Corporate Learning

Mission Statement

Supporting the dialogue and collaboration between research and practitioners in the field of Corporate Learning.



Research and innovation are key pathways to a higher competitiveness of European companies. Our network strives to close the gap between academic research and practitioners in the specific field of Corporate Learning. Topics that are trending in the field involve the detection of learning needs of employees, learning at the workplace, construction of new knowledge, interdisciplinary collaboration and the impact of learning on performance.


This happens through common research projects in cooperation with universities and companies, and via transformation labs where practitioners and researchers collaborate on new approaches. A transformational lab is a hands-on, interactive seminar, that mobilises participants to address a business challenge and to co-build solutions and set-up actions to improve corporate learning.


Check out the European Learning Compass and the Informal Learning Guide!

In these projects students of the University of Maastricht and of the University of Leuven, supported by EAPRIL, worked on bringing research and practice closer together.

L&D Day – 24 November 2016!

UPDATE: On 24 November 2016, EAPRIL organises another L&D Day which focuses specifically on corporate and workplace learning. For more information on the programme, please check out the website here.