Previous Winners

These projects won previous editions of the Best Research and Practice Project Award:

2015 – Kim Schildknaap and her team

The Data Team Procedure for Professional Development and School Improvement.
Read the interview with Kim Schildknaap and her colleagues here!

2014 – Alberto Cattaneo and his team

Using mobile technologies for helping apprentice chefs to assemble learning experiences from various arts and places – a project of the Leading House “Dual-T – Technologies for vocational training”

Read the interview with Alberto Cattaneo here. The research report is available online here.

Interested in the elevator pitches of all 2014 nominees, click here.

2013 – Annette and Geoff Hilton and their team

Proportional reasoning as a key to numeracy across the curriculum: A collaborative practitioner-research based project

Read the interview with Annette and Geoff Hilton here. More about the project, you can find here.

2012 – Luc Nijs

The Music Paint Machine. An embodied constructivist approach to technology-enhanced instrumental music instruction

Read the interview with Luc Nijs here. More about the project, you can find here.