How To Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants? Check This Crazy Video Out

how to get rid of carpenter ants

One can only admire the team spirit of a fire ant colony. Until that one walking across the yard in bare feet and steps on said colony. Then the thoughts of pouring gasoline on the mound and burn their world down comes to thought. So How To Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants? Huh

Horse that are pregnant or just birthed a goal are gonna be skinny, imagine being on your hands and knees and being pregnant the weight of the baby is pulling down on the skin causing the ribs to show. Having give birth to the foal just the last day proves my point.

Hoax Ant Hole Rescue Video?

The mare wasn’t a rack of bones she didn’t look sick she looked like a horse that just gave birth. Then imagine how much milk she needs to produce and probably not having all of the right grain or whatever, now she’s gonna survive without it but it is tougher. I’m sure she’s had a different foal it wasn’t her fault the foal fell in that hole. That is a pretty big field I’m sure the farmers aren’t going to go all around the whole field looking for holes use some common sense people the video does say it is a “rescue” and it’s not like it was sitting there for a month or a week no it was barely a day!

Crazy Carpenter Ants or Similar Hole?

Ok, so horses are supposed to birth their babies outside in a natural setting. How do you think wild horses do it? These ants are the same ones everyone has and their mounds can get huge. The baby didn’t fall in the hole, the ground fell through under the baby! The mare was very smart to go to people for help!

Fake Ant Hole Rescue

I’m coming to the conclusion, that some people stage a lot of these “saves” for social media. I’m not saying that this one is staged. But, there are a lot out there that seem to be straight out of “what the fuck”. And there always so happens to be someone filming it, or they film from different angles before even attempting to “save” the animal in need of help. Every time I’ve helped an animal or person in need, I just fuckin’ do it. No need for the antics and editing.