Benq Monitor Zowie Rl2755

Review: Benq Monitor Zowie Rl2755 – Buy Manual

BenQ Monitor ZOWIE RL2755

The Zowie is a benchmark for gamers monitors, especially when it comes to high-performance products, focused on the esports. They have a few options that are more geared for FPS games, which are those belonging to the XL line. For those who like to play on the console, the company also prepared special models, in line RL, as in the case of BenQ ZOWIE RL2755.

This model features a 27-inch screen with full HD resolution! His panel is TN, it has only 1 ms response time and 60Hz refresh rate. There is a model with high parameters, but it also has an affordable price and delivers a great performance, and also can be used as a monitor for your computer.

Does the BenQ ZOWIE RL2755 worth the investment? This is what we find out now!

Review: Benq Monitor Zowie Rl2755 - Buy Manual
Review: Benq Monitor Zowie Rl2755 - Buy Manual

Design and Finishing

The design of this monitor is very simple, but with some functional features. Aesthetically speaking, the matte black gives no super flashy charm to the product, and back have geometric shapes that are somewhat common in the line models. Your support is simple and functional, taking up very little desk space.

Review: Benq Monitor Zowie Rl2755 - Buy Manual
Review: Benq Monitor Zowie Rl2755 - Buy Manual

The first feature of this model is a folding support for headsets, on your back. We know that immersive experience with headphones is extremely important in gambling, so the company thought of a feature so that you can “save” your pair of headphones on the monitor itself.

Review: Benq Monitor Zowie Rl2755 - Buy Manual

It also has a small triangular base that sits on its front and serves to support you with the controls on your game. It is made of a rubber that does not let them slip. Although do better with the triggers of the joysticks PS4, it also fits nicely Xbox One, supporting up to two controls.

It features tilt adjustments, up to 15 degrees back or 5 degrees forward, and only! This is a negative point of this model, as many other competitors offer various types of regulation. On the issue of connectivity, it has two HDMI 1.4 ports, one DVI-D port, and a VGA port. Inputs for headphones, of course, are also included here. This monitor also features two speakers.

Gaming performance

As we have said, this monitor is designed to be used on consoles, however much it may be used in computers as well. It has 27 inches, which on an island does not seem to be great, since you will be farther from the screen in most cases. His panel is TN and resolution Full HD. The response time is only 1 ms and the refresh rate is 60Hz, 75Hz can get overclocked.

The TN panel is widely used in monitors geared for gaming because it can have a response time smaller, but the cost of this is not as vivid colors and image distortion when viewed from other angles. As is expected that the player always gets to the front of the monitor, the last point does not matter so much if you will use this monitor to just play. The colors here are ok within the limitations and brightness satisfactory. Its contrast ratio is not high and leaves to be desired in many instances.

The big question here is, even using a TN panel, this monitor does not reach a high refresh rate, since 60 is a number that means standard in any model (being gamer or not). Since he has this rate, maybe the company could have used an IPS panel to improve the quality of the colors, end the display problem from different angles and also improve the contrast, and yet would keep 60-75Hz. The response time could increase a little, maybe 1 ms to 5 ms, but this is hardly noticeable.

Overall the gaming experience is good, the screen size and resolution help is great. Speaking of resolution, remember we talked about that you can go to 74Hz refresh rate overclocked? But to do this, you need to decrease the resolution, so it may not be a good deal.

He has ways of predefined games, as some presets for fighting games, RTS, FPS, and others. These modes change the monitor configuration in terms of brightness and colors, so you can adapt to the chosen type of game. The company even called a famous player games scenario struggle to assemble an ideal setting for these.

The black eQualizer technology is also available, it adjusts the display range enough for you to see enemies in dark places. This adjustment is done only in dark areas, so do not have to worry about leaving the monitor an area with much shine yet.


The BenQ ZOWIE RL2755 is a great monitor and has a very nice price. These models are a bit more focused on the islands are not popular, so it is worth giving attention to this. He has a great resolution is big, beautiful, has useful features, and does well in performance with games. The biggest stumbling block to buy this model is its low refresh rate, when compared to some competing models, it can be a deciding factor in the purchase.


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