Black Ops 4 Sevonfold Zombies

This doesn’t even seem like CoD anymore.

It’s a new story with new characters that doesn’t tie into the 113 universe we know and love because this game wasn’t even supposed to be made and shouldn’t have been made. It’s trash banking on the black ops name and a video game fad we know as battle royale.
They don’t listen to their fans anymore and make what THEY want to make because THEY think THEY know what we want but THEY don’t know shit. It’s sad but CoD is dieing

Granted there has been a bit of ridiculous elements in the previous games, and I’m all for that, but this seems totally out of place.

Why not make a new game using these ideas instead of continuing the same franchise?
I figured it didn’t have to do anything with the old campaigns, it just seemed like a stretch to me to relate more things to zombies and be in a CoD environment.
They removed campaign for Blackout. So I do agree, this shouldn’t have been continued as a franchise and just turned into it’s own game. They literally could have named their new game “Blackout”
This is not call of duty, they should change the name of the series. The reason they won’t is because they will not make money as another franchise.
They’re gonna be so embarrassed when they realize they accidentally labeled in call of duty. You should send them an email before they send it out
So I’m going to assume these guys are going to be forgotten like the Shadows of Evil cast, this map will have something to do with the Original Survivor traveling through dimensions and there’s a piece here that involves something for that cyrotube that had Misty in it.
All maps no matter how bad it was for the eather story line was a vital part and without shadows of evil literally none of black ops 4 could have happened without them and their dwindling with the shadow man and Richthofen coming to take the key from them