Notebook Samsung Odyssey: Still worth it? – Buy Manual

The market had a great gamer growing in recent years and with so many brands of computers had to adapt to this audience. Many people want a computer gamer, but for various reasons need a notebook, then emerged was that the models with visual settings and focused on that area. Samsung, one of the reference brands in various segments, introduced its first notebook gamer in 2017, devices that today, still remain good choices.

With the name of Samsung Odyssey, the notebook of the South Korean brand has great settings for games, a design that falls in like multiplayer and a price not very inviting, but unfortunately those who need a notebook has nowhere to run at this point, they will always be more expensive. Keep reading and find out more about this Samsung’s line of computers.

Notebook Samsung Odyssey: Still Worth It? - Buy Manual
Notebook Samsung Odyssey: Still Worth It? - Buy Manual

Design and finishing

Products for gamers is characterized by a very striking design and with many lights, then the Odyssey bet that a little bit. It is not ultra-different as some models that have very different shapes, but he has his touch “gamer” with a keyboard that has backlit in red and marked ASWD keys, LED skirting its large logo on the cover and also the touchpad, which has a shape of a parallelogram shape. These lights can be turned off, but you can not change the color.

Notebook Samsung Odyssey: Still Worth It? - Buy Manual

Its construction is plastic, which for many was a disappointment especially considering the price of the device. Nevertheless, the finish is well done and it conveys the idea of ​​being a very tough and durable product, but it is likely that this does not apply to falls or other non-common situations resistance. A point worth highlighting is that it has keypad, something very important and useful for many people.

In the bottom portion we have a “special” system for ventilation. Are two fans that generate cool air and make hot air is expelled by a large air outlet. A grid helps improve circulation also facilitates future upgrades that can be made, subject that we will comment later on.

Notebook Samsung Odyssey: Still Worth It? - Buy Manual

As starters, it has an HDMI output, a USB 3.0, two USB 2.0, multimedia card reader, exit to P3 headset (with integrated microphone) and Ethernet jack.

Different models and specifications

Samsung offers different models of this notebook for the public to have diversity to choose which is best for your needs. The changes are in the processor, amount of RAM, video card and type of storage (HD or HD and SSD). On the official website of the company in Brazil, there are five different models. See your specifications and differences:

overall performance

The Odyssey notebooks hardware have to face everyday applications and tasks a little heavier without any problems, but there is a small problem in five of the six models mentioned above: lack of SSD. A computer without SSD today can not show its performance, the applications appear to be choking the whole and with a certain usage time time you get to experience a slowdown. It is not lack of firepower, but limited by the hard drive that is even 7200 RPM to soften it. We are not saying that the experience is bad, but the hardware offered is certainly not even half of what you may have.

Remember when we talk about upgrade? Your back cover is easily removed and this facilitates the installation of memory and SSD. Today the price of SSD’s have plummeted so it’s really handy you have one even if it’s only 128 GB for the system, some games and most used programs. This kind of storage is up to 6x faster than a hard drive. Our tip is to buy a SSD (M.2) along with the chosen model (if it is part of that do not come with SSD) and do the installation, which is not difficult. For under $ 150 you can more than triple the performance of your notebook, improving the operating speed of the system as a whole.

Notebook Samsung Odyssey: Still Worth It? - Buy Manual

The battery life time depends on the type of task you are performing. In some tests with constant consumption of videos, she had an average duration of four hours. With tasks that require less and a controlled gloss, you can get beyond this number without difficulties. Games autonomy is much lower and you also get a great performance drop. Samsung’s software even offers a different type of optimization for when you are playing without the unit is plugged into the outlet, but the recommended is that in gambles use it to boot.

Gaming performance

Even though 2017 Odyssey models still do well in current games, managing to run most of them with a nice graphic quality and a decent FPS. The absence of an SSD again makes no difference here, especially regarding the delay time to open the game and load new maps and locations. Even with this detail, he still does well in several ways and should satisfy most users.

As there is no database of tests for all models, we have compiled some numbers that were test results from multiple users. Check out:

It is important to point out some things in these numbers. The first is that all tests were performed with notebooks in the making. We have already quoted here to play with it only in the battery drastically decreases their performance and load autonomy, then probably in less than three hours you need to go near an outlet. The second point is that these values ​​can vary depending on updates that games get some more specific settings and also at different times of the game in question. These values ​​should be used as a small base for the performance of some models, but for better stability in its gambling, it is recommended that many settings are not placed on the highest possible so the FPS rate will vary less.

Another point to run the games at ultra is that the unit has just heating up too much, and when we talk about a lot is much the same, and may reach 90 degrees in some situations. As the notebook gamers cooling system is adapted and improved compared to ordinary designs, it is still not entirely sufficient to maintain the apparatus in optimum temperatures in some instances. You’ll notice the high temperature consequences at times both in the game and in the hands own, if you are using the device keyboard itself.

Its display has a Full HD resolution and makes the experience of playing quite interesting. The colors are beautiful, the brightness is at the point and the contrast is well controlled. Even in the most expensive model, the screen does not have improvements as options with a higher refresh rate. Anyway, it is equipped with anti-glare feature and supports HDR.


The Odyssey line of notebooks are very interesting and for those who need a handset and want to invest in a gamer option, they must surely be considered among the possible choices. They manage a very interesting performance in most games (even if you can not play with the graphics at the most), and the day to day also gives the trick. Could be better with a SSD? For sure! But the brand said it has adapted to the Brazilian market to bring the options without this type of storage. Since he was released in 2017, already it makes sense that at the time, the SSD’s were not as accessible as they are today. Anyway, upgrading is not a task of this world and on Youtube is full of tutorials teaching to open and install the new components.

Overall it’s a nice and good machine. Prices charged in Samsung’s own store are half salty, but you will find cheaper in other stores. Anyway, as we have said earlier, it is difficult to run the item “high value” when it comes to facing gaming notebooks.

If the notebooks in this line are not what you were looking for, you can take a look at our list of indications gamers models.

10 mice baratinhos gamers that is worth buying – Purchase Manual

Need a new gamer mouse but money is short? Today we indicate 10 gamers mice that do not cost the eye of the face and deliver a cool performance for their games.

To choose a good model you need to be aware of the following characteristics:

DPI: The DPI is the standard used to measure the sensitivity of the mouse. When you change this parameter, the speed with which the arrow “walks” to move the mouse is changed, becoming faster or slower according to the chosen value. Gamers mice usually have different values ​​already programmed and some have option you customize it via software.

Footprint: Each person has a different kind of footprint and many mice are designed thinking of specific tracks. See the three most common types of footprint:

10 Mice Baratinhos Gamers That Is Worth Buying - Purchase Manual

Construction: A good construction is essential for you to feel comfortable in time to use the mouse, mainly because many people spend long hours in front of computer. Many models have more ergonomic shapes to help it, and even the weight is a factor to consider.

Additional buttons: Additional buttons (which are usually located on the side of the mouse) are very useful for you to make macros (shortcuts where you can assign actions). MMO players abuse this very function, simplifying many tasks.

LED: The LED is a characteristic of mice gamers, especially the RGB is the fan favorite. As we are talking about cheap mice, we can not demand super configurable LEDs in all mice, but many options in this list have those lights up and can be configured via software so that your whole setup be matched.

See the information we have prepared for you:

1º – Mouse G-Fire

10 Mice Baratinhos Gamers That Is Worth Buying - Purchase Manual

You want something basic in standard gamer? The G-Fire has the look and gamer, finger rest with ergonomic rubber and even LED RGB. You can choose from 60 different colors to customize this template. Its maximum DPI is 2800 and can be set to 4 different levels by a button located on the top. It also has “Shot” button, in addition to other two buttons on the side that can be used for macro. The negative side of this mouse is that you are at the mercy of the manufacturer settings, without any software to customize its parameters.

2 – Multilaser MO270

10 Mice Baratinhos Gamers That Is Worth Buying - Purchase Manual

This mouse has a design of Multilaser a little “different” from others. This is because the company has designed to be fully ergonomic, having to take a break from fingers to who gets a lot of time on the computer. He is not the prettiest option from our list, but has a very interesting price for those who want something more flashy and does not have much money available. This mouse has a 2400 DPI and two side buttons so you can make your macros. It also has a button on its top so that the DPI is changed instantly.

3º – Spider Tarantula Om-702 – Fortrek

10 Mice Baratinhos Gamers That Is Worth Buying - Purchase Manual

A simple click and without many advantages. Spider Tarantula has 2000 DPI, value that can be switched on settings established by the company and which are controlled by a button which is on top of the mouse. You can choose from 1000, 1200, 1600, or 2000 DPI. The mouse has a matte finish and a few red lights to give that look more gamer. It has two side buttons that can be used to make macros. The downside of this model is that despite the company’s promise to 12 million clicks, some users have reported that the mouse stopped working in very little time.

4º – Pro M7 RGB – Fortrek

10 Mice Baratinhos Gamers That Is Worth Buying - Purchase Manual

For those who want a very cheap model and RGB settings to Fortrek launched the Pro M7. It costs in the range of R $ 50 and an LED that can be configured in more than 16 million colors. He has some ready-DPI settings which can be adjusted on buttons on the top of the mouse, but you can also customize it and lighting profiles via the company’s software. This mouse has two side buttons for macro setting. The downside of this model is that some buyers complain that the settings in the software end up going back to the factory default each time the computer is turned off.

5º – M3 RGB – Fortrek

Another very interesting option Fortrek is the M3. This mouse features 4800 dpi and RGB lighting. Unlike many mice cheaper, these two items can be fully customized via the company’s software. It is suitable for FPS and has a very interesting footprint, fitting well in hand as both right-handed left-handed. He has dosi buttons on its top to control DPI preprogrammed’s and two side buttons that you can use to make macros. On the downside we highlight some problems in your configuration software. According to some reports, sometimes he did not even save the changes.

6º – Logitech G300S

This mouse from Logitech has a very interesting visual. He has six additional buttons, and all of them are at the top of the mouse. Two are located in the top center, and are used to control the DPI (going up to 2500) by up to three adjustable profiles. It has a small LED strip that is not RGB. Its shape is ergonomic and its edges are rubberized, so you have a good grip and also firmness when holding.

7 – Cobra M711 – Redragon

The Redragon is gaining its place among the peripheral lovers in Brazil with beautiful products, quality and very reasonable prices. Snake M711 is an example of this, he has PMW3325 sensor, braided cable and OMROM switches. It has two buttons on the side and three at the top. They are incredible 10,000 ECD that can be configured via software company. Oh, it’s not only the DPI can be adjusted there, this mouse has RGB lighting that can also be adjusted in the program offered by Redragon.

8º – Corsair Harpoon RGB 6000 DPI

For lovers of Corsair, the company also has a mouse option that is easily accessible to the less fortunate. The Harpoon has 6000 DPI and you can make your settings and store in a memory in the mouse itself. It has rubberized side grip to provide a firmer and more comfortable. The mouse has two side buttons for macro setting, and RGB LED, which can also be configured via software.

9º – Logitech G402

Logitech could not stay out of our list of cheap mice. The G402 is a very interesting mouse for those who make much use of additional buttons. That’s because it has five buttons on its side, which will help a lot especially MMO players. It has a slightly different standard design, but the company promises a great ergonomics. Its maximum DPI is 4000, which can be configured via software. On the downside we highlight the lack of RGB lighting (for those who like).

10º – HyperX Pulsefire FPS

HyperX is a famous peripherals brand that is known worldwide for its high quality. The company has a relatively affordable model for those who do not have a big budget when buying a mouse. The FPS has a Pulsefire pixart sensor 3310 and four DPI settings already ready and can be switched on a button that sits on its top. As its name says, it is more suitable for FPS, with a good ergonomic grip and 3200 DPI. It also has two side buttons that can be used for macro and braided cord for added durability. The downside of this model is that it does not have RGB lights.


The great competition to mouse market greatly benefits the consumer, who can find several quality models in many different prices. If you want to take a look at more expensive mice and more advanced features, we recommend that you take a look at our article with 10 gamers mice (no price limit).

What did you think of our information? Leave in the comments!

Review: Monitor Dell Alienware AW2518HF – Manual da Compra

Alienware is a famous brand among gamers and has been in business for over 10 years. His trademark was always create and powerful computer hardware and facing the games, but over time the company was expanding its list of products by investing in peripheral segment and related. Acquired in 2006 by Dell, the company now also manufactures mouses, keyboards and monitors to gamers. A monitor model that is gaining attention is the AW2518HF, facing the most demanding public.

This monitor has screen TN 24.5-inch Full HD resolution and essential settings for gamers as a high refresh rate, a low response time and technologies that improve gaming performance. Continue reading this review we find out a little more about AW2518HF!

Review: Monitor Dell Alienware Aw2518Hf - Manual Da Compra

AW2518HF: Design and finishing

Those already familiar with the Alienware products know that the company does not skimp when creating models with modern and well-flashy designs. With this monitor is no different, the company follows the current trend of screen use, avoiding thick edges and offering the consumer something very immersive. Another interesting factor of this type of design is that if you are working with more than one monitor, it is better still time to join them because of the very thin edges.

Review: Monitor Dell Alienware Aw2518Hf - Manual Da Compra

It has a finish with well-defined geometric shapes, which give a modern air to the unit. Your back does not have many details, the matte gray color is complemented only by the logo of the company. It has air vents to improve ventilation, which many may be confused with speakers, but no, it does not have this feature.

Review: Monitor Dell Alienware Aw2518Hf - Manual Da Compra

On the issue of connections the company did not skimp: are 2 ports HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort and four USB 3.0 connections type A (one with quick charging capacity) and output for audio.

Review: Monitor Dell Alienware Aw2518Hf - Manual Da Compra

Your support is a little big, especially at the base and can take a good desk space with 20 cm deep. Despite occupying a good space, you have full control of the movement of this monitor. The adjustable height reaches 48 cm and you can rotate it 25 degrees to either side or put it at 90 ° vertical. You can adjust up to 5 ° the monitor up, if necessary.

Review: Monitor Dell Alienware Aw2518Hf - Manual Da Compra

AW2518HF: Tela

The AW2518HF TN panel has a 24.5-inch size with an aspect ratio 16: 9. The level of brightness is 400 cd / m, ensuring totally sharp and very bright images, sometimes too much. most sensitive eyes can suffer from it, but you can make settings to suit the best scenario. One downside of this model is that it has reduced blue rays, so to get much playing time you may feel some kind of headache.

A TN panel is good for improving the performance attributes that are required for those who want to play at a high level, such as the response time. The cost of this is slightly distorted colors and not as vibrant. If you try to look at this monitor from other angles, you will see that the colors will change tone, something that does not happen in other types of panels. Overall the screen quality is very good and delivers everything needed for your audience.

AW2518HF: Performance in games

Now for the part that really matters in this monitor, which is his performance in games. This model has 240Hz refresh rate, which ensures that the monitor can monitor the most wattage settings for games, with the best video cards on the market. Even 144Hz already sufficient refresh rate for most players, who really wants to raise the level of their gambles for extreme feel the power of 240Hz in some heavier titles.

The high refresh rate is combined with the AMD-Free Sync feature, which synchronizes the rate with the game and prevents blurry images and even some cuts. The response time of this product is only 1 ms, so you will not have any delay in time to play. So many features make the games are rotated in a more “natural”, with minimal variation frames. To complete the company placed a full HD resolution (1920×1080), which is not the best resolution on the market, but is far from being bad.

For you have no doubt you are enjoying or not such a big amount of refresh rate, this monitor provides a monitoring feature in real time, showing the variation rate while you play. You can use some preset modes for games, those that change the color and temperature. The available modes are: FPS, RTS and RPG. Even a timer is available if you need to use in the middle of the games (hello speedrunners). Other various configurations are available for you to make the most of all that this monitor can provide.

AW2518HF: Conclusion

For those who are looking for a high quality gamer monitor, the Alienware AW2518HF is certainly a great choice! It is not as expensive for the settings that have and will surely be able to cater to the more hardcore audience. It’s a beautiful display, with a good finish and great specifications. Its design is very modern and is not as exaggerated as other products of the brand itself.

The screen quality is good, has a great brightness and decent colors for those who want to just play. If you need something more vivid and true, this certainly is not the best option. For those who do not need an option with higher resolution than Full HD model that can meet well and deliver a great gaming experience.

AW2518HF: Technical Specifications

If AW2518HF is still not what you’re looking for, take a look at our list of monitors gamers who have other indications. For those with short money, also prepared some indications of good and cheap monitors, as well as an article just facing good options for the job.

Dell G3 Analysis: Powerful Input Notebook From Dell – Buy Manual

Dell G3 Analysis: Powerful input notebook from Dell

Dell has a wide range of gamers notebooks on the market, those who are called “G-Series Line”. Launched in 2018, the line has different categories, those that are called G3, G5, and G7. Each of these has up to four different laptops, so the company can meet since that consumers who want something a little weaker to that hardcore player

Today we will talk about some of the G3 line, which is considered the “entry” option from the company’s notebooks. These devices find 9th generation processors (and you can choose between an I5 or I7), 8GB of RAM, up to three options for the video card, SSD storage, and more! Check out some details about the design, hardware, gaming performance, and other issues.

Dell G3 Analysis: Powerful Input Notebook From Dell - Buy Manual
Dell G3 Analysis: Powerful Input Notebook From Dell - Buy Manual

Design and finishing

Dell chose to bet on a more discreet look and nailed it. Some like to notebooks that really have the face of a gamer product, full of different shapes, details and lights, but it is much easier for you to please the general public with something that is “simple” and has a more elegant air, which is what we find here. Its housing is all plastic, something already expected for this line.

Your cover is all black with the symbol of Dell in the center, one that is blue. Two lines are smaller in lateral symbol, and this is the only detail that found here. The notebook format is not perfectly square, the edges that are near the hinge are slightly cut.

Dell G3 Analysis: Powerful Input Notebook From Dell - Buy Manual

Its interior follows the same pattern of simplicity the outside, without any detail. The keyboard has backlighting, which is also blue. Small blue lines bypass the touchpad and delimit the division of buttons, which are integrated. It is a smaller and lighter notebook that many market models, possessing 2.53 kg and measuring 38 x 25.8 x 2.27 cm.

Dell G3 Analysis: Powerful Input Notebook From Dell - Buy Manual

Keyboard, touchpad, entrances and exits of the notebook

Because it contains the numeric keyboard, the keys just got a little squeezed and are slightly smaller than the conventional one, it can be a little problem at first, but once you get used to it. The response of the keys is good and makes soft typing, not being a very deep keyboard. For use in common tasks until quiet, it is to be alone with the keyboard of the notebook, but already games recommend that you use an external keyboard. Oh, he has the international standard, so no C for us Brazilians. As previously mentioned, it is backlit. Markings on the AWSD keys are present so you can identify them more quickly in time to play (although not such a cool experience).

The touchpad has a good answer, but your click is a little hard, gives the feeling that’s heavy. Like the keyboard, with time you get used to, but it is nothing more than a resource for basic tasks. Here we have good accuracy and support for various gestures, but if you want to play or use in modeling programs, for example, it is better to invest in a good mouse.

Dell G3 Analysis: Powerful Input Notebook From Dell - Buy Manual

Altogether the G3 has 7 entries. On the right side, we have a standard SD card slot and a USB 2.0. On the left we have a USB Type C Displayport with alternative mode for video cards in 1650 and higher, an HDMI 2.0, USB 3.1 SuperSpeed, an Ethernet and last entry, entry headphone-microphone jack.

Different models and specifications

The G3 has three variations that are officially sold by Dell in Brazil. The changes between each model are the CPU, video card, and amount of storage. A curious case is that the company’s website you will find four models, but the difference from the first to the second is only operating system (the first comes with Windows) and the presence (or not) from other software such as Office or antivirus. There are some stores that sell laptops with some modifications in the storage (HD + SSD), so do not be surprised if you find models that do not follow the letter of the settings listed below.

Overall performance

The ninth generation of processors ensures optimum performance, be the i5 or i7. For a sense of comparison, in Benchmark tests the version with I5 made more than 16,000 points, increasing and the average score of input gamers notebooks (13 000). The difference between the two processors is considerable, but it’s not like change from water to wine. To be more exact, the I7 is on average 13% better than his younger brother.

Part of the great performance of this computer comes from your SSD’s that are NVMe. This type of connection provides speeds up to three times larger than a conventional SSD, which is already very fast. 8 Gb of RAM is sufficient for most common tasks, and most of the games, but if you work with editing, it might be better to upgrade to at least 16 Gb. Overall Any of the models meet and common tasks and can run some heavier applications without too many problems.

Gaming performance

The GTX 1050 is already a somewhat older model, and fitted to G3 notebooks have “only” 3 GB. Even so, they still manage to perform well in several games as long as you do not abuse the settings and wait for more than 100 FPS, for example. Then we see other devices with GTX 1650 and 1660 IT MaxQ, the one that is the most powerful of the series. Comparing the two, the 1660 can be up to 39% better overall, a very big difference, and can be seen to run some heavier games. Dell provides some test data made with three plates in their notebooks, check out:

All games were tested at high settings, so even with the GTX 1050, which is the weaker video card among the three models, you can get a good FPS rate if you settle in to play with graphics in the middle, which does not It ceases to be a good experience. These data may vary depending on recent updates of the games, specific configurations, and other issues, but overall you can have fun with various games. The SSD is a great ally in these gambles, it does not increase the FPS but it makes the game start faster, plus you be able to exchange maps or scenarios faster too.

Dell has an interesting software called Alienware Command Center. On it, you can perform various settings in the notebook, run their direct games there, set specific settings for each of these, monitor the use of the CPU, GPU, check the temperature, check battery health among other functions.

Speaking of temperature, your cooling system is quite efficient. Notebooks gamers reach high temperatures depending on the games that are running, but the problem is that in some cases you end up feeling quite so much in performance as physically (yes you feel when placing your hand on the device’s keyboard). Fans work very well to dissipate all the heat, but you’ll notice a noise that can be a little boring for some, because they will run at full speed.

Battery, Audio and Screen

The battery of this model is a very positive point and stands quite competitors. In tests with the brightness in half and continues browsing the Internet, and some videos running benchmark tests, he managed an average of 6 hours and 40 minutes of runtime, while other famous models little was after four hours. Of course, this time will vary widely depending on many factors, but already shows that for common tasks you can have a good time out of the socket. In games, such autonomy is halved, which is to be expected.

The audio of this unit is also a plus, being tall and well defined. You can use your speakers and have a certain sound quality, with medium and well-defined treble and a good record. In the Alienware Center Commander, you can do some settings for some parameters that are highlighted, which is pretty cool.

Its screen has 15.6 inches and has the resolution of Full HD. It has an IPS panel that delivers a good field of view and satisfactory quality. As we are talking about an entry gamer notebook, you can not require a super screen here, as this would greatly increase its price, but if you work with images and video editing, it may be better to buy an additional monitor to be good this type work because the color fidelity here is not nearly a strong point.


The certainty with the G3 line is one of the most attractive for those looking for some devices that are among some models a little more “basic”. Having a fairly recent processor is a very positive point, but perhaps Dell could have been a bit more generous when choosing a video card for the most basic model. one of the points that draw attention here is your battery, it really is well above the market average, including models with more powerful configurations. Overall you get a good performance in several games, but may have to sacrifice a point of settings on “high” for this.

As negative points, we mention your screen that does not have a good color fidelity or a high gloss. In addition, the storage of all notebooks cited here is very low because it only SSD, then you end up having to upgrade by adding another HD on their own, or look at other stores such variants .;

G3 line of notebooks are just some of the many gamers that exist in the market. If you want to see indications of models from other brands, you may be taking a look at this list we have prepared.

Review: Acer Predator Xb271Hu Monitor – Buy Manual

Acer Predator XB271HU Monitor

The market monitors gamers are growing every day due to the high demand that has been created in this segment. Companies are creating several models, with many different specifications, sizes, and technologies. For those seeking one of those with a slightly larger screen than the conventional, the Acer Predator XB271HU is a great choice!

It has a 27-inch screen with IPS panel and resolution WQHD. Of course, we could not miss the specifications that make a difference in games such as refresh rate of 144Hz, only 4 ms response time, G-Sync technology, and a very interesting design.

Review: Acer Predator Xb271Hu Monitor - Buy Manual

Is it worth investing in the big one from Acer? This is what we will find out now!

Design and finishing

The predator line is geared towards gamers and Acer is careful to emphasize that aesthetically in their products. The Acer Predator XB271HU has a large screen with very thin edges, giving an air of elegance and modernity to the monitor, and follow the current trend. When looking at the “feet” of it, this elegance goes away and comes the line aggressively.

Review: Acer Predator Xb271Hu Monitor - Buy Manual

In a V-shaped contrast, the feet have a futuristic design and is made of aluminum with a combination of black and red. They are very discreet and do not take up much desk space.

Review: Acer Predator Xb271Hu Monitor - Buy Manual

The back of the monitor does not have many details, the real highlight here is for your support. In the VESA standard format, it has a wide variety of settings, which facilitates the user to find a comfortable position for viewing. You can change its inclination, rotate in both directions, and adjust its height. In its support there is a small space for you to organize cables, it is very discreet and is somewhat “hidden”, but it’s there.

Review: Acer Predator Xb271Hu Monitor - Buy Manual

In a matter of connectivity, it has a DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4, four USB 3.0 connections (two back and two on the side), and a headphone jack. Another important point that we have to highlight here is that it has two speakers, then you may have direct audio on the monitor.

Review: Acer Predator Xb271Hu Monitor - Buy Manual


This monitor has a 27-inch screen with resolution 2560×1440, which is called WQHD, and 16: 9 ratio. The IPS panel delivers vibrant colors and a great brightness in addition to the advantage that you do not have some sort of distortion in the image when looking from different angles, which combines with its variety of settings. Of course, this type of screen has a greater lag than a TN panel, which is popularly used in their own models for games, but this difference is small and will probably not be noticed by most people.

The screen is good for gaming and also good to work with issues, as it has support for 100% of the sRGB color, making it a very versatile monitor. A negative point is its contrast, which is not very good, and dark environments, leaves black with gray. In terms of technical specifications, it has 108-pixel density, a contrast of 1000: 1, and a brightness of 350 nits. However, when buying this model, you need to make an adjustment in the colors and other settings as it comes not factory calibrated.

Gaming performance

This monitor has a refresh time of 144Hz, which although not the largest available on the market, is present in most models gamers senior. It’s enough to give a great user experience, making the game more fluid, anti-aliasing signals, “ghosts” or cutting images. The difference is more noticeable if you are coming from a monitor with the standard rate (60-75Hz). It will seem that everything happens faster, and this is the purpose of having an update faster.

Since it has an IPS panel, the response time is 4 ms, but even being greater than the time TN panels are capable of providing (typically 1 ms), it is still a very small lag, and the difference between these values ​​is practically imperceptible. It features G-Sync technology, making your video card works in sync with the monitor, even being able to make a small overclock the rate of upgrading, up to 165Hz.

The Acer Predator XB271HU also has other features like the Dark boost, which increases the visibility of dark areas within the games. Profiles for different types of games are also available, with the possibility that you create a custom. targeting settings for FPS games can be made, and the option to display information such as SPF or real-time refresh rate when gambling.


The Acer Predator XB271HU is a great choice for those seeking a high level of gamer model but also want the versatility to use it at work, for example. He has a great resolution, which when combined with the quality of your screen, vivid colors, and a good brightness, delivers a great result. The contrast leaves a little to be desired, but we do not have anything bad here, just is below the rest of the set level. Its gaming performance is great, giving a new experience to the user. Its price is a bit steep, but for those seeking a large screen, it ends up at about the industry average.


If this is still not the ideal monitor you seek, take a look at our list of monitors gamers to meet other market options.

Analysis Odyssey 2: The New Notebook Gamer Samsung – Buy Manual

Analysis Odyssey 2: The new notebook gamer Samsung

Samsung entered the notebook market gamers almost three years ago with the Odyssey line. As this market continues to grow every day to go, the South Korean company revealed the continuation of the line at the end of 2019, called Odyssey 2. The new releases come with a refined look, updated components, more power, and new features.

Read on to learn all about this new line of Samsung that promises to compete with the best in the market.

Analysis Odyssey 2: The New Notebook Gamer Samsung - Buy Manual
Analysis Odyssey 2: The New Notebook Gamer Samsung - Buy Manual

Design and finishing

This line comes to take the place of the Odyssey, so it provides improvements in several aspects, including construction, workmanship, and design. The first evolution that we can see now is that the carcass is finally made of metal. Besides giving a modern air and luxury (a category that this device fits) finally consistent with the high prices charged in this type of apparatus. A generation ago, the company invested in the plastic as a material for the casing of the notebook gamers, something that did not please the fans.

Analysis Odyssey 2: The New Notebook Gamer Samsung - Buy Manual

In a matter of design, we now have a product a little more minimalist. The “boxy” shape remains, but now without so many super flashy details and sometimes not make much sense when we looked the Odyssey as a whole. The backlit keyboard continues beyond the numerical and even Brazilian standard (yes we will C), but the touchpad now back to the traditional square shape, with a slightly matte color. The screen has very thin edges and follows the new generation, while its hinge is now located in the center, which gives more space for cooling.

Analysis Odyssey 2: The New Notebook Gamer Samsung - Buy Manual

The logo on the device cover continues and now we have a little one in your front (above the keyboard). The company also announced improvements to the unit’s cooling system, which now has 15% more volume of air with their fans “Jet Blade”. In the previous line, it was not hard to see the device reaching up to 90 degrees in some games.

Analysis Odyssey 2: The New Notebook Gamer Samsung - Buy Manual

Importantly, this model is thinner than the above and is not very heavy, having 2.5 kg. We can not forget to talk about their entries. It has an HDMI, a USB Type C, 3 USB 3.0 ports, one for P3 headphones, and the Ethernet input. All models feature Bluetooth 5.0.

Different models and specifications

As usual, Samsung offers the line in different configurations so you can reach different audiences. The changes in processors, RAM, storage, and video card prevail, but now we have a new feature: the best screen in more models “stocky”. If you opt for the more expensive model will have a screen with a 144 Hz refresh rate! Check out the details of the three options sold in Brazil:

Overall performance

As notebooks are gamers, your settings are very high for everyday tasks, so that these are not a problem and even heavier programs like photo editing or video. A “problem” that the old line had not yet fully exterminated here is the lack of SSD on all models. Inline Odyssey 2017, the five models that came to Brazil only one was already equipped with SSD, and that kind of storage makes a difference today. A notebook with 8GB of RAM, GTX 1650 and ninth generation of i5, which is the model more “basic” this line, still feel choking and slowness in everyday use by the lack of this type of storage. This model is still limited to the HD 5400 RPM, which these days is not recommended even for models as “luxurious”.

The positive side is that the three notebooks launched here, two have come with SSD, one of them even having the NVMe version, which is faster than average. Another positive point is that the price of SSD’s today is very affordable, so though it may be a Samsung error that does not have everyone with this type of storage is cheap you buy a separate piece and easy to install, since it counts with a slot dedicated to it. The two models with this type of storage present a fantastic performance, this thanks to the large amount of RAM that Samsung put, making you feel no choking application or even fighting.

The battery is still a “problem” in notebooks gamers, in quotes, because those who purchase this type of product should be aware that these have long durations equal to conventional models. The more powerful the machine, the more energy will be sucked and this was reflected here. In tests, the notebook with the RTX 2060 hard card between three and four hours on tasks such as surfing the internet and videos constantly playing, all with maximum brightness. Autonomy will vary according to your use and settings of time, but do not expect a lasting battery as well.

Gaming performance

As this notebook is very recent and with a high price, yet there are many tests with all versions, most of the reviews to the most expensive model, which has the RTX 2060. See a table set up some gathering data from multiple tests:

The input and intermediate versions do not yet have many test data on available games. For the most basic model, we find some demonstrations showing the GTA 5 reaching 100 FPS with graphics on high, CS: GO reaching over 200 FPS with graphics too high and Shadow of the Tomb Raider reaching 60 FPS with graphics in the middle. It is worth noting that all the values ​​shown here may change depending on specific settings that the user chooses to do, different versions of the game, and update different gaming moments. Moreover, all these data were tested with the device into the socket. You can even use it for games without being connected to energy, but lose much of their performance and the battery will last up to two hours.

Samsung has a software called “control Odyssey”, where you can configure various aspects of the notebook between them view the game (the screen changes colors and shades for different types of games like FPS, RTS RPG, and others), Dolby Atmos giving a volume gain in the audio without losing hardly any quality, see performance information, create new profiles and more. But the main feature is the “Beast Mode”, which gives a brush up on device performance for gaming. You must be thinking “there’s that bullshit to supercharge game when in fact does not give any difference” right? In this configuration the gain is real, reaching up to 20 FPS in some games, because it increases the frequency of the processor and video card, elevating them almost to their limits. Thus, obviously the temperature will increase, so the fans will also gain more power.

Speaking of temperature, here the games continue reaching high temperatures recorded between 90 and 100 degrees in some cases. The positive side is that the fans can do a great job and refrigerate well, next to the air vents. Unlike the first line of this notebook, now the two fans are located on the device side, managed to dissipate heat better and not let them concentrate near the most used keys (AWSD), something that happened frequently in the Odyssey and it was complaints target of users.


In basic and intermediate models, we have a 15.6-inch screen with anti-reflective and feature an IPS panel with Full HD quality. The colors have a great tone, the contrast is well regulated and the brightness is considerably stronger. It’s a good screen that is there in the way and is not the best possible for those who work in areas where color fidelity and other aspects are extremely important and not the perfect choice for the most demanding gamers. Anyway, you can set it to present the best possible result in accordance with your requirements.

The most expensive model, consumers end up getting a screen with the specifications mentioned above and a frequency of 144 Hz refresh rate, with the G-SYNC feature, which synchronizes the RTX 2060 with the display rate to avoid flicker and serrated during the games.


Even in its most basic configuration, the Odyssey 2 line has hardware and powerful and current. The positive side of the apparatus is easy to upgrade some items such as memory and storage, high very important especially for the model that does not come with SSD (which should already be the rule today, right owner Samsung?). It is good to note that devices are not cheap, but for those looking to invest in a gamer notebook will have to deal with it in any desired option because this segment will never have cheap models.

It is remarkable the progress that Samsung has done since their first releases of gaming notebooks on the market, even if still falling short in some spots as significantly improve the battery and not very competitive with rival models in the issue price. Anyway, keep an eye on promotions if you want to purchase an Odyssey 2. If you want to take a look at the first line of the South Korean brand, can check out our review of the Odyssey, with notebooks that even after almost three years of release, they are still very interesting.

Review: Acer Monitor Gn246Hl – Manual Purchase

Acer Monitor GN246HL

The GN246HL is a bet Acer to deliver something “simple”, with quality and at an affordable price. Aimed at the gamer market, this monitor has very interesting specifications and cost-effective.

It features a 24-inch screen with full HD resolution and TN panel. The best part is when it comes to your specifications that will help our games. A refresh rate, only 1 ms response time will give a good performance for the most demanding gamers who are on a low budget.

Sure to be a cost-effective option, this model ends up should in some respects, then check out a little review to see if it is worth or not to invest in Acer GN246HL.

Review: Acer Monitor Gn246Hl - Manual Purchase

Design and finishing

Acer has not invested a lot to make a display with super design different or flashy here, but this is not the proposal of GN246HL. It is made with a very durable plastic, with a finish and gives the sensation of being very durable. In front we have the edges that are not exaggerated, but are also not thin, as follows the current trend monitors.

Review: Acer Monitor Gn246Hl - Manual Purchase

Their support is also very simple in the format of X and can handle well the monitor. A positive point is that it does not occupy much space on the table. On your back also we do not have any detail, just the logo on the top side of ACER. It has inputs for VESA support and is a lightweight device. The only type of adjustment you can make is on the slope.

Review: Acer Monitor Gn246Hl - Manual Purchase

Speaking of starters, let’s talk about the connections that this device has. Acer GN246HL only delivers the basics and need to stay within a good price. This is an HDMI 1.4, DVI-D, VGA, and output to 3.5m, headphones, or speakers to headphones, since he does not have speakers.

Review: Acer Monitor Gn246Hl - Manual Purchase


As we have said in other reviews, you can not expect an amazing picture quality TN panels, it is not the main goal of this type of screen. Here we have the same “problem” of other gamers monitors with TN, which is a good image in a front angle, but to try to look from different sides, the image is not strange and without any quality. We put “problem” in quotes rightly so, as it is aimed at gamers you are expected to always be in front of the screen, then this deformation from other angles will not be very impressive.

Review: Acer Monitor Gn246Hl - Manual Purchase

It has a color depth of 8 bits and covers 95% of the sRGB color gamut. The image is clear, sharp, but the colors do not impress. Its contrast ratio is not high, so at times (especially if you are playing in a dark room), you may notice that the blacks are gray.

It has a Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080) has a decent pixel density, then it is likely that you are not able to distinguish them individually. This resolution is also enough for you to run the games in excellent quality.

Another very important feature that was missing here was some sort of filter blue light or even Flicker Free. These technologies are responsible for letting the long routines forward des monitors less tiring and harmful to our eyes.

Performance in games

This monitor does very well in games within their limitations. For those who are departing from a monitor with a 60Hz refresh rate, for example, instantly notice the difference for this, which has 144Hz. The picture is more fluid, giving the feeling that the game is “faster”. With this, you will not have problems with the so-called “ghosts”, serrated or even images cuts.

His response time is only 1 ms, so here we have nothing to comment on because it is the shortest time possible. What gives to miss this model is the lack of a feature type the Free Sync, which makes your video card and monitor work in sync to further enhance the gaming experience. Although a 144Hz option cheaper, most of the competitors have this feature.

He has the BVIDIA 3D light boost which when combined with the 3D Vision Kit, also from NVIDIA, displays 3D images in better quality. It’s a nice feature, but face it, few people will use it and with a very low frequency. He has the OnScreen, so you can make various settings in the device’s image, but is somewhat limited.


Acer GN246HL is the monitor more “basic” possible that you can get inside the home of 144Hz. It is a model for a gamer who really wants to get out of the house of 60-75 Hz, but without spending too much, and it will have to give up some other features that are very interesting. The picture quality is good and it delivers a good gaming performance, all within the measured by the price charged.


The 10 Best Mouse Pads In 2020 – Purchase Manual

The 10 best mousepads in 2020 – Purchase Manual

You are looking for good mouse pad gamers to rock in their online games? Enough to be losing sight because your mouse is not sliding well, today we indicate 10 excellent models of mouse pads for you!

Separate options for all tastes, from small models, medium models, extra-large, options with more rigid surfaces, and even mousepads with RGB, so you can sync with the rest of your peripherals.

Here are some tips to choose a great mouse pad:

Now here are some notes:

1. Exbom MP 7035C

The 10 Best Mouse Pads In 2020 - Purchase Manual

For those seeking a mouse pad input gamer, this model is an interesting option. It features a rubberized non-slip base, and has sewn edges Nylon. Its size is enough to put the keyboard and mouse and it has 70cm x 35cm measures.

2. Redragon Suzaku Extra Large

The 10 Best Mouse Pads In 2020 - Purchase Manual

The Suzuku is one of those giant mouse pads that cover almost the whole table. This model is a great cost/benefit of Redragon and has its surface made of raw silk fabric, giving a great movement for the mouse and comfort for your wrists. It is waterproof and easy to clean, in addition to having non-slip rubber. Its overall size is 80 cm x 30 cm.

3. Corsair MM200

The 10 Best Mouse Pads In 2020 - Purchase Manual

The MM200 is a very good mouse pad Corsair and has a super affordable price. Its surface is cloth and offers a great slip, being optimized for gaming sensors. Its edges are sewn together, which gives more life and has non-slip rubberized feet to keep it always fixed wherever you are.

4. Corsair MM300 Small CH

The 10 Best Mouse Pads In 2020 - Purchase Manual

This mouse pad from Corsair has a smaller size, for those looking for something compact in a more “normal” size. The material in this model is quite sturdy and its edges are stitched for durability. It is a good option for those looking mouse pad accurately and quickly in time to slide the mouse. Its bottom has a non-slip rubber, which ensures that it stays in place on your computer desk.

5. HyperX Fury S Speed

The 10 Best Mouse Pads In 2020 - Purchase Manual

Slightly larger than the model cited Corsair, this mouse pad carries in its DNA the quality of peripherals HyperX. It is the Speed ​​category, has sewn edges and a very uniform surface, to provide a great slide. Also, your fabric is very soft, which is very good for your wrists.

6. Redragon Epeius, RGB, Speed

If you want a mouse pad RGB, but do not have much money to invest in more expensive models, the Redragon are here to help you! The Epeius is a model focused on speed that has RGB lighting in their edges, with up to three different ways. It has a touch button so you can change these modes, plus easy customization by software offered by the company.

7. Logitech G240

With an ultra-thin thickness, this model Logitech has many fans thanks to its cost/benefit. It has the classic size, with measurements of 28cm x 34 cm, and is done in a consistent tissue and moderate friction surface, good for low DPI settings. If you have a Logitech mouse will benefit even more, since it is adapted to the sensors of these models.

8. Razer Goliathus Terra Speed

If you like a great mouse pad, Razer has prepared an interesting well in the category Speed. The Goliathus has a fabric that is stretched, creating a flat surface, and allowing the mouse to slide smoothly quickly. He has sewn edges for a better life and a size of 44,4cm x 35,5cm.

9. Razer Vespula V2

Like the MM600 already mentioned here, this mouse pad from Razer has two faces, one for control and accuracy, with more texture rough, and one for speed, with a smoother texture. The spread of this model to the Corsair is that it also has palm rest, something very useful for those wishing to spend long hours in front of a computer. Their surfaces are non-slip.

10. Goliathus Chroma

An option with RGB Razer Goliathus is the chroma, which brings the great advantage of the possibility of synchronization of illumination colors of this mouse pad with other peripherals via Razer Synapse. It is made with a micro-textured surface, with a great performance for those looking for speed, Although he is RGB, it is not rigid as other models, so flexibility is also a plus point here.


The mousepads are just part of the set of peripherals you need to have a good gamer setup. If you also want some suggestions for other equipment to your computer, you may be taking a look at other lists that we have prepared. It has mice, keyboards, monitors and headsets.

Top 10 Gamer Chairs To Buy In 2020 – Purchase Manual

Top 10 gamer chairs to buy in 2020

Having a good chair is a piece as important as having a good computer because it is there that you will leave your body all the time you are using the computer or playing. We take extra care with their health, in addition to seeking greater comfort, so the Purchase Manual prepared a list of 10 models of chairs gamers who are great options in 2020.

Usually, gamers chairs have a look a little more flashy and stand out of office models, for example, for its wide range of settings (and higher price). To many, it may seem an investment “useless” but long-term guarantee that your spine will thank you a lot!

We separated 10 models, then you will find more basic options, which consequently have less adjustments and are cheaper to older chairs with the most different functions and an incredible build quality! See our guidelines below.

1. Mymax M × 0

Top 10 Gamer Chairs To Buy In 2020 - Purchase Manual

The cheapest and simple gamer chair of our list is the Mymax, a brand that has several different models to meet the largest possible number of consumers. This model has a great construction, metal frame, and synthetic leather upholstery PU. How is a simpler option, it only has height adjustment, so you can not make adjustments in your arms or inclination, for example. It’s a very comfortable gamer chair that meets the requirements and the price that is sold.

2. PCYes Mad Racer STI Master

Top 10 Gamer Chairs To Buy In 2020 - Purchase Manual

For those who are looking for models with a more affordable price, PCyes has some interesting options. The Mad Racer STI is “cheap” and offers a great quality construction with padded jackets that give the same comfort in gambles and several hours. The mechanism “tilt” causes her to accompany the body inclination whenever you need to relax, and also have height adjustment via a gas piston.

3. Mymax MX7

Top 10 Gamer Chairs To Buy In 2020 - Purchase Manual

The MX7 is one of those chairs that have a very strong structure, so it can handle up to 150 kilos. The company only specifies the structure of the chair is made of metal, but without saying what materials are used for the upholstery. This model has two pads, one for the back and one for the neck, those that can be removed if the user desires. It has settings of its height and also tilt back.


Top 10 Gamer Chairs To Buy In 2020 - Purchase Manual

One of the most celebrated market chairs is the TGC12 model, which is very comfortable and has a good range of settings. She has a full detail design, coated upholstery in high-quality PU, has small pillows for back and neck, those that can be removed if you wish. Its armrests are adjustable, and also have adjustments for height and inclination of the backrest.

5. ThunderX3 BC3

Top 10 Gamer Chairs To Buy In 2020 - Purchase Manual

The BC3 is a model that has pretty good options aesthetically, the main with a finish in military camouflage that will give a totally different air in your room. In addition, it also features AIR Tech, construction that allows greater breathability, so it is always fresh and very pleasant, even if you spend hours and hours sitting. Its backrest is adjustable up to 180 °, in addition to balancing system and height control.

6. Master LED GT15 – DPX

They found that the chairs gamers would escape the famous LED? This option of DPX is a chair gamer that has built-in LEDs, all to give an even nicer to your room. Your Upholstery is in nylon and PU, as well as having an overall slope, so you can even sleep in the chair if you need and height adjustment via pressure. It has abutments for the lower back and neck that can be removed.

7. DT3sports Elise

Surely you ever seen a chair DT3 around, since they are one of the reference brands in this market. The model “Elise” is a good choice that combines good design and quality, with its whole structure made of steel and seats with injected foam. The height of the chair can be controlled via pressure, and also have an option for tilt adjustment. It has the balance function and two pillows included, which can be removed as needed.

8. DXRACER Nex (OK134/N)

The DxRacer is one of the best and most famous chairs brands in Brazil, mainly among gamers. Their models are not so cheap, but the Nex is part of the line more “accessible” of the company. It has coverage based on PU and nylon, with a great building and finishing, then it is a model that lasts long. its height may also be adjustable, in addition to controlling the inclination and set to 170 ° in their arms. The Nex also has neck and lumbar pillows that can be removed whenever you want.

9. ThunderX3 Yama1

The Yama1 is a model slightly different from most gamer’s chairs since its design is all based on AirTech design, which arrested by the user breathability. It has strategically flexible zones, which help to improve posture and give comfort to the user. Both lumbar support as the head is adjustable, so you can find the best settings for good ergonomics. The lever allows to adjust the backrest between 90 ° and 135 °, and also have a mechanism for adjusting the tension of this abutment.

The most expensive model in our list is our Iron Footrest, the DxRacer. This chair has an excellent construction, with bases in aluminum and covered polyurethane and PVC details. It has a durable finish and of course, it is quite durable. You can make adjustments in your inclination, height, and even the arms, which are fully adjustable. Their difference is that it also has a back leg, then just leave and relax. It has support for the back and one for the neck and shoulders, all removable.

Review: Benq Monitor Zowie Rl2755 – Buy Manual

BenQ Monitor ZOWIE RL2755

The Zowie is a benchmark for gamers monitors, especially when it comes to high-performance products, focused on the esports. They have a few options that are more geared for FPS games, which are those belonging to the XL line. For those who like to play on the console, the company also prepared special models, in line RL, as in the case of BenQ ZOWIE RL2755.

This model features a 27-inch screen with full HD resolution! His panel is TN, it has only 1 ms response time and 60Hz refresh rate. There is a model with high parameters, but it also has an affordable price and delivers a great performance, and also can be used as a monitor for your computer.

Does the BenQ ZOWIE RL2755 worth the investment? This is what we find out now!

Review: Benq Monitor Zowie Rl2755 - Buy Manual
Review: Benq Monitor Zowie Rl2755 - Buy Manual

Design and Finishing

The design of this monitor is very simple, but with some functional features. Aesthetically speaking, the matte black gives no super flashy charm to the product, and back have geometric shapes that are somewhat common in the line models. Your support is simple and functional, taking up very little desk space.

Review: Benq Monitor Zowie Rl2755 - Buy Manual
Review: Benq Monitor Zowie Rl2755 - Buy Manual

The first feature of this model is a folding support for headsets, on your back. We know that immersive experience with headphones is extremely important in gambling, so the company thought of a feature so that you can “save” your pair of headphones on the monitor itself.

Review: Benq Monitor Zowie Rl2755 - Buy Manual

It also has a small triangular base that sits on its front and serves to support you with the controls on your game. It is made of a rubber that does not let them slip. Although do better with the triggers of the joysticks PS4, it also fits nicely Xbox One, supporting up to two controls.

It features tilt adjustments, up to 15 degrees back or 5 degrees forward, and only! This is a negative point of this model, as many other competitors offer various types of regulation. On the issue of connectivity, it has two HDMI 1.4 ports, one DVI-D port, and a VGA port. Inputs for headphones, of course, are also included here. This monitor also features two speakers.

Gaming performance

As we have said, this monitor is designed to be used on consoles, however much it may be used in computers as well. It has 27 inches, which on an island does not seem to be great, since you will be farther from the screen in most cases. His panel is TN and resolution Full HD. The response time is only 1 ms and the refresh rate is 60Hz, 75Hz can get overclocked.

The TN panel is widely used in monitors geared for gaming because it can have a response time smaller, but the cost of this is not as vivid colors and image distortion when viewed from other angles. As is expected that the player always gets to the front of the monitor, the last point does not matter so much if you will use this monitor to just play. The colors here are ok within the limitations and brightness satisfactory. Its contrast ratio is not high and leaves to be desired in many instances.

The big question here is, even using a TN panel, this monitor does not reach a high refresh rate, since 60 is a number that means standard in any model (being gamer or not). Since he has this rate, maybe the company could have used an IPS panel to improve the quality of the colors, end the display problem from different angles and also improve the contrast, and yet would keep 60-75Hz. The response time could increase a little, maybe 1 ms to 5 ms, but this is hardly noticeable.

Overall the gaming experience is good, the screen size and resolution help is great. Speaking of resolution, remember we talked about that you can go to 74Hz refresh rate overclocked? But to do this, you need to decrease the resolution, so it may not be a good deal.

He has ways of predefined games, as some presets for fighting games, RTS, FPS, and others. These modes change the monitor configuration in terms of brightness and colors, so you can adapt to the chosen type of game. The company even called a famous player games scenario struggle to assemble an ideal setting for these.

The black eQualizer technology is also available, it adjusts the display range enough for you to see enemies in dark places. This adjustment is done only in dark areas, so do not have to worry about leaving the monitor an area with much shine yet.


The BenQ ZOWIE RL2755 is a great monitor and has a very nice price. These models are a bit more focused on the islands are not popular, so it is worth giving attention to this. He has a great resolution is big, beautiful, has useful features, and does well in performance with games. The biggest stumbling block to buy this model is its low refresh rate, when compared to some competing models, it can be a deciding factor in the purchase.


You can also take a look at other models of monitors gamers on our list of indications. We also have some suggestions on cheaper monitors and others focused on the job.