Mickey Mouse Cookware Set

 I had my original large one (not Mickey Mouse) for many years. It was just too heavy and made more than we ever eat so I gave it to Wendy. The new M.M. line must be more than $400.00 For that large size. Mine was almost $ 300.00 several years ago. They do last forever…

Mickey Mouse Cast Iron Set

It’s French, my boyfriend’s dad bought us a le creuset for Christmas and it was the same price. Surprisingly they didn’t raise the price even though it’s Disney. That being said it cooks an amazing pot roast, but I would not recommend for induction. Get best induction cookware set for that.

Lasts Years!

Beautiful Design

These pots are well worth the money, they last for generations.

Le Creuset is totally worth the money but not 800$! I have the same size dutch oven and all my ramekins and stoneware are also Le Creuset but I didn’t pay anywhere near this ridiculous overpriced amount for my beautiful pieces.

They have lasted and still look gorgeous 10 years later.

Having tried another name brand after buying my Le Creuset, I would say the price under $400 is worth it for any porcelain coated cast iron pan. The other brand chipped right away.

Look For them on Sale

The Le Creuset has 7 layers of porcelain compared to 2 or 3 on the less expensive brands.

I find I only use my 5.5 qt dutch oven and the 7 qt. and they have been worth the price. Having said that, I’ve had them for over 20 years and they were much cheaper when I bought mine.