COD Black Ops 4 Battle Royal

Battle Royale. Really spicing up the game play, if Fortnite Battle Royal(nothing more satisfying then thinking you’re gonna get a kill and seeing a 5 star hotel pop up instead) wasn’t already a thing with a more distinct identity.


For a royale game, I don’t think gameplay video gives people the information they’re looking for, unlike most other new games.

You’re not really releasing a new game, you’re throwing your hat in with a new version of Battle Royale.

What people actually want to see is the mechanics of the system and how it plays.

Is there an inventory to maintain much like pubg? Or are you just picking up brightly colored weapons off the ground like fortnite? Those are the questions that immediately pop into my head when I see this ad, and I’m instantly disappointed with a cut together hyperedit action scene rather than someone explaining the difference between this game and the previous ones.

I can’t stand CoD as it’s been over recent years, however, I’m not about to buy into it over a hype trailer. Once I’ve seen some real gameplay footage I’ll make a decision as to whether or not I want to revisit the series.