Dell G3 Analysis: Powerful Input Notebook From Dell

Dell G3 Analysis: Powerful Input Notebook From Dell – Buy Manual

Dell G3 Analysis: Powerful input notebook from Dell

Dell has a wide range of gamers notebooks on the market, those who are called “G-Series Line”. Launched in 2018, the line has different categories, those that are called G3, G5, and G7. Each of these has up to four different laptops, so the company can meet since that consumers who want something a little weaker to that hardcore player

Today we will talk about some of the G3 line, which is considered the “entry” option from the company’s notebooks. These devices find 9th generation processors (and you can choose between an I5 or I7), 8GB of RAM, up to three options for the video card, SSD storage, and more! Check out some details about the design, hardware, gaming performance, and other issues.

Dell G3 Analysis: Powerful Input Notebook From Dell - Buy Manual
Dell G3 Analysis: Powerful Input Notebook From Dell - Buy Manual

Design and finishing

Dell chose to bet on a more discreet look and nailed it. Some like to notebooks that really have the face of a gamer product, full of different shapes, details and lights, but it is much easier for you to please the general public with something that is “simple” and has a more elegant air, which is what we find here. Its housing is all plastic, something already expected for this line.

Your cover is all black with the symbol of Dell in the center, one that is blue. Two lines are smaller in lateral symbol, and this is the only detail that found here. The notebook format is not perfectly square, the edges that are near the hinge are slightly cut.

Dell G3 Analysis: Powerful Input Notebook From Dell - Buy Manual

Its interior follows the same pattern of simplicity the outside, without any detail. The keyboard has backlighting, which is also blue. Small blue lines bypass the touchpad and delimit the division of buttons, which are integrated. It is a smaller and lighter notebook that many market models, possessing 2.53 kg and measuring 38 x 25.8 x 2.27 cm.

Dell G3 Analysis: Powerful Input Notebook From Dell - Buy Manual

Keyboard, touchpad, entrances and exits of the notebook

Because it contains the numeric keyboard, the keys just got a little squeezed and are slightly smaller than the conventional one, it can be a little problem at first, but once you get used to it. The response of the keys is good and makes soft typing, not being a very deep keyboard. For use in common tasks until quiet, it is to be alone with the keyboard of the notebook, but already games recommend that you use an external keyboard. Oh, he has the international standard, so no C for us Brazilians. As previously mentioned, it is backlit. Markings on the AWSD keys are present so you can identify them more quickly in time to play (although not such a cool experience).

The touchpad has a good answer, but your click is a little hard, gives the feeling that’s heavy. Like the keyboard, with time you get used to, but it is nothing more than a resource for basic tasks. Here we have good accuracy and support for various gestures, but if you want to play or use in modeling programs, for example, it is better to invest in a good mouse.

Dell G3 Analysis: Powerful Input Notebook From Dell - Buy Manual

Altogether the G3 has 7 entries. On the right side, we have a standard SD card slot and a USB 2.0. On the left we have a USB Type C Displayport with alternative mode for video cards in 1650 and higher, an HDMI 2.0, USB 3.1 SuperSpeed, an Ethernet and last entry, entry headphone-microphone jack.

Different models and specifications

The G3 has three variations that are officially sold by Dell in Brazil. The changes between each model are the CPU, video card, and amount of storage. A curious case is that the company’s website you will find four models, but the difference from the first to the second is only operating system (the first comes with Windows) and the presence (or not) from other software such as Office or antivirus. There are some stores that sell laptops with some modifications in the storage (HD + SSD), so do not be surprised if you find models that do not follow the letter of the settings listed below.

Overall performance

The ninth generation of processors ensures optimum performance, be the i5 or i7. For a sense of comparison, in Benchmark tests the version with I5 made more than 16,000 points, increasing and the average score of input gamers notebooks (13 000). The difference between the two processors is considerable, but it’s not like change from water to wine. To be more exact, the I7 is on average 13% better than his younger brother.

Part of the great performance of this computer comes from your SSD’s that are NVMe. This type of connection provides speeds up to three times larger than a conventional SSD, which is already very fast. 8 Gb of RAM is sufficient for most common tasks, and most of the games, but if you work with editing, it might be better to upgrade to at least 16 Gb. Overall Any of the models meet and common tasks and can run some heavier applications without too many problems.

Gaming performance

The GTX 1050 is already a somewhat older model, and fitted to G3 notebooks have “only” 3 GB. Even so, they still manage to perform well in several games as long as you do not abuse the settings and wait for more than 100 FPS, for example. Then we see other devices with GTX 1650 and 1660 IT MaxQ, the one that is the most powerful of the series. Comparing the two, the 1660 can be up to 39% better overall, a very big difference, and can be seen to run some heavier games. Dell provides some test data made with three plates in their notebooks, check out:

All games were tested at high settings, so even with the GTX 1050, which is the weaker video card among the three models, you can get a good FPS rate if you settle in to play with graphics in the middle, which does not It ceases to be a good experience. These data may vary depending on recent updates of the games, specific configurations, and other issues, but overall you can have fun with various games. The SSD is a great ally in these gambles, it does not increase the FPS but it makes the game start faster, plus you be able to exchange maps or scenarios faster too.

Dell has an interesting software called Alienware Command Center. On it, you can perform various settings in the notebook, run their direct games there, set specific settings for each of these, monitor the use of the CPU, GPU, check the temperature, check battery health among other functions.

Speaking of temperature, your cooling system is quite efficient. Notebooks gamers reach high temperatures depending on the games that are running, but the problem is that in some cases you end up feeling quite so much in performance as physically (yes you feel when placing your hand on the device’s keyboard). Fans work very well to dissipate all the heat, but you’ll notice a noise that can be a little boring for some, because they will run at full speed.

Battery, Audio and Screen

The battery of this model is a very positive point and stands quite competitors. In tests with the brightness in half and continues browsing the Internet, and some videos running benchmark tests, he managed an average of 6 hours and 40 minutes of runtime, while other famous models little was after four hours. Of course, this time will vary widely depending on many factors, but already shows that for common tasks you can have a good time out of the socket. In games, such autonomy is halved, which is to be expected.

The audio of this unit is also a plus, being tall and well defined. You can use your speakers and have a certain sound quality, with medium and well-defined treble and a good record. In the Alienware Center Commander, you can do some settings for some parameters that are highlighted, which is pretty cool.

Its screen has 15.6 inches and has the resolution of Full HD. It has an IPS panel that delivers a good field of view and satisfactory quality. As we are talking about an entry gamer notebook, you can not require a super screen here, as this would greatly increase its price, but if you work with images and video editing, it may be better to buy an additional monitor to be good this type work because the color fidelity here is not nearly a strong point.


The certainty with the G3 line is one of the most attractive for those looking for some devices that are among some models a little more “basic”. Having a fairly recent processor is a very positive point, but perhaps Dell could have been a bit more generous when choosing a video card for the most basic model. one of the points that draw attention here is your battery, it really is well above the market average, including models with more powerful configurations. Overall you get a good performance in several games, but may have to sacrifice a point of settings on “high” for this.

As negative points, we mention your screen that does not have a good color fidelity or a high gloss. In addition, the storage of all notebooks cited here is very low because it only SSD, then you end up having to upgrade by adding another HD on their own, or look at other stores such variants .;

G3 line of notebooks are just some of the many gamers that exist in the market. If you want to see indications of models from other brands, you may be taking a look at this list we have prepared.