned simultaneously.

The router speed is the maximum amount of transmission that the device can achieve. It is important to remember that this is a separate value of the speed of your internet, that is, if you have an internet with a value above the maximum router speed, it will not be able to use the full potential of it, otherwise you will have wasted the “strength” of the router. To calculate which option is best for your internet speed is simple, just grab the full-speed device transmission and divide by 8, for example:

There are models with interesting features such as Beamforming technology, where data is transmitted evenly focused directly on connected devices, managing to find the best way to direct them and increasing the connection speed. There are also devices with integrated USB ports, repeater function (used to improve the signal of an existing router), modem function, direct access to the phone settings, creating different user profiles, parental control and more.

Top 10 Wi-Fi Routers in 2020

1º – IntelBras WRN 300

The Top 10 Wireless Routers / Wi-Fi In 2020 - Purchase Manual

Another input option for those seeking a simple router for home use only, and does not care about the lack of a number of extra features that may be present in more expensive models. Its speed is 300 mbps and works at frequency 2.4 GHz.Ele has two antennas and is an easy device to be configured. Against network with IEEE 802.11 / b / g / n and IEEE 802.3.

2º – D-Link DIR – 615

The Top 10 Wireless Routers / Wi-Fi In 2020 - Purchase Manual

You are looking for something simple and want a product three in one? The DIR – 615 plus router also works as a modem and repeater. It is approved by major ISPs that provide IPv6 connection, and can be used as a repeater router, or if you already have a main router and just want to increase the signal range in your home, it also fulfills this work. It features 300 Mbps and works in the 2.4GHz frequency.

3 – Intelbras HotSpot 300

The Top 10 Wireless Routers / Wi-Fi In 2020 - Purchase Manual

A good choice for offices or shops, the hotspot, 300 has the ability to support up to 60 connected devices simultaneously. Another very cool feature for anyone who owns property: check-in on Facebook. You can use this to make the user promote their establishment in the social network in exchange for access to Wi-Fi, it is a very common practice today. Its speed is up to 300 mbps and works on 2.4 GHz frequency. It also has the ability to create two networks, one for guests and one for staff for example.

4º – TP-Link Archer C50

The Top 10 Wireless Routers / Wi-Fi In 2020 - Purchase Manual

If you seek a simple choice with a good money, you will like this option. The C50 is recommended for home use but delivers a great quality as usual products of TP-Link. Its speed is divided into 300 mbps to 864 mbps and 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz. He has four antennas that give a good range and a consistent signal on your connection. It has only two antennas and a very simplistic design, but if you do not need a long reach and a very high speed, this model will suffice.

5º – TP-Link ARCHER C60

The Top 10 Wireless Routers / Wi-Fi In 2020 - Purchase Manual

The line ARCHER have several models for various tastes and needs. The ARCHER stands there in the middle of all, is not the most powerful line option but is far from is between the simplest. It divides its full speed (1350 Mbps) as follows:. 450Mbps to 2.4 GHz connection and 867 for the 5 GHz connection its five antennas guarantees a great reach and stability in the router’s signal. Plus, it has the QoS to prioritize certain types of data on the connection, as well as parental control and possibility of creating specific networks for guests.

6º – TP-Link ARCHER C8

The ARCHER C8 is for those looking for a slightly simpler device, for domestic use only. Its maximum speed is 1750 mpbs, intended to 450Mbps frequency 2.4 GHz and 1300 Mbps for the frequency 5 GHz. It also features three antennas and two USB ports, one 3.0 and another 2.0. These ports can be used for file sharing, printer installation on the network, create media servers and other functions.

7º – TP-Link ARCHER C9

The ACHER C9 is one of the best options on the market today. Its maximum speed is 1900 mpbs which are divided into two bands: 600 mb for the 2.4 GHz band and the rest (1300mb) to 5GHz. Moreover, it has a dual core processor 1 GHz, providing the same efficiency with multiple devices connected simultaneously. He has three antennas and also two USB ports (one 3.0 and one 2.0). You can do several different settings in the machine and manage it even directly from your mobile phone with functions such as creating guest accounts.

8º – D-Link DIR 882

A router with a high processing power and lots of available speed. You are looking for an upgrade to a product to market top quality? The Dir 882 to meet your needs. It features 2600 Mbps and can work both in the frequency 2.4 GHz and the 5 GHz. The MU MIMO technology present in this model makes that you can transmit a large volume of data between different devices simultaneously. Its four antennas are 5dbi, which provides a large signal range. It has a dual core processor and QoS, which enables you to prioritize which types of data will be the unit of traffic. For completeness, it has Gigabit, who has over 100 mbps internet connection.

9º – Asus RT-AC68U

The Asus comes in the routers market with models that will please the gamer audience. RT-AC68U was considered the fastest in the world for several consecutive years, the overall speed of 1900 Mbps. It divides this speed as follows: 600 mbps to 2.4 GHz and 1300 to 5 Ghz. Its processor is dual core, which processes the data independently and providing a very low latency, making it ideal for games or streaming for high resolution. He has the Breamforming technology optimized by AiRadar, amplifying the signal and making it faster and stable.

10º – Asus RT-AC87U

Not only models gamers Asus lives. If you’re looking for a good device for your company, the RT-AC87U is a great option. It has a speed of 2334 Mbps and provides optimum signal quality, especially in environments where multiple devices are connected simultaneously. Thanks to TurboAQM technology, this router has four bands, being divided as follows:. 600 Mbps for the band 2.4 GHz and 1734 Mbps for the band 5 GHz Your CPU is dual core 1 GHz to account for the number of devices that will They are connected in a corporate use. It also has USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports, VPN support, WPS, AiProtection and its applications can be controlled from the phone.


Choosing a router model is directly linked to the use you will make of this device and also the speed of your connection. There are several models available for the most different requirements, ranging from domestic and simple use to commercial use, which requires robust devices with high transmission rate and extra features.

Let there in the comments what you think of our list.

The 8 best water purifiers to buy in 2020 – Purchase Manual

Having a home water purifier (which many call filter) is essential for your health, because it filtered water can not bring various problems such as stomach ache, vomiting, diarrhea, intestinal infection among others. The water may be filled to receive carcinogens, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, and even chlorine.

Today purifiers capable of cooling water have become very popular among the houses, because with them you need not be storing water in the refrigerator to get ice water. Choose a model is not a difficult task, then you should stay in the following point:

Many bring additional resources to control the flow of water, filter change warning, temperature control and other functions, but this will depend on what you seek in a purifier. Here are some indications that we have prepared for you:


The 8 Best Water Purifiers To Buy In 2020 - Purchase Manual

Starting with a simple filter have the Bio, the INNL. It has an interesting design and is designed to be wall mounted, ideal for anyone who does not have much space in the kitchen. Another positive point is that it does not need electricity to filter water, but it also turns out to be a negative point because it provides only natural water, ie, no cooling here. He has a “tap” articulable and has a good flow of water, which is controlled by a button on the device. Your filter has a shelf life of approximately 6 months, level “C” of particle retention.

2 – Water Purifier Latin – PN535

The 8 Best Water Purifiers To Buy In 2020 - Purchase Manual

Another very basic water purifier for those who do not want to spend much is PN535, Latin. As previously mentioned, it does not use electricity, so of course, is not able to cool the water. He has a good particle retention efficiency, reduces chlorine from the water and has a filter elements meltblow, and activated carbon camera with colloidal silver, one that lasts up to one year. The exchange system is easy and its tray is removable for easy cleaning. Its beak is mobile and it has a button at the top to control the flow of water.

3 – Electrolux White Panel Touch – PE11B

The 8 Best Water Purifiers To Buy In 2020 - Purchase Manual

With a modern design, the PE11B is a great water purifier with cooling. It features an activated carbon filter with silver ions, removing all sediment from the water. Your cooling system has a thermoelectric technology, which works in conjunction with a cooling fan and is able to leave the water to 5 ° C. Another interesting point is that it has an indicator to remind you when you need to change the filter (this exchange which is easy). His panel is touch and you can choose three water options: natural, icy or cold.

4 – Water Purifier infinity glass white

The 8 Best Water Purifiers To Buy In 2020 - Purchase Manual

This purifier has a design somewhat different from others. It has a movable nozzle and has a landing vessel more than 2 liters of water and is good for small offices or even for domestic use. Both his cap as the drip tray are removable for easy all the time to do the cleaning. Its filtering is done by activated carbon and, of course, certified by Inmetro. A unique feature of this model is a thermostat on its side, where you can control the temperature of ice water. Stay tuned in time to make the purchase of this model because it is not dual voltage.

5º – Electrolux – PA21G

The 8 Best Water Purifiers To Buy In 2020 - Purchase Manual

The PA21G is one more of those filters that combine good looks with a flawless performance. He has a refill with a long life, then you will not need to worry about exchange it for the next 12 months according to the company. Speaking of refill, the device will warn you when it’s time to buy a new, all for your convenience. It has the seal of bacteriological efficiency “A”, given by Inmetro, it means that your filter is very effective, and managed to remove excess chlorine from the water. You can choose from three different temperatures: natural, cool or cold. Another interesting feature is that on your dashboard touch has a button to set the amount of water you will want to at the moment so if you need to fill a jar, just put it in the tray without getting monitoring.

6th – IBBL FR600 Special

For those with a lot of people at home, you need a filter that gives the job done, and FR 600 is one of those options. Large and robust, it can keep the water chilled for longer, and are able to filter the water even without using electricity. It eliminates odors, flavors, retains microparticles in the water among other processes. Your Inmetro seal is grade “C”. Disassemble this device for cleaning an easy task and change your refill is even more so because you do not even need to turn off the record. He uses one more classic system of taps, with natural or chilled water options. Stay tuned because this product is not dual voltage.

7º – Consul CPB36

This big guy here is one of the best options Consul and promises to deliver your water as pure as possible. He has a very high efficiency and uses refrigeration compressor, being able to cool too much water in a short time. It has class “A” in the item retaining particles, being capable of reducing chlorine and kill all the bacteria in the water. Three temperature levels to choose from: natural, cool or cold. Some indicator lights which are next to the buttons show the life of the refill, so you know when to change it. Only point that you should be aware of is how much space in your kitchen, for this purifier is a larger unit than average. Ah, this model is not dual voltage, so pay attention when buying.

8 – Water purifier Electrolux – PH41X

We quote many filters that work with the cooling water, but if we show you an option that also delivers hot water? The PH41X works with three temperatures, then you can choose between natural water, cold or hot! Now time to prepare that tea was much easier because you do not need to go to the stove or appeal to the microwave. It has a security system for the hot water, then selecting this option, the water flow switch is not activated within 2 seconds, the action is canceled. His catch tray is removable for easy cleaning, and your filter is easy to exchange. The touch panel is to facilitate the choice of temperature and also flow of water, may choose between continuous and controlled.

Top 10 Market Blenders – Complete Guide 2020

Finding the perfect blender is one of the main desires of people who want to ride the ideal cooking and love to cook, as the appliance is essential in the preparation of food.

Anyone who has stayed without know the hassles caused by the absence of such product, and to help you in choosing the best goods, the Best of Home separated the main models of the year:

Best Blenders 2020

Review of Best Blenders

Selecting the best blender according to their own needs may not be as simple as expected. For facilitating his life, separate the characteristics of the main models of this appliance in 2020, as well as the pros and cons. Check out!


Now that we know which are the best blenders in 2020, the Best of Home decided to list the technical details for you, the reader, to analyze the main aspects that should be considered when buying the appliance. See below!


The size is comes to product dimensions. The blenders of Problend Philips Walita line, e.g., typically measuring 41 x 21 x 22 cm, with weight varying between 2 and 3 kg. This is also an important aspect to be considered as directly influences the ease of handling of the goods.


This is a point that refers to that amount of one liter jar is able to withstand. Generally, the glasses have a capacity between 1.5 liters and 2 liters, but for those who enjoy recipes with many ingredients, the ideal is to have even more, as in the case of blenders Philips Walita. People with a large family should also opt for devices that have more volume, bearing in mind that will need to use a larger number of items in recipes.


Most likely, the power is the element that weighs more to choosing a blender. This is because some of these appliances are lacking at the time of grinding the food, causing stress and not reaching the expected result. This item is measured in watts, and the higher the number, the trend is that the device works best. Nevertheless, one should not overlook the exaggeration of certain brands, because in many cases the products can burn.


each unit features define the facilities or difficulties we have in the kitchen. So it is very important to know exactly what your needs are before you start looking for the perfect blender.

While speed options offer more versatility, specific functions such as “Ice”, present in the appliance Philco PH900, may help in time to grind difficult food to be sliced, such as the ice itself.

In addition, there are alternatives that allow incomplexidade in the goods cleaning, for example, the unique system Clic Lav, the Arno.

Energy consumption

According to Ibope study, 83% of Brazilians are concerned about the high tariffs in the country. Therefore, we must find ways to save with the blender, although the device does not consume as much cargo as oven, refrigerator, microwave , television, among others.

According to information from Eletrobras, a blender 300 watts spend on average 1.1 kWh monthly, every 15 minutes used daily. The problem is that these appliances usually have over 500 watts, as they are meant to be more powerful. Moreover, people want the food triturem well seek goods with even greater numbers above 700 watts. All this takes energy and, therefore, it is necessary to find devices for the economy.

One tip is to not get carried away with appliances 1000 watts, for example, because, as mentioned, can burn faster, and use more energy.

Types of blender

We already know the features of blenders and deepen us about the features of this essential appliance in our lives. But ultimately, you know how many types of them are there? If the answer is negative, the Best of Home leaves you in the know: six devices are on the market for the most diverse demands, both for commercial use as for the home. Check out:

Industrial blender

More powerful than the domestic, industrial blender is ideal for anyone working with sale of ice cream, milk shakes, acai, vitamins, and pasta. This is because the device has a greater ability to get the ingredients, ranging from 1.5 to 25 liters. In addition, it has a greater resistance and has stronger blades, which facilitates and speeds up the food production requested.

Domestic blender

Made for homes, domestic model is characterized by the container and the blades – those used to grind ingredients and to mix liquids, and everything quickly and effectively.

The power, which is measured in watts, is one of the most desired features for this device, as many domestic blenders do not end up doing even the basics.

This appliance is an indispensable item in your home, since it is necessary for miscellaneous revenue and also offers convenience when it comes to cooking.

Powerful blender

This is a different model than the other. As its name indicates, it has a high power, which means that you can prepare the food more quickly.

Silent blender

It is usual for mixers to be noisy, after all, are capable of grinding and slicing ingredients – and rapid manner. Brands, however, have sought alternatives to fix this problem, and that’s entering the silent appliances, produced just to make less noise.

This type is ideal not only for those annoyed by the sound exaggerated the house, but also for establishments open to the customers. Places such as restaurants, cafes and kiosks have the maxim that silence from the kitchen is important not to bother the parish and, therefore, a blender that does not make noise is the most suitable.

Glass blender cup

The blender with glass of wine is one of the most useful. Unlike the others, the jar is not plastic, which prevents stains and odors. In addition, it can withstand both high and low temperatures – the only caveat is in relation to care

blender Portable

Large and difficult to shift, blenders do not usually go out of environments where foods are prepared, either in homes, bars or restaurants. For this, some companies have developed some to be taken to other locations. This appliance has a portable version, which is ideal for those who need the device elsewhere than the kitchen.

Lightweight, portable blender can be taken anywhere. It works on rechargeable base or also with an outlet. One of its advantages is the possibility of taking certain drink in the glass itself.

What is the Best Blender?

Bearing in mind everything we’ve learned so far, such as the types and characteristics of each blender, elect the indispensable appliances in your kitchen according to quality, more affordable and more cost-effective. See the list below and choose the ideal model for you!

Best Market Blender

Another feature that appeals to customers is that the guarantee of the container be 5 years. Not to mention that the jar is 20 times stronger compared to the previous model.

The appliance has the capacity to 2.4 liters above the average value, since the competitors are likely to vary between 1.5 and 2 liters. So it is ideal for those with a large family and need to use a larger amount of ingredients in recipes.

Philips Walita Problend RI2135 is also very powerful, with 800 watts. And yet, it is not noisy – much of Lojas Americanas site customers note that the blender is quiet essential item for people who do not have the patience to noise at home.

Blender Best Cost-Benefit

With high power of 700 watts, the merchandise is still with a filter that is also simple to use due to the Clic Lav – the item, perfect for making juices, is removable, and, therefore, no need to strain the drinks.

Best Blender by Price

The 8 Best Cooktops of 4:05 Bocas to Buy in 2020

Bringing more technology and sophistication to your kitchen cooktops have been replacing traditional stoves and spacious floor due to many advantages in functionality, design and practicality.

This stove thin, flat table can come in stainless steel finishes, glass or glass ceramic even works in gas mode, electric and induction.

In addition to modern, the cooktop enables more quickly during cooks food and cleaning is made easier by the fact that some models do not have trivets and lids.

Despite the compactness, the hob requires a more detailed installation space and with a specific counter resistant to heat and moisture. Keep it away from the refrigerator and sink further reinforce the safety and durability of the appliance.

A disadvantage of this appliance is that it has no oven, but to replace it simply integrate an electric fryer or oven in your kitchen and problem solved.

Among the many benefits, the variety of models just expanding and the difference is the brand criteria, functions, appearance and values.

Through these features choose the best cooktops 4:05 2019 mouths to ensure you all satisfaction resources and elegance in your kitchen.

Best Cooktops 2020

With excellent evaluation and more shopping, cooktops brands Brastemp, Consul, Itatiaia, Midea, Electrolux, ELETTROMEC meet the main functionality of questions, beauty and durability.

Some of these models have advantages that make the time to cook much more practical, quick and pleasant.

To check every detail of the best cooktops 2020 and decide once and your choice check the following information!

Review of the best cooktops 4 2020 Plates

cooktop in version 4 burner is the most used both to have a more compact size, and by exactly meet the expectations of use of an average family, for example.

This number of mouths allows the preparation of a complete meal simultaneously and spaces suitable pans safely and easily managed.

The cost benefit of this cooktop version is also great potential for your choice. Cheaper than models more mouths and providing as much functionality as, following this list below certainly you will find the best cooktop 4 2020 mouths.

Review of Best Cooktops 5 2020 Bocas

For the cook in enough quantity and enjoys room for multiple pots, cooktop 5 burners is a great solution.

With a larger table that facilitates the simultaneous preparation of several meals, this model ensures flexibility, efficiency and optimizes your time in the kitchen.

Some versions come with mouths in different sizes in order to meet the diverse needs of preparation and proportion of pots.

Be the induction operation or gas, these options will bring more modernity to your kitchen and speed in cooking.

Purchasing Criteria: Cooktops

In addition to the number of mouths, other features are key to ensuring the best cooktop 2020.

Functions, power fire, power consumption, design and other criteria should be scrutinized in order to meet all expectations and consumer preferences.

A 100% satisfactory purchase is one that fits your needs and so you should prioritize the following points below.

Operating mode

One factor that makes the difference in design, consumer and safety is the operation of the cooktop.

In the gas versions, electric and induction, each model has a different benefit when it comes to cooking.


Besides cooktops 4 and 5 burners already mentioned above, there are alternatives 1, 2 and up to 6 rings, the latter in most industrialized versions.

Many consumers often engage individual mouths next to the versions 4, 5 burners, for example, providing one more option of cooking without change cooktop.

Energy consumption

The gas cooktops models use electric power only for the automatic ignition system. To fire, the use is restricted to gas.

Already electric and induction models require the electricity throughout the cooking.

Like other appliances, the directions of the consumer category come in the description of each model. Prioritize the category results in more savings without losing the characteristic of speed and power.


The sizes of cooktops generally vary design and desired amount of mouths.

On average, 4 and 5 have mouths accustom approximately WxHxD (width x depth x height) 58 x 46 x 5 cm and 73 x 46 x 8.6 cm.

As important as knowing the cooktop size is to ensure adequate space for its installation.

The crowd usually have from 2 to 6 cm thick, including 5 to 7 cm each side left and hoods for use, they should be 60 to 75 cm approximately.


Regardless of the brand, the design of most cooktops often resembles.

Table Rectangular glass, enamelled trivets and linear buttons, however, a feature that totally changes the look of this appliance is the type of functionality.

gas cooktops to keep the trivets (bars) and similar burners with traditional floor stoves, as the versions on induction and electric do not have these accessories.

The smooth surface and the panel touch these electric and induction cooktops bring more modernity in a minimalist style that makes all the difference in the kitchen decor.


Despite the black being the most common among stovetops, there are colored versions that guarantee more joy and style to your kitchen, in addition to traditional stainless steel and white lines.

Among the colors preferred by consumers and can bring more beauty to your kitchen are:

In addition to prepared meals faster, modern design for your kitchen and easier cleaning with the composite material, the cooktops can bring even more benefits in functionality issues.

Some models come with extra features which facilitate and enhance the moments of cooking.

Ideas for those who like to combine technology in support of the preparation time, these cooktops come with the following extra features:

What better cooktop 4 burners?

Following the above mentioned criteria with the evaluations of consumers, we chose the Gas Cooktop Activate! 4 Bocas Glass Bivolt Black – BDD61 – Brastemp as the best cooktop 2020.

Besides being a great option for money, this model has reached 90% of positive ratings from consumers, which in addition to the design praised the power of the flames and practicality in cleaning.

The BDD61 Brastemp all tempered glass black and enamelled trivets brings more innovation to the kitchen either by design, or by its functionality.

Adaptable to any pot and much more economical than induction or electric versions, this cooktop will meet all your needs and optimize long time to cook.

What better cooktop 5 burners?

If the preference is for a larger cooktop that has room for more and larger pots, version 5 burners as the best according to the criteria of choice was the Consul CD075.

This gas cooktop, and work with any type of cookware has 1800W of power, providing more speed in cooking, saving time and consumption.

The adjustment knob flames comes with tips, indicating the power and exact time of each type of preparation.

The burners have varying sizes to meet any proportion pan.

And another great benefit of this model is the money, even as a cooktop 5 burners have a more affordable value with the Consul quality, most recommended among consumers.

Best Cooktop brand

In addition to the approval of 96% cos customers, cooktops Consul outperform other brands in the ranking due to some differences, such as tuning and power indication for each type of food, 1800W of power and mainly by the cost benefits of the product.

The sturdy and easy to clean material provides more sophistication and modern kitchen, the brand also invests in 12 months warranty cooktop.

Either version 4 as 5 burners are the best selling category and meet all the criteria mentioned above operation, power consumption, design and extra features.

The 8 Best Market Refrigerators To Buy in 2020

This refrigerator has shelves that can be adjusted in 8 levels high. With 340 liters, containing the Turbo function, recommended for when the refrigerator is too full. It is also possible to control the external temperature. By owning the Frost Free technology, must never be thawed. The refrigerator is protected against rust and corrosion due to EVOX technology. For this appliance, are available three-year warranty. On the site Lojas Americanas, 97% of customers recommend the product. They point out that the model freezes quickly and is also silent

This appliance also has Frost Free technology and its great advantage is the compartments. There are those who freeze cans and long necks faster. It also contains the Extrafio magazine, which best preserves the cold, dairy, and the Fresh Zone, responsible for keeping fruits and vegetables organized and preserved for longer. It has touch panel. On the site of the American Stores, 87% of Internet users recommend product. They point out the good rooms for food in the refrigerator.

With 540 L capacity, Brastemp Inverse side refrigerator has the Evox technology which protects the refrigerator rust and corrosion through the layers of zinc and films which waterproofs steel. In all, the consumer has three years warranty. Your Side by Side model provides a high capacity.

With the freezer on the bottom and cooler at the top, the best internal use is guaranteed. By owning the Ice Maker, the refrigerator produces up to 12 ice trays automatically, without the need for point of water. In addition, the product has the Frost Free defrost, door open alarm, electronic display and energy savings, with the classification A in the table. Although expensive, the product is recommended by 91% of Internet users in Lojas Americanas site. They praise the design and the freezing capacity of the refrigerator.

By owning Smart Bar, LED lighting and new magazines, the refrigerator is ideal for people seeking a lot of convenience in the kitchen. Your refrigerator is Frost Free duplex and the freezer is the largest in its category. The appliance capacity of 573 L corresponds to a side by side refrigerator. Your Procel ensures energy saving. On the site Lojas Americanas, 92% of customers recommend this product. They praise the inner space of the freezer and drawers.

One of the great advantages of this appliance is the flexibility found on the shelves. There is a shelf of retractable freezer with three options: entire shelf, and fully retracted half. In addition, the refrigerator has a specific compartment for fresh food. The function of turbo freezing allows rapid freezing of food, while the drawer of fruits and vegetables enables better organization and viewing.

Also is Frost Free, function responsible for automatic defrosting, and has the Multiflow system, which benefits the preservation of food. With a sophisticated design and front in stainless steel, the product leaves the kitchen with a more balanced appearance. On the site Lojas Americanas, customers note that your stainless steel does not stain too and that the size of the product is ideal for anyone who does not have much available space.

This product has sturdy shelves, made from seasoned video and Spill Safe technology, which, in case of spill, prevents the flow of fluids. One can draw drinking water from the outside of the refrigerator due to Water Dispenser and Ice Maker, which offers ice cubes or crushed. The Blue Touch panel provides a touch control technology, which is easy and modern cleaning. This refrigerator also has a turbo function both in the freezer, as in the refrigerator. storage drawers were also designed to enable the best organization and food display. It is possible to see the approval of 81% of Internet users in Lojas Americanas site. They praise the internal space, efficiency and Ice Maker function.

This duplex model in black is the sophistication in modern kitchens. It has a capacity of 425 liters and Procel. The refrigerator provides ease with Easy touch panel that lights when touched with the Extra Cold Drink compartment and the cooler. The Econavi technology ensures up to 10% savings, by monitoring the use and adaptation to the needs of the house.

The reverse model reduces to 33% of consumption, as it is capable of regulating the compressor according to the amount of stored food and temperature. The Fresh Zone drawer with Vitamin also enhances nutrients from food through special LED lights. To control the humidity drawer for vegetables, there is also the Climate Control. The product has 1 retractable shelf, three shelves in tempered glass, three drawers and four shelves in the refrigerator in the refrigerator door. On the site Lojas Americanas, all customers approve the product.

This product has an exclusive Samsung technology, the Twin Cooling Plus ™, which uses independent cooling systems in order to prevent the refrigerator odors from reaching the freezer. That way, you can keep frozen with the original flavor.

When necessary, it is possible to convert the freezer in the refrigerator to get more space. It is also possible to switch off the freezer to sleep mode. They are offered the options to cool and freeze quickly to the modes and Power Cool Power Freeze.

With this model, too, can make ice cubes. The refrigerator offers energy savings, promoted by LED lamps. By relying on the Digital Inverter Technology, the noises are minimized and cooler offers extended durability. On the site Lojas Americanas, the user praises the silence of the product, efficiency and good looks.


We already know the best designs and some features able to bring more convenience to your home. What if deeper the characteristics to understand what impact can bring to your kitchen?


Perhaps this is the first item to be considered when we think of buying a refrigerator. It is extremely important to know the size of refrigerators and compare with the available space at home. For those who live in an apartment, it is important also think it will be possible to offset the stairs or elevators to not be many problems at the time of shipping.


If the size refers to the outside of the refrigerator, the capacity with respect to space there is inside, or where foods are. This really is a case that will depend on the needs of people in each household. In general, a 120 gallon capacity corresponds to the small minibar, meanwhile, the refrigerator has a door between 220 and 350 liters (recommended for single or without children). Already the fridge-freezer, which can have a capacity between 250 and 500 liters is suitable for families with three and more people. For families with more than two children, the ideal capacity of refrigerators that have between 400 and 600 liters.


Power regards jurisdiction that the device will have to do its function, in the case of the refrigerator, cold. Generally, the average power of a common refrigerator is 250 W and a fridge-freezer is 300 W. Many appliances have several power levels for regulation, it enables greater flexibility when setting up your refrigerator.


If information such as size, color and number of ports is essential to decide which product is best suited to the environment, the features can meet the needs we feel on a daily basis for the production of food.

Technologies such as turbo are beneficial because they allow the rapid freezing of food. Meanwhile, Evox technology prevents rust and corrosion. But the Frost Free is extremely beneficial for those who have had to perform many thawing and wants the same job with the new products.

There are even magazines that bring features like Extrafio, which best preserves the cold and dairy products, the Fresh Zone, responsible for keeping fruits and vegetables organized and preserved for longer and the Multiflow system, which benefits the preservation of food. The best is to analyze which group of features that will be most useful in your routine, to make the final decision about your purchase.

Energy consumption

According to studies, the refrigerator is the appliance that consumes more energy. It is possible that a refrigerator two frost-free ports consume an average of 56.88 kWh monthly. Meanwhile, the simplest versions spend on average 25.2 kWh per month. For this reason, it is recommended to be aware of a very useful device at the time of purchase: Procel. It consists of a label that indicates the energy efficiency of a product. Refrigerators with Procel certificate undergone tests to demonstrate their effectiveness. There are also several tips for those who want to save energy. Two of them are quite simple: always check that the door is closed and the seal of the fridge is working properly.

Types of Refrigerators

There are some refrigerators that are already well known models on the market and have basic features, but essential for consumers. There are also functions or models that are considered more sophisticated. These differences will be reflected in concrete ways, fixed in size, features and capacity of the refrigerator. Below, separated the most common types of refrigerators:

Frost Free Refrigerator

For those who like practicality, the Frost Free refrigerators are extremely beneficial as they never need to be thawed. With a different cooling system, Frost Free helps to not icing on automatically appliance. The operation of this feature consists basically in melting ice in the evaporator, via a resistance. After the liquid is drained through a duct to achieve a container which is located above the compressor. In this location, the heat causes the evaporation of water.

refrigerator Stainless

Although taking a lot of sophistication with its bold appearance, the refrigerators in stainless not match any environment. It is recommended that they be accommodated in kitchens that have more details neutral and / or floors with dark parts. However, these products cause a great impression, if in a kitchen with the right decor. Generally, refrigerators in stainless steel have only the front part of this material, which can be easily marked to be touched. For those with children, it is good considering it really worth purchasing a product with this feature. When servicing correctly, you can keep the product stored for a long period.

This refrigerator model is a kind of innovation in the production of household appliances. There is actually a reversal of the traditional pattern known: refrigerator freezer below and above. In the case of the Inverse, the freezer is below and the refrigerator is on. The goal is to make the removal and placement of products in the most practical refrigerator. For generally more we use the refrigerator and ends up being necessary to bend down constantly to get something in the traditional model.

refrigerator Duplex

The fridge-freezer is the model with two doors. Generally, the freezer goes above and beneath the refrigerator with separate doors. In this case, the freezer internal capacity most of the time is greater. The Inverse model can also be duplex.

Geladeira Side by Side

This model is highly recommended for those who live in a house with many people, for the refrigerator door is next to the freezer door, that is, you will find plenty of room in the two compartments. On the other hand, side by side becomes irrelevant to very small kitchens. You must have plenty of space available to accommodate the product properly.

Refrigerator Two Doors

Side by Side, Duplex or Inverse. All these models are 2-door refrigerators. What is common in all cases is the increased availability of space that is in the appliance. The refrigerator of a door is recommended for those looking for more savings or live in an environment devoid of much space.

What is the Best Refrigerator?

The best refrigerator is a refrigerator Brastemp Inverse Side 540L Evox. This product is what adds more quality to consumers: besides being Inverse, has the Evox technology, preventing rust and corrosion. As the model side by side, it has a lot of internal capacity. The freezer is at the bottom and cooler at the top. It has Ice Maker, thaw Frost Free, open door alarm, electronic display, finished in stainless steel and energy savings. The product is recommended by 91% of Internet users.

Refrigerator Best Cost-Benefit

The refrigerator with the best cost-benefit is the Consul Frost Free Duplex 340 Liters Inox. Although not one of the more expensive, has several beneficial features for the consumer. The capacity is 340 L, has Procel, digital panel, stainless material, shelves with 8 levels high, turbo function, Evox technology, three-year warranty and Procel. It is also highly praised the site Lojas Americanas, 97%.

Refrigerator Best Price

The Brastemp Frost Free 375 liters with the white color is the refrigerator at the best price. Still, it has several advantages such as the Frost Free. There is also the Extrafio compartment for the cold and dairy products, and the Fresh Zone, responsible for keeping fruits and vegetables organized and preserved for longer. It also has touch panel.

Best Frost Free Refrigerator

Best Frost Free refrigerator is white duplex Brastemp with 573L capacity. It has Smart Bar, LED lighting, new magazines and the freezer is the largest in its category. With its Procel, ensures energy saving. The product is praised by the inner space of the freezer and drawers.

Best Refrigerator Mark

In the list of the best refrigerators 2020, most of the products is the Brastemp brand. There is even a refrigerator Consul, two from Electrolux, one of Panasonic and Samsung. However, the Brastemp refrigerators with innovative technologies in different models that cater to different buyer profiles.

The 8 Best Washing Machines – Updated January 2020

There are times the washing machines are essential to any home and, every year, are designed new models that seek to meet the specific needs of individuals and society as a whole. Aspects such as economy, for example, are increasingly taken into account during the development of the washing machine by the manufacturer.

Consumers have become much more aware and demanding about the products they buy and hence companies are concerned to deliver appliances that bring more comfort to the routine of people with innovation. Technology is a great ally in this process, bringing cleaning techniques increasingly effective and less harmful to the clothes.

The 8 Best Washing Machines - Updated January 2020

Best Choice: Washing Machine 9kg Brastemp

This leaves the washer cleaner clothes with dual flush function. Also, there is the delicate cycle, which offers softness of agitation and centrifugation for greater care with the parts more sensitive clothes.

The silent machines are an excellent example. Such a feature would not be imagined a few years ago. And today, people can already think of performing washing clothes in the evening, for example.

However, we must not forget that some traditional factors are still essential to weigh in pursuit of this appliance.

Best Washing Machines 2020

So for you to make a purchase more aware and assertive, we list the best washing machine 2020:

Washing machines

More than ever, it is clear that the washing machines are being developed to meet the collective needs of a more caring society with the consumption of water and energy. At the same time, we seek the convenience and speed. Currently, for the development of a good washing machine, they are thought factors that go far beyond product performance. Companies are more aware about the interests of consumers.

Types of opening

Previously, prevailed upper openings in washing machines Brazilian clothes. However, this has already changed and you can see in the domestic market growth of washers with localized covers the front of the machine.

The benefits over the Washing Machine Superior Top Load due to the fact that she had an action more powerful clothes. In other words, it is strongly recommended for parts that require a more impactful cleaning.

Recommended for more delicate parts, made of silk and wool, the washer Front Front Load clothing has less mechanical action due to its frictional damping system which the clothes to move up and down. This is positive for the conservation of long-term wear. It also consumes less water and thus less soap, since this use will vary according to the amount of water required.


Thought to how the centrifuge speed can benefit from the processes with the clothes, it is a factor that can sometimes go unnoticed. However, this aspect may impact rather its day to day. The faster the spin, the more the pieces will be attached to the wall of the drum, which reduces the friction between the clothes. Much of the machine also allows the choice of spin speed, this is beneficial in the summer, for example, when such an intense centrifugation of drying clothes is not necessary.

Dry Weather

The washing time will depend on several factors, including the type of clothing and intensity of dirt. Most machines will be chosen to enable quick cleaning parts which do not require a thorough cleaning.

Types of Dry

In general, divide the type of washing as manual or machine. But nowadays, people rarely take time to do a manual wash. Still, it is necessary to consider the specifics of washing for each type of clothing and this is mainly the fact that the pieces of clothing can be damaged irreversibly during poor washing.

So before you start washing the clothes, it is necessary to divide the pieces. This is done because the machine wash will be specific to particular type of clothes. There washes directed to parts of more sensitive clothing (such as underwear, for example), the heaviest parts (uniforms, jeans, coats), the duvets and blankets, shoes, and there are still special washes aimed remove stains. Already quick washes are the clothes that are not too dirty, or just have a strong odor.

Types of Programming

The washing programs are true tools in good practicality and efficiency washing machines. This is due to the fact that people have the freedom to customize their washes and choose what will be most beneficial for your needs at that time. The programs meet the diverse characteristics, including: quick wash, as quoted above, cleaning shoes, to shirts, smudge, pillows or blankets, jeans, dark clothes, clothes many dirty, etc.

Cleaning Performance

The cleaning performance relates primarily to efficiency than that demonstrated appliance to clean parts after washing. This is quite complicated to evaluate before purchasing the product. However, with the “National Labeling Program” Inmetro, you can see three dice that are the result of tests carried out by the agency. One of these corresponds to data washing efficiency, 1.0 indicating the maximum performance of the washing machine, it is recommended to choose a machine that has at least score above 0.8.

Energy consumption

At home, the washing machine is one of the items that can consume more energy. The label of the Inmetro, quoted above, also assists in the choice of products to enable a lower consumption. In this case, how many are given in kWh label are consumed per wash cycle. It is recommended to use less expensive equipment, which are included in categories A and B. Another way to save energy is to wash the maximum possible clothes at once and with cold water whenever possible.

Water consumption

Of course, the washer providing a greater economy than washes in tanks, for example. And today, the companies bring some features that promote greater economy. This is the case of water levels that fit the exact need of the moment and the reuse of water feature, which you can use for other home cleaning purposes: parking, bathrooms, floor, etc.

Review of the Best Washing Machines 2020 Clothing

We note the peculiarities of each washing machine: capacity, washing modes, special functions, economy, beyond the opinions of consumers who have already had experience with the products. Check out the conclusion of each of the washing machines:

Washing Machine 9kg Brastemp

The 8 Best Washing Machines - Updated January 2020

Characteristics of Washing Machines

This leaves the washer cleaner clothes with dual flush function. Also, there is the delicate cycle, which offers softness of agitation and centrifugation for greater care with the parts more sensitive clothes.

There is also the possibility of using the “Cycle stain remover”, which is shaped cleaning function more effectively the grimy clothes.

At the site shop Magazine Luiza, customers praise the machine efficiency, simplicity of resource use and compact size.

Clothes washer Brastemp 12Kg BWK12

The 8 Best Washing Machines - Updated January 2020

Characteristics of Washing Machines

Compact on the outside and big on the inside, this is the proposal of Clothes Washer Brastemp 12Kg BWK12, considers the complete basic brand.

With modern minimalist design in white and silver colors, this model has been developed to ensure maximum stain removal, through its six types of programs.

Among the main cycles, Advanced Stain removers, Antibolinhas Cycle and Cycle Duvet innovate in time to wash your household goods and clothes, protecting the fabrics while thouroughly.

Its multi dispenser allows the correct amount has been deposited inputs, such as liquid soap, powder softener and even it can be removed for washing.

Another exclusive Brastemp BWK12 12Kg Washing Machine is their antiallergic cycle, which adds more rinsing steps wash in order to remove any product residue cleaning fabrics, and hence reduce the risk of irritation to the skin.

Clothes Washer Electrolux 15kg

The 8 Best Washing Machines - Updated January 2020

Characteristics of Washing Machines

In addition to its capacity of 15 kg, the washing machine offers some benefits, such as filter “picks lint”, which keeps lint impregnate the clothes after washing.

There is also the key becomes easy, which allows parts from a machine with fewer wrinkles and hence allows to ease the time pass.

The machine also offers the dual flush function, cleaning shoes, the turbo button agitation and fast program (recommended for pieces of clothing that do not have a lot of dirt).

In all, 12 wash programs and intelligent soap dilution, which prevents the formation of stains.

Washing machine Consul 12kg

The 8 Best Washing Machines - Updated January 2020

Characteristics of Washing Machines

It is doing now that the Consul 12Kg CWH12 is among the best in the market washing machine, this because it brings efficiency with an easy and intuitive programming, ideal for those who do not want to waste time in the laundry room.

Starting with the amount of washing programs 16 are the total, allowing a specific treatment for each type of laundry and cleaning condition.

These programs come with functions aimed at water and energy saving, double rinse, little wear to heavily soiled, among other exclusives.

The panel contains the main information of each cycle, including the amount of water required for parts, making its very easy and convenient handling.

The extra easy dosing system that machine, ensures a saving of up to 70% powder, as all measures indicated in dispensers are ideal for a given amount of water and clothes.

Washing Machine Electrolux LAC11 10.5 kg

Characteristics of Washing Machines

The Electrolux Washing Machine LAC11 10.5 kg and allows very specific control settings for each wash, because it is possible to increase the speed of stirring or centrifugation.

Another novelty of Electrolux LAC11 is to prevent stains from excess waste products, as your dispenser, and is self-cleaning also dissolves soap and softener before direct contact with clothes.

The economy is another strong point of the Electrolux LAC11, because it allows the water used during the washing process to be reused in the way you prefer.

Bringing a large facility who can not waste time or priority You determine stages of washing, clothes washer Electrolux LAC11 enables the progress of the programming phase, as well as pause and return from where it left off when desired.

Panasonic washing machine 12 kg Na-f120b5ga

Characteristics of Washing Machines

With a modern color and intuitive dashboard, Panasonic Clothes Washer 12 kg Na-f120b5ga is an excellent choice for those seeking practicality time washing and durability of the product.

It comes with 9 programming functions for washing, including up clothes for baby and comforter.

It is also possible to control the water level by the panel, and move the washing steps.

With Clothes Washer Panasonic 12 kg Na-f120b5ga you can reuse water and other economic detail of this model is its consumption, which can reach 9.2 L / cycle / kg of water in a complete cycle.

Silent, Panasonic 12 kg Na-f120b5ga makes cumbersome process without bothering who is at home and can be used even at night while everyone sleeps.

Electrolux Washer 12kg

Characteristics of Washing Machines

The innovation of this washing machine consists of a filter capable of retaining lint that get the clothes after washed. Drying is also accelerated by Turbo Drying button.

It becomes easier the washing process due to the dispenser Multibox, a compartment where you can put all the necessary products for washing.

The machine features 12 wash programs, including specific programs for tennis and comforters. The soap is diluted before reaching the clothes due to Jet & Clean system.

This process prevents stains on the parts and the “AutoClean dispenser” is clean. Another interesting device of this machine is the technology Silent Control and Quiet Cycle program, which make it possible to wash in silence.

At the site shop Magazine Luiza, customers praise the fact that the machine is compact, silent, efficient and enable the reuse of water.

Also highlight the good product design and the ability to potentiate the effect of fabric softener.

Consul 8kg Facilitate Clothes Washer

Characteristics of Washing Machines

By reusing the water used for other purposes, this product provides a consul economic wash.

In all, 16 are offered flexible programs, including those targeted to according to the color of clothing, level of dirt and other tissue.

With regard to the more value, the machine further comprises washing the turbo function, which is capable of stirring most tissues without spoiling.

On the site Lojas Americanas, 87% of customers recommend the product mainly cited the effectiveness of cleaning the clothes.

What is the ideal capacity for your washing machine?

The washing machine’s capacity is one of the most important factors when buying. To make this decision, you should consider the number of people that are in a house, the types of items to be washed (blankets, sheets, towels), the material of the clothes to be washed (cotton, wool, synthetic material).

Moreover, one should not forget that before you start using the product, you need to carefully read the instruction manual. One of the mistakes that exist refers to the ability of the machine. A 10 kg capacity machine is not always capable of, in all washes, 10 kg of receiving any kind of clothing.

This will depend, for example, clothing material. cotton pieces can even be washed in a lot at the same time, however, the same is not true for other heavier materials. Other factors that may also influence this issue are dirt and the washing cycle. But relative to the size? What will be the one right for your living conditions? Of course this is a question, above all, very personal, because each person has a different routine and needs washing. However, we separate the capacity that are usually recommended for most number of people.

Washing Machine 6Kg

For singles who have a routine “standard” use of clothes, it is not necessary to purchase a machine with a large capacity, it is unlikely to be used in its entirety. In this case, it is more appropriate to use a washing machine with 6 kg, which is likely to be sufficient to meet the daily needs of that person.

Washing Machine 8kg

For couples or two people, 8 kg machine can be a good option as it is not so small. It is considered that this is in the “middle ground” between machines with large and small capacity.

Washing machine 10Kg to 12Kg

When thinking about the size of an average family (having 3 to 4 people), washing machines with a capacity of 10 kg and 12 kg are ideal. Of course, once again, this analysis will depend on each case. If it is a family that do not often use pieces of clothing as heavy or does not wash clothing frequently to 10 kg machine is the most appropriate. Meanwhile, the appliance of 12 kg makes it the ideal for a family that uses a lot of clothes or have very heavy parts (such as those for the winter, for example). In this case, it is to use the knowledge and common sense to make the most appropriate choice.

Washing machine 13kg

If this family of four also count children, it is to think about investing in another machine that has Kg available to deal with any setbacks.

Washing machine 15kg to 16kg

For homes with many people, in this case, we can include large families with children and also student republics, for example, it recommended the use of 15 kg machines. If there is room, this is the best option because in this situation, there will be more clothing and more costume changes, and also it is necessary to wash towels, sheets, pillow cases, etc. In this context, it is also recommended the machines with hot water option due to the usual spots in the clothes of children.

Washer 20 kg or more

For companies, which seek excellence in time to wash parts, and a machine with greater durability, it is recommended industrial washing machines, which usually have a capacity of 20 kg or more. Generally, these machines, which have a commercial purpose in the washes, offer more options of water levels, more intense speed and variety programs.

In the overall assessment, the washer that has more quality, which results in a good performance is the Electrolux 12 kg. This is because it adds elements that make the user’s everyday life much easier, convenient and efficient. Turbo Drying button enhances the drying of the garments and the special filter retains as unwanted lint from the clothes. Additionally, the machine offers 12 programs, even those that meet the most difficult tasks such as washing and tennis duvet. Customers who evaluated the machine also ensured that it complies with the promises of silent washing and reuse of water.

Frequently asked questions about Washing Machines

Now that you know a little more about the washing machines, questions arise about many other aspects. Is there a proper way to wash this appliance? What if my washer break clothes, worth repairing? Worth the cost-effective? Below, we answer these questions for you to make a purchase or repair much more conscious about their actions:

How to Clean Washing Machine

The cleaning of the washing machine is a very important process. Through this habit, it eliminates the undesirable accumulation of dirt in the equipment, such as lint, limos, cleaning products, limestone, and odors. Frequent cleaning of the appliance also aids in maintaining their long-term preservation.

If you find spots or white spots in the soap compartment, you must clean it. Once removed from the machine, the insert should be washed with water and vinegar, preferably using a brush for cleaning more efficient. If it is difficult to remove impurities, let the sauce accessory. Regarding the filter cleaning is carried out in the same manner. Some machines do not have the removable filter, for this case, must be made to maintain laundering.

Another useful procedure to maintain the cleanliness of the Washing Machine is periodically drying basket with a clean dry cloth. Routinely, it is also possible to sanitize the machine with a damp cloth and mild detergent. In this case, not to promote the appearance of mold, must be left open to ventilate the machine. It is important not to use abrasives in cleaning the machine or piece. In most machines, it is possible to perform maintenance wash carried out inside the appliance.

Repair Washing Machine

Being a product with several compartments, the concert of a washing machine is not always simple. And in this case, the question always remains really worth investing in concert. Overall, it is known, for example, that if the problem of the machine is the engine, there are cases where it is best to buy another product. But before you rush, it is recommended rather reflect on the history of problems that the machine is displayed. Would not you spend more money if you have to annually make a repair in the appliance? In this situation, it may be better to purchase a new item.

Used Washing Machine

Currently, the practice of buying used has been increasingly attached by the population, but in the case of washing machines, you need to think. The washing machine is a product of extreme necessity in routine. It is not superfluous, that is, people really need. Then, run the risk of making a purchase that will bring a regret in the future is not recommended. This is where the machines can become a problem. First point, there is no way to know the true history of product problems: what happened to this machine before purchasing – there. Second point, if the machine starts to cause problems, which will guarantee to? In many cases, people can remain unresolved for such a purchase situation.

Washing machine Loud

Hear a noise coming from the washing machine is perfectly normal. However, be aware of the sounds from the machine during operation is also required. This may indicate that something is not working as it should.

When there is failure in the machine drum bearing, there is a very loud noise at the time of centrifugation. If you rotate the drum manually and submit it sounds, it is likely that the bearings need to be replaced.

Other reasons that can cause intense noise in the washing machine are coins or other objects forgotten in clothes. There is also the possibility that the problem be in the machine drum. Maybe it’s time to ask the help of technical assistance.

Washing machine Silent

One of the technologies that satisfy most users today is the ability to decrease the noise of the appliances. This factor becomes even more relevant to people who share apartments and / or do not have a very regimented routine or for those who, for example, live in houses with terraced walls. So the big brands have already joined this trend, in the case of Electrolux and Samsumg.

Conclusion: Best Clothes Washer

Despite all the ranking options are worthy of their trust and then, as consumer satisfaction, separate the top two categories of the performance and cost effectiveness.

Of course, when buying always seek the one that best meets your goal, in this case, an efficient washing, however, among the main criteria that may also influence the choice of the product is its value.

Therefore, we present the best options according to their priority, whether functional or economic.

Best Washing Machine Clothes for performance

The latest model of Brastemp, the clothes washer Brastemp 12Kg BWK12 has been gaining momentum in sales and ratings to combine compactness with great efficiency.

In addition to perfectly fit any space, even in smaller apartments, for example, this minimalist version of Brastemp not fall short in the ability of clothes to wash, as well as in its technological resources to ensure a thorough cleaning.

With its intuitive panel is easy to select the best type of washing, the water level, the amount of rinses, including whether to move forward or pause the steps.

Another advantage of this model is its energy economy, since it has the seal Procel and spends only 0371 Kw / h.

There Voltage options 110V or 220V, as well as versions in white and silver.

It even comes with six types of programs, including the unique cycles of advanced spotter, antibolinhas, allergy, baby clothes, among others, aimed at protecting the color of the fabric or remove the dirt with more power.

The amount of detergent and fabric softener each type of wash is also shown in its multi removable dispenser.

Faced with so much technology in favor of a complete and economical washing, clothes washer Brastemp 12Kg BWK12 was considered the best washing machine for 2020 performance.

Best Washer Cost Benefit

For those seeking a more affordable option economically, but as efficient as Brastemp 12Kg BWK12, know that the Consul 12kg CWH12AB may be the ideal washing machine.

The panel with intuitive programming makes it easy to choose the best wash, and make the whole more practical and fast action.

It has 16 functions indicated for each type of clothing, the need for cleaning, even if the option is to save water or energy with fast and reuse cycles.

In addition to saving water and energy, with the Consul 12kg CWH12AB you also ensures more savings in the soap, as through its extra easy dosing system, all measures indicated in the dispenser result in a reduction of up to 70% of the product.

The Consul 12kg CWH12AB also leads in the category of sales figures, so because the brand is already established in the industry and known for the efficiency of their products.

So for anyone who prioritizes good price combined with the performance, Consul 12kg CWH12AB surely fulfill all expectations of consumption.

Currently on the market there are even more modern and advanced options, such as the Wash and Dry, which eliminate the need to extend the clothes, leaving them ready to spend and save.

If you want to know a little more this multifunction option, be sure to see also Guide to the Best lava and Drought 2020.

Also check the Best Blender 2020

The 7 Best Repeaters Wifi Signal to Buy in 2020

The connection of practicality and ease of integration with other network devices, the wifi device brought to our homes and work, it is now an indispensable tool in this digital age.

Nevertheless, the router signal efficiency may be compromised because of several factors, such as distance, walls, and other obstacles.

This signal limitation has raised another feature, which is now a major ally of the router, wifi repeater.

The repeater or amplifier wifi, as many know, in addition to resolving the internet signal limitation can also be used as a wireless adapter to connect devices for cable.

Taking internet to “dead zones” of the house, those which the wifi signal does not reach or is inefficient, the repeater ensures more opportunities for everyone in the house are 100% connected.

The efficiency of this feature made the grade emerge in models and variations, so separate essential information when choosing this device, such as technical features, extra features, and present the best wifi repeater, according to our guide.

Best Repeaters Wifi Signal 2020

Choose technological equipment such as repeaters, it may seem a very difficult task, after all, some information and features of these instruments are somewhat unusual in the daily lives of many people.

An example that can be used for this; is the device’s baud rate, hardly a user without knowledge of digital resources will be integrated with that kind of information.

Thinking about it, bring this list with the best wifi repeater 2020 in order to facilitate your choice and provide great satisfaction with its use.

Also, if you want to know more about each model, also present, its specifications and differences below.

Review of Best Repeaters Wifi Signal 2020

For environments where the wifi signal does not reach into every room with intensity, the repeater can be the best solution.

Easy installation and configuration of these devices also contribute to the efficiency of its proposal, after all, simply push the WPS button for your connection to the network or even access it on mobile application.

Each option brings this ranking technical characteristics and other different resources in order to meet various users.

Some prefer repeaters with greater range, as it will be used in larger environments, as well as those who prioritize the transmission speed.

Thus, consideration is given to information of each model and analyze which serve more their consumption needs.

Criteria of Choice: Repeater Wifi

Many users complain about the technical language used to define the specifications of technology and digital products, as in the case of repeaters.

Besides the difficulty in understanding what each aspect is the functionality of the handset, these rates, data and figures without references, end up making all the analysis even more complicated.

In order to facilitate your choice and identify what criteria should be prioritized even known, on the repeater; we highlight below for more details that will help you understand the technology of these instruments.

Transmission Rate

The repeater’s transmission rate is the amount of data it can transmit per second.

Models with 300W rates are already considered very efficient.

But remember that the speed of this process also depends on factors, such as the internet package hired.

So, choose a repeater transmission rate compatible with internet disposed in your home.


Just as routers, repeaters may have internal or external antennas.

The amount range interferes with the field of emission and reception of the signal, however, does not affect the speed.

An example is the repeater with two antennas, while one receives the wifi signal, the other transmits. Already models with only one intercalates between both functions.


Analyze the environment that will use the repeater can greatly assist in defining which ideal range for consumption.

In this ranking there are models that reach 300 meters, ideal for larger homes, including for the signal to reach its exterior.

Economy Consumption

Since the repeater will all day running, verify their energy efficiency is also a way of ensuring a better choice, after all, the daily savings can make all the difference for some users.

Repeaters that consume up to 3W already assist in a significant savings in energy of your home.

Difference between repeater antenna and powerline

There are several differences that define these types of wifi amplifiers, repeater, antenna and powerline.

In fact, the only thing they have in common is to improve the signal of your internet connection, however, each brings a technical specification, which can make all the difference in the proposed use, as we will see below:

What Better Wifi Signal Repeater?

Bringing everything a user need for a wide connection, the TL-RE450 AC1750 of Tp-Link repeater is our top 1 ranking of the top 2020 repeaters.

This is because it comes with a unique transmission rate with the other models, arriving to 1300 Mbps.

Its three discrete antennas can be adjusted and aim to enhance the signal range.

You can amplify the wifi signal any router with the TL-RE450 AC1750 of Tp-Link, for their compatibility is universal. It also comes with Gigabit Ethernet port, making two in one, offering the access point function.

The signal strength can be followed thanks to its intelligent lighting system, which identifies the best location for your installation.

Speaking of installation, it is practical, easy and very fast, because it’s just plugs it to the socket and press the WPS button Punic for its automatic activation.

Best Repeater Signal Wifi Cost Benefit

The most affordable value repeater Pix-Link does not make him lower in relation to its competitors in its class, quite the contrary.

In our ranking, it is the second fastest, second only to the top 1 of TP-Link as it comes with a transmission rate of 1200 Mbps.

It can also be used with any type of router, thanks to its universal compatibility.

The four antennas of this device power the signal and reach, making the much wider and efficient connection.

Since the installation of the repeater Pix-Link is very simple and can be made via cable or WiFi, as you prefer! Network has entries WAN and LAN.

The handling of the repeater of the Pix-Link is easy, after all it only has a WPS button to drive.

With so many qualities and with a well precinho fair, this repeater version of the Pix-Link was voted the best value by Best of Home.

What Best Repeater Brand Wifi?

With numerous options for routers and already known in the category of technological and digital products such as repeaters and routers, TP-Link brand can be considered the best, when choosing your device to boost the signal of your internet.

The brand aims to cover several audiences, after all offers options with values ​​from the most affordable to the most high.

The technology makes the difference even efficiency is the main proposal.

In the category of repeaters TP-Link offers options that differ from the visual to the transmission rate, reach and even energy consumption.

In the ranking of the Best of Home she appeared twice, however when looking between repeaters sold at home, she appears with several versions in the first place.

Speaking first, your TL-RE450 AC1750 model was considered the best wifi repeater 2020, due to numerous advantages, including technical resources, extra features and of course, the opinion and customer recommendation.

If your choice is a repeater TP-Link, know who will be getting a high quality product and efficiency attested by users, in the largest virtual retail stores in the country.

usage tips to enhance your repeater

In addition to attend the technical characteristics mentioned above, use other features to enhance the use of wifi repeater in your home.

Compatibility with the Internet package contracted should be the first thing to be analyzed to ensure greater efficiency in their use, because no point choosing a model with 1200MB transmission rate and have an internet 500 mb. It is a sign and money lost!

In addition, we present these tips that will surely transform your connection, either in speed or range.

Since most of our communication activities, entertainment and work, today rely on a good internet connection, nothing better improve the quality of our digital resources, through appropriate choices.

In this ranking we bring the latest and greatest options market repeaters 2020, but if the options have not pleased their expectations, continue to search prioritizing the technical criteria mentioned above, after all, they can make all the difference and the satisfaction of your choice .

In addition to a repeater, be sure to prioritize the quality of your router equipment, including the amount of internet available because these two factors can both boost, as impair the functionality of your amplifier device, and soon, your connection.

The 6 Best Xiaomi Phones to Buy in 2020

Since 2015, a brand is becoming prominent in the category of smartphones and other technological goods in Brazil, Xiaomi Chinese.

Considered an “Apple most popular Chinese”, the Xiaomi enables smartphones, technological accessories, tablets, bracelets, smart TVs, and other devices that combine the best technical specifications with a very affordable value.

The Xiaomi is already considered one of the biggest startups on the planet technology and much of its popularity is due to advertising, “word of mouth”, made by the users of the brand, after investments in reviews of websites, social networks and of course, by combining money with high technology.

Regarding Xiaomi smartphones, success is justified by the diversity of device models, always bringing high-performance processors, large screens and cameras with megapixel hype.

Periodic brand promotions also reinforce this preference among users who always seek news in order to catch up with each release.

For many technological advantages, cost and various models, we highlight the six best smartphones Xiaomi 2020 in order to guarantee you more technology in the palm of their hands with a fair price.

Best Smartphones Xiaomi 2020

Although there are some similarities between the names, these lines of Xiaomi are quite different as there are from simple versions to newly released, full of technological innovations.

Other segments such as cost and design were also prioritized in this ranking, in order to provide for you, several of choice.

Review of Best Smartphones Xiaomi 2020

For those seeking a smartphone with good performance, advanced technology and what is best, affordable, certainly heard a friend indicate the brand Xiaomi, is not it ?! And this is because there are numerous reasons that we already expand on each model.

But first, it is important to emphasize that in addition to prioritizing the brand, certain technical characteristics must be analyzed to determine which option best suits your needs.

So we list too, the selection criteria, including technological data, opinion of users, among other topics that can make all the difference in functionality and efficiency of your smartphone Xiaomi.

Criteria of Choice: Smartphone Xiaomi

When choosing the best smartphone Xiaomi, it is worth remembering that the consumption of priorities of each user change, ie what can be considered the big plus point of a model for one person may not be what actually another search therefore analyze the technical characteristics of each version is so important.

An example of this situation is that users use their smartphones more for communication than entertainment; this public profile will surely prioritize processor and battery capacity. Already those who appreciate a good photo to post on social networks, the valued criterion is the camera resolution quality, memory, and other connectivity features.

Whatever your functional expectations to his Xiaomi, it is important that it meets some of these features below in general, such as screen size, storage capacity and RAM, processor, battery life, camera resolution, design and extra features .


The screen size is consistent with the very activities that will be carried over to your smartphone Xiaomi. In this ranking, there are versions from 5 “to 6.9” inches.

For those who enjoy watching a video, series, or do readings by phone, nothing better than a 6 “screen.

But if the smartphone compactness is more important, know that Xiaomi 5 “does not fall short in viewing capability.

Storage and RAM

Storage options and RAM these Xiaomi ranking range from 4 to 8GB RAM and 8GB to 128GB internal.

Remember that basically the amount of storage is what ensures the content file, programs and applications, as the RAM, the speed with which actions in your Xiaomi to run.

Battery Life

Just like any smartphone, the more features you have and the greater the use, the faster the battery may run out, however, devices with 3000 mAh can already be considered energy efficient.

Camera Resolution

We arrived to a criterion which, the Xiaomi has surpassed many market smartphones, the resolution of your camera.

The brand has been innovating in this regard bringing smartphones with up to 108 MP, a mark hitherto unheard between devices.

The Mi Note 10, no doubt, has the best entres the camera Xiaomi, ensuring 108 MP and several features to make your photo with professional quality.

In addition, options in dual cameras, triple and focal stability also leverage the quality of Xiaomi images.


As well as its Apple competitor, the Xiaomi smartphones follow the same pattern design, just changing sizes due to inch screens.

More colorful designs in pink, red, blue and their variations, as well as in the classic, black, and metallic lead.

The logo Xiaomi is very discreet and there are so thin and light models which weigh less than 300 grams.

Besides the basic features photography, voice recording and flashlight, some Xiaomi models also comes with artificial intelligence, that make this option even more functional and efficient.

Connectivity between other brand products is also considered a differential to more, as the possibility to integrate smartphone functions to smart bracelets, smart TVs, and other accessories of the brand.

What is the Best 2020 Xiaomi?

For those who examined each smartphone brand model and identified many quality technical characteristics among them, the decision on which is the best Xiaomi may have been even more complicated, however, Best of Home will help you once again, with what the top line smartphone Xiaomi.

Joining the technological resources, the views of users and exclusivity of this version, the Xiaomi Mi 9 was chosen by our guide the best smartphone of 2020 the brand.

That’s because it brings together everything needed for efficient performance, quality in photos and agility in the actions.

For starters, it comes in two versions, the RAM 6Gb and 64 of internal storage, as well as in 8GB of RAM and internal 128Gb.

Beyond all space, the Xiaomi Mi 9 has a super amoled screen with Full HD resolution of 6:39, “ideal size for those who like to use your smartphone as” TV “and watch those favorite series.

The Snapdragon 855 processor is one of the strongest line, which ensures very quickly, without crashing, even running heavy programs and online games.

Already the three rear camera 48MP + + 12MP 16MP are excellent tools to produce quality photos and videos look like professional images. Its front camera of 20 MP also does not lack, having more resolution than many major camera smartphones.

Among the exclusives of the Xiaomi Mi 9, we can highlight its artificial intelligence to enhance images, as well as optical stabilization for videos.

What is the Best Xiaomi Cost Benefit?

With a more affordable price than the top Mi 9, the Xiaomi Mi 3 Max brings many advantages that make it the best Xiaomi Cost Benefit.

It has a battery of 5500 mAh, considered one of the more autonomy the line, ideal for those who stay all day connected to the smartphone.

The screen is also considered his strong point, and large LCD ensures that the images of videos, series and even games are more sharp and vivid. It comes with 6.9 “inches, which ensures a sense of unparalleled immersion.

The cameras also contain a good quality resolution, and double back with 12MP + 5MP and 8MP front.

The Snapdragon 636 processor boosts performance, enabling faster action without crashes and running various types of applications.

It also comes in two versions of memory, RAM 4GB or 6GB and 64GB internal ou128GB.

Finally, the thin and light design of the Mi Max 3 makes it a compact giant, who prioritizes much fabric and greater portability.

What Xiaomi with lower price?

Now this option is for those who put the price first among the criteria for choosing a smartphone.

Since the brand is known for technological quality, you do not have to worry about Xiaomi opt for a cheaper, after all, even with the limited resources you have a cell of high performance and durability with this brand.

The Xiaomi with lowest price, but good quality of our ranking is the redmi GO.

It comes in memory of 1GB RAM option and despite its 8GB of internal storage, know that you can extend it with an SD card of up to 128GB.

Extremely compact, the GO has redmi screen 5 “inch, ultra-slim design and weighs only 278 grams.

Has a basic rear 8MP camera and a front 5MP, however, according to users, the image quality does not lack.

The battery is another great advantage of this model, which can reach up to 10 hours of standby time through its 3,000 mAh.

Your operating system is simplified, since the number of manufacturing applications is reduced to the essentials, so that you have more room to download the features that suit you even leave the smartphone faster.

It also allows the use of up to two chips simultaneously, in addition, as mentioned above, the use of an extra memory card.

The value comes less than US $ 1000, which makes the redmi GO, the Xiaomi with lowest price but high quality of our ranking.

4 Trivia brand Xiaomi

New in the market, compared to Apple and Samsung consecrated, the Xiaomi is a Chinese company that prioritizes technology combined with the accessibility of their products through a fair cost.

For those who do not know much about this brand that has stood out in the smartphone and other technological accessories market, we will present some facts about it, because its success among Brazilians.

Now that you know some of the history of the brand through these curiosities, be sure to bet on one of Xiaomi smartphones ranking to bring more modernity, technology and connectivity to their daily lives.

Harnesses and also provides the guide of the best smartwaches 2020, there you will also find a Xiaomi model compatible with these smartphones.

Best TV 4K (Ultra HD) 2020 – What Model Choose?

When thinking of TV of the future, has designed a merger between the face and sensory reality through image and sound resources, which transmit all sense of living what we watch.

With the launch of TV 4k we can say that this futuristic expectation is already a reality. Bringing innovative and unique features technologies, TV K4 overcomes major versions HD and Full HD, due to its high resolution and then, image quality.

Also known as TV UHD (Ultra HD), the 4K name is a combination of its potential compared to other TVs because it has four times more resolution than Full HD, for example.

This resolution takes place, due to the amount of pixels, dots of color that make up the images. In 4K, these numbers reach a total of 8,294,400, with 3840 horizontal x 2160 vertical.

Through this advantage in pixels, the distance at which you watch certain content also does not influence the image quality, however, use 4K on smaller screens is considered a waste of technology.

Learn more about this technological innovation knowing the main characteristics of the best TV 4K 2020.

Best TVs 4k 2020

Besides all quality 4K technology, the differences in features, design and cost benefits have these six best TVs 4k 2020.

As the industry enables better versions in electronics every launch, consumers accompany these innovations with more expectations and demands.

In order to meet the preference of the public and overcome competitors, these marks above enable the best in functionality with images as natural, which can be compared to reality with the naked eye.

TV 4k

No mistakes and regrets, your purchase will bring much satisfaction and enjoyment in applying some criteria for choosing the best TV 4k.

The main features that should be analyzed are the screen size, image quality, ports for cable connections and devices, connectivity, and system design.

Match them according to your needs, preferences and capabilities to acquire, no doubt is sure bet at the time of purchase.

Screen size

To achieve the greatest power in image quality and sound, TVs 4K need a screen which presents all of this resolution.

The larger the screen, the optimization of the pixels and therefore the lower screen available in 4K format is 40 inches.

Although the technology 4k enable perfect picture at any distance, for better ergonomics is recommended the following screen sizes for certain spaces:

Image Quality

All these models 4K TVs have up to Ultra HD resolution with four times more pixels than Full HD predecessor.

This amount of pixels allows a resolution comparable to real vision, for the details, sharpness and vibrant colors fidelizam images very tightly.

Best 4k TVs bring the total number of 8,294,400 pixels, which incredibly to exceed the limit that our eye has to stop them and tell them.

This means that to take advantage of all this amount of pixels it is imperative that your TV is 4K from 40 inches.


For added functionality and adaptation of various devices via cable or furniture, pay attention to the number of ports for USB and HDMI is extremely important.

Many antennas to cable or broadcast TV require specific entries and for this, prioritizing models with more ports can make all the difference in the resources of its 4K.

Some accessories that leverage the extra features games and music also need these entries.

Most of the ranking of the models have the amount 2-3 inputs HDMI and USB each.


Being launch segment, 4K TV comes with two connectivity features: cable and wireless (Wi-Fi).

Some models also have the Internet connection option via Bluetooth, which allows the sharing of the navigation data from a mobile device, for example.

In addition, according to the compatibility of devices such as Blu-ray and audio players, the connection between these systems can be made by a single or smartphone control.

Models like the LG 43UK6510 innovate by enabling access to the menu, just pointing Smart Magic Control, which works like a mouse and also goes by voice command.

Operational system

With available app stores, among other advantages, the most common systems of 4k TVs are the WebOS, Tizen and Android TV.

Some brands have unique systems, while others guarantee the advantage of greater compatibility with other operating company services, such as Android TV if it belongs to Google.


With versions increasingly minimalist and very thin screens, 4K TVs are perfectly suited to any space and decor.

Common in black, gray, silver and white, which is making all the difference in the design are the models with cable management.

With wires embedded in channels or on its own feet from the TV, this feature brings more subtlety and space optimization, because it does not expose all that tangle, who has just behind the emerging consumer electronics.

The curved screens also innovate in the category providing greater field of view and more contrast, not to mention the most modern and unique presentation.

Full Review of Best 4k TVs 2020

To facilitate your choice and make a lot of satisfaction in their purchase, we detail the main features of the best TVs 4k 2020, inclusive, based on the information of buyers and lovers of technology.

It is noteworthy that for the 4k meet all expectations in image quality and sound you need to provide suitable conditions for this purpose, such as a good internet connection and high resolution image settings.

Although some content open the TV and cable not available the 4K format, the Youtube platform, Netflix, Blue-Ray players and most modern video games already have titles with this resolution.

Soon, either by consumer demand as well as to accommodate and optimize the resources of these TVs, the content will meet this format in a higher proportion on TV channels and other access roads.

Smart TV LG 43″ 4K HDR Ativo 43UM7510

Best Tv 4K (Ultra Hd) 2020 - What Model Choose?

TV features 4K

Relying on resources of artificial intelligence, Smart TV LG 43 “4K HDR active 43UM7510 is modernity in the form of TV.

Voice recognition through its smart control magic, allows faster access, practical and easy to various communication and entertainment content.

With it you can do research without the need to enter information by control buttons, just approach it and speak clearly what you want in a few seconds to ensure the desired programming.

Images of Smart TV LG 43 “4K HDR Active 43UM7510 have over 8 million pixels, which ensures vibrant colors and detail ever closer to reality, including the feature 4K upscaler enhances even the low-resolution content.

The connectivity of this TV is another great advantage, after the 04 HDMI 02 USB 01 rf to open TV, 01 rf cable TV, 01 av / video input component 01 entry lan RJ45 and wifi enable you to connect Smartphone, keyboard or mouse to enter, navigate, even play with more quality.

Smart Tv Qled 4k Samsung 55″ Qn55q60

Best Tv 4K (Ultra Hd) 2020 - What Model Choose?

TV features 4K

With exclusive QLED display technology, Samsung Qn55q60 delivers 100% color volume of pictures, due to its quantum dots.

The look of Samsung Qn55q60 is cable-free, which makes their disposal even more practical and clean.

It even comes with a game mode, ideal for those who enjoy online games and want to take advantage of all soaking ability of technology 4k.

Another distinguishing feature of this Samsung option is the setting mode, which allows a “camouflage” screen, according to the panel or the bottom of the installed wall, making it the most integrated and modern place.

Samsung Qn55q60 comes with leading applications installed, such as Netflix, Youtube, FOX, Telecine, among others.

What is the best TV 4k 2020?

The best-selling category and with over a thousand positive evaluations only on Amazon, Smart LED 55 “Ultra HD 4K TV HDR Samsung LH55BENELGAZD also takes the first place in our ranking due to its many unique features and technology used.

Starting with the quality of your image, which has more than 16 million pixels in color, as well as high resolution 4k.

The 55-inch screen ensures optimal immersion feeling, similar to cinema quality.

Your Quad Core processor provides faster allowing a remote response time of 8 milliseconds.

With it you can also mirror the mobile content directly to screen, through its mirroring function.

And one of the great innovations of this version is its PIP (Picture-in-Picture), which ensures the simultaneous viewing of two programs.

The value of Smart TV LED 55 “Ultra HD 4K HDR Samsung LH55BENELGAZD is considered fair because of the variety it offers technology for the benefit of your home.

For all these features, including the popularity among the users, Samsung LH55BENELGAZD was voted the best TV 4k 2020 for Best Home.

What is the Best TV 4k for money?

An option full of features, including the possibility of control by artificial intelligence is the Smart TV LG 43 “4K HDR Active 43UM7510.

With a 43 “ideal size to keep every detail of your favorite content screen, this TV also has more than 8 million pixels, which ensures an image much sharper and closer to reality.

In addition, it is compatible with smart control magic, which enables the activation, search and selection of content by voice command, however, not with the product and must be purchased separately.

Another exclusive feature of this option is its 4K upscaler, which enhances any low-resolution content.

Already the LG 43UM7510 connection entries are numerous, it comes with 04 HDMI 02 USB 01 rf to open TV, 01 rf cable TV, 01 av / video input component 01 entry lan RJ45 and wi-fi, which allows connection of other accessories for games, music or typing.

Even with all these extra features and technical features, the LG 43UM7510 has a fair price, well below the models presented in this ranking.

In view of this and of all its quality, this is our TV option 4K money 2020.

What is the best TV 4k mark

Both for the variety of designs, sizes and features as well, for appearing in three versions in the ranking of 2020 Best 4k TVs, Samsung has been voted the best brand.

Approval of the buyers also leverages this preference, since most TV models bought and given in the online stores are from Samsung.

Samsung is the largest manufacturer in the world of televisions and in order to meet different audiences ensures numerous options, which differ by the values ​​and technological characteristics.

The operating system of Samsung’s 4K TVs is unique to the brand, the Tizen. This system supports multiple applications and easy to handle, in some versions of TVs also detects command gesture.

The share of TV signal to other devices via Bluetooth or wi-fi connectivity enhances the advantages of the brand.

Or in relation to money or the basic functions, extras and especially the recommendations of clients; buy the best TV 4k 2020 prioritizing a reputable brand like Samsung, can result in great satisfaction and a great use of time this essential electronics in our homes.