Notebook Samsung Odyssey: Still Worth It? – Buy Manual

Notebook Samsung Odyssey: Still worth it? – Buy Manual

The market had a great gamer growing in recent years and with so many brands of computers had to adapt to this audience. Many people want a computer gamer, but for various reasons need a notebook, then emerged was that the models with visual settings and focused on that area. Samsung, one of the reference brands in various segments, introduced its first notebook gamer in 2017, devices that today, still remain good choices.

With the name of Samsung Odyssey, the notebook of the South Korean brand has great settings for games, a design that falls in like multiplayer and a price not very inviting, but unfortunately those who need a notebook has nowhere to run at this point, they will always be more expensive. Keep reading and find out more about this Samsung’s line of computers.

Notebook Samsung Odyssey: Still Worth It? - Buy Manual
Notebook Samsung Odyssey: Still Worth It? - Buy Manual

Design and finishing

Products for gamers is characterized by a very striking design and with many lights, then the Odyssey bet that a little bit. It is not ultra-different as some models that have very different shapes, but he has his touch “gamer” with a keyboard that has backlit in red and marked ASWD keys, LED skirting its large logo on the cover and also the touchpad, which has a shape of a parallelogram shape. These lights can be turned off, but you can not change the color.

Notebook Samsung Odyssey: Still Worth It? - Buy Manual

Its construction is plastic, which for many was a disappointment especially considering the price of the device. Nevertheless, the finish is well done and it conveys the idea of ​​being a very tough and durable product, but it is likely that this does not apply to falls or other non-common situations resistance. A point worth highlighting is that it has keypad, something very important and useful for many people.

In the bottom portion we have a “special” system for ventilation. Are two fans that generate cool air and make hot air is expelled by a large air outlet. A grid helps improve circulation also facilitates future upgrades that can be made, subject that we will comment later on.

Notebook Samsung Odyssey: Still Worth It? - Buy Manual

As starters, it has an HDMI output, a USB 3.0, two USB 2.0, multimedia card reader, exit to P3 headset (with integrated microphone) and Ethernet jack.

Different models and specifications

Samsung offers different models of this notebook for the public to have diversity to choose which is best for your needs. The changes are in the processor, amount of RAM, video card and type of storage (HD or HD and SSD). On the official website of the company in Brazil, there are five different models. See your specifications and differences:

overall performance

The Odyssey notebooks hardware have to face everyday applications and tasks a little heavier without any problems, but there is a small problem in five of the six models mentioned above: lack of SSD. A computer without SSD today can not show its performance, the applications appear to be choking the whole and with a certain usage time time you get to experience a slowdown. It is not lack of firepower, but limited by the hard drive that is even 7200 RPM to soften it. We are not saying that the experience is bad, but the hardware offered is certainly not even half of what you may have.

Remember when we talk about upgrade? Your back cover is easily removed and this facilitates the installation of memory and SSD. Today the price of SSD’s have plummeted so it’s really handy you have one even if it’s only 128 GB for the system, some games and most used programs. This kind of storage is up to 6x faster than a hard drive. Our tip is to buy a SSD (M.2) along with the chosen model (if it is part of that do not come with SSD) and do the installation, which is not difficult. For under $ 150 you can more than triple the performance of your notebook, improving the operating speed of the system as a whole.

Notebook Samsung Odyssey: Still Worth It? - Buy Manual

The battery life time depends on the type of task you are performing. In some tests with constant consumption of videos, she had an average duration of four hours. With tasks that require less and a controlled gloss, you can get beyond this number without difficulties. Games autonomy is much lower and you also get a great performance drop. Samsung’s software even offers a different type of optimization for when you are playing without the unit is plugged into the outlet, but the recommended is that in gambles use it to boot.

Gaming performance

Even though 2017 Odyssey models still do well in current games, managing to run most of them with a nice graphic quality and a decent FPS. The absence of an SSD again makes no difference here, especially regarding the delay time to open the game and load new maps and locations. Even with this detail, he still does well in several ways and should satisfy most users.

As there is no database of tests for all models, we have compiled some numbers that were test results from multiple users. Check out:

It is important to point out some things in these numbers. The first is that all tests were performed with notebooks in the making. We have already quoted here to play with it only in the battery drastically decreases their performance and load autonomy, then probably in less than three hours you need to go near an outlet. The second point is that these values ​​can vary depending on updates that games get some more specific settings and also at different times of the game in question. These values ​​should be used as a small base for the performance of some models, but for better stability in its gambling, it is recommended that many settings are not placed on the highest possible so the FPS rate will vary less.

Another point to run the games at ultra is that the unit has just heating up too much, and when we talk about a lot is much the same, and may reach 90 degrees in some situations. As the notebook gamers cooling system is adapted and improved compared to ordinary designs, it is still not entirely sufficient to maintain the apparatus in optimum temperatures in some instances. You’ll notice the high temperature consequences at times both in the game and in the hands own, if you are using the device keyboard itself.

Its display has a Full HD resolution and makes the experience of playing quite interesting. The colors are beautiful, the brightness is at the point and the contrast is well controlled. Even in the most expensive model, the screen does not have improvements as options with a higher refresh rate. Anyway, it is equipped with anti-glare feature and supports HDR.


The Odyssey line of notebooks are very interesting and for those who need a handset and want to invest in a gamer option, they must surely be considered among the possible choices. They manage a very interesting performance in most games (even if you can not play with the graphics at the most), and the day to day also gives the trick. Could be better with a SSD? For sure! But the brand said it has adapted to the Brazilian market to bring the options without this type of storage. Since he was released in 2017, already it makes sense that at the time, the SSD’s were not as accessible as they are today. Anyway, upgrading is not a task of this world and on Youtube is full of tutorials teaching to open and install the new components.

Overall it’s a nice and good machine. Prices charged in Samsung’s own store are half salty, but you will find cheaper in other stores. Anyway, as we have said earlier, it is difficult to run the item “high value” when it comes to facing gaming notebooks.

If the notebooks in this line are not what you were looking for, you can take a look at our list of indications gamers models.