Review: Monitor BenQ Zowie XL2430 – Manual da Compra

For those seeking the highest level of performance in games is indispensable 144Hz monitor, thinking about BenQ launched a few years ago Zowie XL2430. The name may sound strange, but if you’re into track championships, especially CS: GO certainly seen a very similar model to this being used by professional players.

The Zowie XL2430 is to complete three years of release, but still clashes with many current models. With 144hz refresh rate, 1 ms response time and a number of interesting features, this monitor keeps winning the hearts of professional gamers and enthusiasts players, and with the popularization of settings that level, its price is getting pretty nice.

Is it worth investing in this monitor? Continue reading the review to find out more information!

Review: Monitor Benq Zowie Xl2430 - Manual Da Compra

Zowie XL2430: Design and finishing

In terms of design there is much to be discussed this monitor. It features a visually simple but beautiful, worked in matt black and spends a lot of durability. The screen edges are small and the details he has are in red, those details that are very useful! That’s because it has adjustment marks, both in height and in its base, so that you know exactly what setting you are using.

Its support is made of metal and has a small handle to facilitate transportation of the apparatus. In the bottom of the bracket has a hole for the passage of wires, keeping everything organized. You can adjust the monitor up to 14 levels of different height and different angles up or down. You will find a giant logo of Zowie on your back.

Review: Monitor Benq Zowie Xl2430 - Manual Da Compra

On its side has a small red button that when pressed into a stand for Headset. Underneath we have two USB 3.0 ports and outputs for audio.

Review: Monitor Benq Zowie Xl2430 - Manual Da Compra

You will have a small switch on its base that is called “S Switch Arc”, which serves to navigate the display settings, basically replacing the device itself buttons (which are still present).

This switch has a scroll button similar to a mouse, making it easy to navigate through the settings. In addition, it has an internal memory capable of storing profiles created by the user, and so do the exchange of these one-touch buttons. A feature of this internal memory is that if you go to some place that has a monitor of the same model, you can just take this switch with you and carry all your settings in it. The base already has a small circle to fit the Arc S, but you do not necessarily need to use it there actually even need to keep it connected.

Review: Monitor Benq Zowie Xl2430 - Manual Da Compra

Zowie XL2430 Tela

The XL2430 has a 24-inch screen with full HD resolution and TN panel. This type of panel is the most widely used for monitors gamers because it has better performance and can deliver faster output rates. As a disadvantage, they have an irregular contrast and colors are blurred when you look at the picture from other angles, something that does not happen in other types of panels.

Nevertheless, the image of this handset is very good and it has various settings for you to adapt to I use. It is recommended that you configure your colors, brightness rating, contrast and other options at least once, because the profile that comes standard is not very nice and has over saturated colors. The image quality is more than enough for most gamers, save those who want to play at higher resolutions than Full HD.

A very important feature that is present in this model is the reduction of blue rays. These rays are primarily responsible for fatigue in vision, then the filter BenQ you can stay longer in front of the screen without feeling any kind of discomfort or headaches.

Zowie XL2430: Performance in games

As we said earlier, the XL2430 is manufactured to have a high gaming performance and can achieve this with relative ease, starting with a refresh rate that is 144Hz. This makes images look more fluid and you feel the game run more “natural”. Using a 144Hz monitor is practically no going back, especially when you try to use a model with a lower refresh rate. The fluidity that talk is not only reflected in the games, you can feel the difference even in common tasks in Windows itself.

Review: Monitor Benq Zowie Xl2430 - Manual Da Compra

Another important point of this model is its response time, which is only 1 ms (maybe not literally that, but it comes pretty close and it’s what the company announces). Overall performance in games is great and explains why it is such a popular monitor among gamers, but it has a downside that may bother some enthusiasts: without any synchronization technology between monitor and video card, as G-Sync or FreeSync. These technologies make the device work with your video card to let the constant frames and avoid variations. Perhaps the reason for the lack of appeal is the time of its release, but the lack of this technology is there as well negative point of this device.

This monitor also features the black eQualizer feature that increases the visibility and detail in dark scenes, without overlapping the light areas.

One of its major highlights is the amount of settings that can be made and saved in custom profiles, causing the player to make the most of several different games. He has the Game Mode Loader, where you can load presets made by professional players. You know that your idol CS: GO? You may have the configuration of it available for you to download!

Zowie XL2430: Conclusion

Even launched three years ago, the XL2430’s still the trick! A 24-screen is there in the “ideal” for gamers, and its quality is great! The limitations of the TN panel of little importance for the target audience of this monitor, which seeks a high level of performance in their games and gets it here. The refresh rate is high enough to give an excellent gaming experience and the response time is a factor that you do not need to worry. In addition, the amount of adjustments and settings on the screen itself make this model a very versatile option for all players.

Despite the Switch ARC S be a differential interesting as well is not something totally necessary, but it is available why not make the most of the resource. Is not it? As stated in the performance section for games, the only feature that was missing was some technology for synchronization with the video card, but that will not let their bad gambling, say it might just be better (considerably better).

Zowie XL2430: Technical Specifications

If the XL2430 is not what you’re looking for, take a look at our list of monitors gamers who have other indications. For those with short money, also prepared some indications of good and cheap monitors, as well as an article just facing good options for the job.

Best smart tvs market in 2019 – Purchase Manual

You are thinking of buying a new TV? How about investing in a Smart TV? These devices are up for being the technology more “recent” in the market and have many interesting functions well, leaving the independent TV from other devices. A Smart TV is a TV that can connect to the Internet and has an operating system, it means that you use apps directly on TV. AS functions ranging from web browsing to streaming apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Youtube and others.

When choosing a smart TV you should be aware of the following points:

Screen size:

The screen size of a TV is measured in inches. Everyone dreams of having a giant TV, but the size should be proportional to the distance you will sit the unit. To help you choose the best size, check see this table:

Image quality:

The TV picture quality will depend on more than one factor. The first one is the resolution. The higher the resolution, the better the TV picture you choose. Today in the market there are options in the resolutions: HD, Full HD, 2K and 4K. The refresh rate is also important because it is this parameter that indicates how many times per second the screen is refreshed. The most common in the market is the rate of 60 Hz (for regular TVs) and 120 Hz for some intermediate. THE most expensive TVs can be up to 240Hz refresh rate. Other features such as quality of Telal (LED, QLED, OLED) technologies such as HDR and also help to improve the image.

Available connections:

All Smart TVs have a number of connections of all kinds, and the most popular are the HDMI and USB ports. Keep an eye on the number of ports available on each model and assess whether they are sufficient for you.

Extra functions:

With the advancement of technology the Smart Tvs won several aadicionais functions such as voice command, pairing with smartphones, surround mode among others. Having extra features is always interesting is may be something to set your choice.

Now that we know the main points of a Smart TV, go to the list:

1º – Smart TV Monitor LED 28´ LG – 28MT49S-PS

Best Smart Tvs Market In 2019 - Purchase Manual

Many people like to use TVs as computer monitors. If you are looking for some TV for this functionality, this model from LG is a great option. It has 28 inches, with a good size for displays and also features the Smart function then can be used as a separate TV. It has wheel and Wi-Fi connection the operating system webOS 3. There are two HDMI and a USB connection ports present in this handset. It is a very simple model, but it will be very useful for those who will connect the computer to the TV. The downside is that the response time of this TV is 8ms, which is not even close to ideal for gaming (if you go to use it to play on the PC).

2º – Smart TV 32

Best Smart Tvs Market In 2019 - Purchase Manual

Samsung is one of the most famous TV manufacturers and respected in the world. Among the various models of the brand is LH32BENELGA / ZD, a great choice for those who want something cheaper and does not require exorbitant resolutions or sizes. This model has 32-inch HD resolution (1366 x 768). The picture quality is very interesting as far as possible for a model with HD resolution only. The brightness and satisfactory rate and the colors are good, with a contrast within the parameters of the price range of this model. It has two HDMI ports, port for cable internet and also USB port. If you can not use it with a cable internet there is the option to turn on Wi-Fi. The downside of this model is that its resolution is already starting getting outdated in the current market.

3º – Smart TV, LED, 32

Best Smart Tvs Market In 2019 - Purchase Manual

This model is another input option for those who want to buy a smart TV but do not want to spend much. It features an LED 32-inch and resolution HD panel (although in some sites list as Full HD resolution 1366 x 768p HD only), with 60Hz refresh rate. She has a good image with relatively good color and an interesting contrast, but is still less than some models on the market that cost only a little more expensive. There are 3 HDMI inputs and two USB ports, so you can play media directly from a USB stick, for example. It has Wi-Fi and its firmware can be updated by USB stick or online form by TV itself. The downside of this model is that its resolution is only HD.

4 – TV 39 inch LED Smart L39S3900, Semp Toshiba

Best Smart Tvs Market In 2019 - Purchase Manual

For those who want something input, but in a size larger than 32 inches, this model of Semp Toshiba is a great choice. This TV has 39 inches and a full HD resolution, so you can follow your favorite programs in high quality. There are 60 Hz refresh rate and four different picture modes (sport, normal, smooth and user), so you can adapt depending on what you’re watching. It has two HDMI ports and a USB port to play media files directly on the device, or even record programs directly on the USB stick.

5º – Smart TV LED UHD 4K 43

Best Smart Tvs Market In 2019 - Purchase Manual

This model is one of the best cost-benefit when it comes to Smart TV. This TV has 43-inch, 60 Hz refresh rate and an incredible 4K resolution with HDR10. It is available in various sizes from 40 to 75 inches. The image quality of this device is amazing, with natural colors, high brightness and great contrast provided by the HDR. Moreover, it is very aesthetically beautiful and certainly leave its most elegant room! It also features compatibility with the SteamLink application, so you can play your games without any special cable. Are 20W power the speakers and Dolby Digital Plus technology, so you also have a great audio experience. It has Wi-Fi and your mobile content mirroring function. There are three HDMI and two USB ports, so you can play media directly from USB stick.

6º – Smart TV, LED, 48

Sony always produces great quality appliances and TVs is no different. This model has 48-inch Full HD resolution and Motionflow XR240, which has more frames per second than a conventional TV. The X-Reality processes images with extreme fidelity, preserving its colors, brightness and contrast. It features Photo Frame, for use as a digital picture frame, and integrated FM radio. For durability of the device Sony put the X-Pro Protection technology, which gives greater protection against dust, humidity, lightning, power surges and other factors that can spoil your TV. It works with Internet cable or connected to Wi-Fi and has USB port.

7º – Smart TV LED UHD 4K 55 Curve, Samsung, UN55MU6300GXZD

How about a 4K TV that is curved? That is the purpose of this model from Samsung! It has 55 inches (or 49, depending on the model you choose), 4K resolution, premium HDR technology and a curved screen, which according to the company, provides a better field of view and causes less eyestrain. His image has very natural and vivid thanks to HDR. The brightness and contrast are also points that are to be commended. With Smart View you can connect your smartphone to TV and use it as a remote control. Also, for games lovers this model offers compatibility with SteamLink app without any additional cable. The negative side of this TV is that even with so many specifications, it has only 60 Hz refresh rate, which is not enough for a product of this level.

8º – Smart TV Samsung QLED TV 55

This Samsung model is among the best in the market TVs. It has 55-inch, 4K resolution and a refresh rate of 240Hz, all to provide the best possible image quality. This TV controls the illumination areas, precisely adjusting the brightness of the scene. The HDR 10Plus improves the colors further, cheering and with excellent contrast images. It has 4 HDMI ports, three USB ports and an audio power 40W. In addition, it has built-in Wi-Fi. The downside of this model is the price, which is quite high.

9º – Smart TV Ultra HD 4K OLED LG, OLED55B8SSC 55

This LG model has 55 inches and its screen is OLED, with 4K resolution with 120Hz refresh rate. Because this type of display does not need a back panel lighting, the TV ends up being extremely thin and with a great use of edges. It has HDR so that your colors can be very much alive and a great contrast. On the audio this model also does not sin, because it has a Dolby Atmos technology, which creates a powerful sound and well crystalline. The webOS operating system this TV accepts voice commands, so if you want to search for some content on the Internet just say that the device will recognize. It has Wi-Fi and Smart Control Magic, which works just like a mouse. The downside of this model is that it has a very high price.

10º – TV QLED Samsung 75 “75Q60R UHD 4K Smart

If only the 4K resolution is not enough for you, try this option with Samsung quantum dot screen, which delivers 100% color volume. Quantum dots are inorganic, which means that TV delivers more vivid and brilliant colors for many years. It also has a great quality of brightness and a contrast to anyone find fault, thanks to HDR1500 technology. This model is 75 inches, but you can also find models of 55 or 65 inches. It has the “Setting Mode” function, where instead of the TV off, she is displaying decorative content, information such as weather and time or photos of your choice. The downside of this model is its price, which is very high even compared the company’s 4K TVs, which are already expensive.


It is important to note that the functions of a Smart TV function properly, it is essential that you have a good internet connection and preferably be able to use the TV with the wired internet to get the best possible signal. Now that you’ve chosen a Smart TV, how about buying a home theater to get the full experience when watching movies or your favorite TV show? You see our these devices here. (Links the post HT)

What did you think of our list? Leave in the comments!

Monitors gamers: 10 good and cheap models – Buy Manual

You need a gamer monitor but money is short? Today we will show some models of monitors for games that have a very friendly price for you who want to complete your setup but does not have a very high budget.

Gamers monitors have some features that are geared towards the games and offer better performance when compared to an ordinary monitor. Even though cheap monitors, the options that we will list here have many functions and parameters to provide a good quality in your gambling!

When choosing your model, pay attention to the following points:

Response time:

It is time that the monitor will take to change the color of pixels. When this time is very high, you can see “traces” on the screen (called Ghosting). This value is measured in milliseconds, so the lower the better time will be the answer. The current monitors range from 5 ms and 1 ms, depending on its quality.

refresh rate: This will show how many images the monitor can display per second. It is a very important factor that can directly influence the response time that you have to perform rapid movements, for example. This rate is measured in Hertz, and the higher it is better it is for your monitor. These measures can range from 60 to 244Hz, but in today’s list we will indicate models with up to 75Hz, to stay in a cheap budget.


There are three resolutions ideal for gamers monitors today are Full HD, 2K and 4K. The higher the resolution the better picture quality. The most common is the Full HD due to two reasons: price and compatibility with the computer. 2K or 4K monitors are very expensive and need a computer with very high settings to achieve good performance, so we will focus to Full HD monitors.

Additional technologies:

Monitors can have some additional functions and technologies, such as the G-Sync or Freesync. These are technologies that are present in many gamers monitors and allow them to work in sync with the video card, adapting the performance and providing greater fluidity in games, ending with problems such as lag input (input delay), tearing (image breaks ) and stutters (FPS drop the video card). Some functions such as Flicker-Free and Bluelightshield help reduce eye strain you have to spend hours in front of computer.

Here are some indications of gamers monitors “cost”:

1º – Monitor Gamer Led Full HD, HDMI, 1Ms, 75Hz, Samsung, LS24D332HSX/ZD, 24″

Monitors Gamers: 10 Good And Cheap Models - Buy Manual

For those who need a gamer monitor, but do not have a very high budget available this model from Samsung is certainly the best option. For a very cheap price you take a 24-inch screen with full HD resolution and a refresh rate of 75 Hz. The response time of this monitor is only 1 ms then you get a great performance in games that require rapid movement as CS: GO. It also features game mode and Flicker Free technology, which prevents eyestrain and allows you to stay in front of computer for longer without feeling any discomfort.

2º – Monitor Gamer AOC LED 21,5″ Full HD Speed com AMD Freesync – G2260VWQ6

Monitors Gamers: 10 Good And Cheap Models - Buy Manual

Screen size is not as important a factor to you? Then take a look at this model of AOC. He has “only” 21.5 inches, but has full HD resolution and 75Hz refresh rate. It is great for games since their response time is only 1ms, and rely on technologies such as Shadow FreeSync and Control. You do not need to worry about getting many hours in front of computer, because it has Anti-blue Light and Flicker Free, technologies that make the light emitted by the screen is easier on the player.

3º – Monitor Samsung LED 24″ Widescreen Curvo, Full HD, HDMI/VGA, FreeSync – LC24F390FHLMZD

Monitors Gamers: 10 Good And Cheap Models - Buy Manual

For those who like curved monitors Samsung has prepared a very interesting model for a low cost. This option has a 24-inch Full HD resolution screen. its screen has an arc of 1800 mm and according to the company provides a more engaging experience. Another benefit of the monitors in this category is that their curvatures allow their eyes to track all content without much effort, which means less fatigue for its long-term mind. The response time of this monitor is 4 ms and it has 60 Hz. Although the company does not label it as a gamer monitor, it has features like FreeSync, which improves the synchronization of images and the way “gamer.”

4º – Monitor LG Gamer LED 25″ IPS Ultrawide Full HD – 25UM58

Monitors Gamers: 10 Good And Cheap Models - Buy Manual

Ultrawide as low-cost option we have this model of LG, it has 25 inches and full HD resolution. Its screen has the dimensions 21: 9, has bright colors and a good brightness range. Its refresh rate is between 60 and 75 Hz, and has a response time of 5 ms. He has the option of OnScreen Control, which leaves all the essential settings with easy access. This model features custom modes for different types of games and the feature Dynamic Action Sync, which improves the flow of games. As it is ultrawide you can use the Split Screen option, customizing the screen layout and setting up the multitasking to open multiple windows at once, very useful feature for those who will also use the monitor to work.

5º – Monitor 24″ LED Acer Gamer – 75Hz 1Ms Amd Free Sync – Kg241 Acer

Monitors Gamers: 10 Good And Cheap Models - Buy Manual

Acer is known for producing great displays, and Kg241 is a great example of this. It is a model with simple design, but building well made and gives the sensation of durability. Its screen has 24 inches and has a resolution of Full HD. He has 75 Hz refresh rate and only 1 ms response time. AMD Free Sync technology is also present in this model, to leave the perfectly synchronized images. The Bluelightshield reduces eye strain after long hours in front of the monitor. Its screen has anti-reflective feature.

6º – AOC Gamer LED 24” 1 ms Full HD Freesync Widescreen – G2460VQ6

The AOC is known for making good quality products and with a very affordable price, as is the case this gamer monitor model. Its screen is 24 inches with Full HD resolution. Their response time is very low, with only 1 ms, and its refresh rate is 75 Hz. In addition, it also has the technologies AMD FreeSync and Anti-Blue Light, which gives you to stay longer front of the screen without troublesome or headaches.

7º – Monitor Gamer Curvo Barato: Acer 23.6″ LED Widescreen Curvo, Full HD, HDMI/VGA, FreeSync – ED242QR WI

Acer also has a curved monitor model, a bit more expensive than the already mentioned here, but with the best settings for gamers. This model features 23.5-inch screen and Full HD resolution. Its refresh rate is 75 Hz and the response time of 4 ms. The Bluelightshieeld and Flicker-less technology makes you not feel some sort of discomfort even after spending hours playing. It features AMD FreeSync to better synchronize the images. You can change your inclination between 5 ° and 20 °.

8º – Monitor Gamer Acer LED 27″ Widescreen, Full HD, HDMI/VGA, FreeSync, Som Integrado, 1ms – KG271 BMIIX

For those who like bigger screens will have to shell out a little extra when buying a gamer monitor. This model from Acer is a good quality option at a price not so high. Its screen has 27 inches and has a resolution of Full HD. For those who need the shortest time possible response it will also serve well, as they are only 1 ms. Its refresh rate is 75 Hz and it has FreeSync technology to let more fluid image. You can also change its slope at an angle of up to 15 °.

9º – Monitor 144hz Barato: AOC Gamer LED 24″ 1ms 144hz Full HD Freesync Widescreen Profissional – G2460PF

If you are looking for an option with 144Hz refresh rate, this model of AOC is one of the most affordable on the market. It has only 1 ms response time, a great refresh rate and 24-inch screen with full HD resolution. You can enjoy the Freesync technology to better synchronize the images, and the Flicker-Free to give greater comfort on long gambles. His contrast is very good thanks to Shadow Control and its base is fully adjustable. For those who want to make an investment a little better but without reaching absurd values, this is the choice!

10º – Monitor Gamer BenQ Zowie XL2430

Facing the gamer audience, Zowie XL2430 is a well acclaimed option for the public due to its great specifications It has 24-inch Full HD resolution and TN panel, the most recommended for gaming due to its low response time. Speaking in response time, this model has only 1 ms and 144Hz refresh rate, specifications perfect for those seeking the highest gaming performance. It has the feature black eQualizer, which increases the visibility and detail in dark scenes, without overlapping the light areas. All the settings, profiles and modes already ready can be changed via Switch Arc S.


Now with our list it was easy to choose the best display without having to spend a lot of money for it! To see other models (which are more expensive) you can take a look at our Gamers Monitors list that has no price restriction. For you to complete your setup also have indications of mice, keyboards, headsets, and even mousepads, all facing the gamer segment!

The 8 best mobile games in 2020 – Purchase Manual

The mobile games are constantly growing worldwide and several titles reach millions of downloads easily. With such a large market, handset manufacturers have started to invest in models aimed at this audience. Mobile gamers have different design, strong settings and various features that will enhance the experience of any of the games.

In our list today we show the main models in this segment that is growing increasingly. To choose a gamer phone you need to focus your attention on some important points, check out:

In our mobile indications usually highlight the devices cameras as a very important point, but here we decided not to give prominence to this feature since it is not the purpose of the cell. It is interesting to have good cameras to complete all this together, but it is not an essential factor here.

Now we go to our directions with the best mobile gamers in the market:

1º – Nubia Red Magic 3s

The 8 Best Mobile Games In 2020 - Purchase Manual

Launched in September 2019, ZTE came strong in the mobile phone market for games with the Magic Nubia 3s. This model is to compete with the strongest market share and with a Snapdragon processor and 855+ versions with 8 or 12 GB of RAM. Its GPU is Adreno 640 (700Mhz) and it has 128 or 256 Gb internal memory, it can not be expanded via microSD card. Of course the company would not fail to pay particular attention to the screen. Here’s an AMOLED panel of 6.65 inches with resolution 1080 x 2340, Gorilla Glass 4 and 90 Hz refresh rate, a feature that is becoming trend in the mobile market gamers. The battery of Red Magic 3s has 5000 mAh and fast loading of 18W. It should be highlighted the beautiful design of the device, which has led a band on your back that can be programmed via software. You can purchase a joystick to connect on the mobile side and improve the gameplay.

2º – Razer Phone

The 8 Best Mobile Games In 2020 - Purchase Manual

One of the major brands of peripheral gamers in the world could not stay out of this gamers smartphone market. The Razer launched its first mobile in November 2017, but the unit still has interesting specifications for today’s games. The Razer Snapdragon Phone 835 comprises a processor 540 and a GPU Adreno 8 GB of RAM. For internal storage, it has 64 GB which can be expanded via microSD card. Its screen is 5.7 inches with a resolution QHD (1440 x 2560) and 120Hz refresh rate, something that is still unusual in the cell. The company did not abuse the “gamer design” present in your peripherals, but offers a number of settings in the machine so that the user can customize it as you like in gambles. Screen frequency audio modes for gaming own among other changes can be made without problem in Razer phone. your battery has 4000 mAh and according to the company, lasts up to 7 hours with the user playing.

3º – Black Shark

The 8 Best Mobile Games In 2020 - Purchase Manual

With hundreds of phone models available in the market, Xiaomi also has its mobile gamer. The Black Shark was the first launch of the company and won looks around the world. It has a Snapdragon processor 845, and GPU 630 Adreno has different versions, those that vary from 6 or 8 GB of RAM, 64 GB or 128 internal memory (not expandable). The screen of this handset is with IPS panel has 6 inches and resolution 1080 x 2160. In addition to an improved cooling system and software configurations that put the device in “gamer mode”, which draws more attention in this mobile phone is its accessory. He has a small joystick that you fit into the side, similar to the system in the Nintendo Switch. It has a battery of 4000 mAh with fast loading 18W. It is possible to find another variant of this apparatus, the black shark HELO which has 10 GB of RAM, 256GB of internal memory and with AMOLED display panel.

4º – Razer Phone 2

The 8 Best Mobile Games In 2020 - Purchase Manual

Continuing its line of mobile phones, Razer launched the Razer Phone 2. The device is very similar to its predecessor aesthetically, but has well-wattage settings. Starting with your processor, here we have a Snapdragon 845, and a GPU Adreno 630, settings more than enough to run current games. It has 8 GB of RAM and a 64 GB internal memory which can be expanded via microSD card. The 5.7 inch screen with qHD resolution and 120Hz refresh rate was maintained, but now with Gorilla Glass 5. A new feature is the IP67 protection, for the cell to survive small submersions and splashing. The main novelty here are the accessories that come with the device. The company has developed a control with compatibility for mobile, one that has a very similar format to the Xbox. In addition, a C-type USB headset also comes with the device, one that has compatibility with the ANC technology for noise cancellation. The battery of this apparatus is 4000 mAh and has compatibility with wireless charging.

5º – Asus Rog Phone

The 8 Best Mobile Games In 2020 - Purchase Manual

The Rog Phone was the first cell facing games that Asus has launched. Although it was still in 2018, the mobile phone has settings that are still excellent today. Its processor is a Snapdragon 845 with a GPU Adreno 630 and 8 GB of RAM. He has a special cooling system, but you can further enhance it with an external cooler sold by the company. your USB port and headphone is on the side, providing better ergonomics in time to play. Speaking of ergonomics, it has push buttons on its side, which can be mapped and configured in games as triggers, for example. Its screen has 6-inch AMOLED panel, 1080 x 2160 resolution and 90 Hz refresh rate, in addition to supporting the HDR technology. Audio is also a highlight here, since it has two speakers and 7-channel audio. Asus offers quite interesting accessories Roh Phone, including a second screen for you to use in communication within the game or even to streams; a base that turns it into a computer, so you can plug in a mouse, keyboard, monitor and play your mobile games as if the pc; joysticks that are connected on the sides (in the style Nintendo Switch) and option to transmit their game to the TV, so you can play on a large screen.

6º – Black Shark 2

Launched in March 2019, the Black Shark 2 is still one of the most potent cellular moment. He has the Snapdragon 855 processor, the second best manufacturer, in addition to versions with 6, 8 and 12 GB of RAM. The internal memory of the apparatus may vary between 128 and 256GB, but in both models can not use microSD card. A major upgrade here was your screen, which now has 6:39 inch AMOLED panel, resolution 1080 x 2340 and parts that are sensitive to pressure and can be mapped and configured to buttons games. It features a liquid cooling system so that the unit does not reach high temperature regardless of the game or time playing. Your customizations and ways games have been improved, and now he has more accessories. Now there are two plug-joysticks, those who have trackpad, touchpad, buttons and triggers. The Black Shark 2 battery has 4000 mAh with fast loading of 27W.

7º – Black Shark 2 Pro

As if the Black Shark 2 no longer had enough power, the Xiaomi launched its Pro version. The first difference we find here is your processor, snapdragon 855+. It is the best on the market today and has a 7 nm architecture, which optimizes the overall performance and graphics performance, and reduce energy consumption. Its screen is AMOLED with 6:39 inches and resolution Full HD + (1080 x 2340), with support for HDR and DC Dimming 2.0, allowing better visibility and reducing the oscillation of the low brightness level pictures. Another super important news is that this screen now has 240 Hz refresh rate, being the pioneer in the market. This cell has 8 or 12 GB RAM and versions with 128 or 256 Gb internal memory, this having the UFS 3.0 technology, speeding up the internal data transfer. It also features liquid cooling on the digital screen and a battery of 4,000 mAh.

8º – Asus Rog Phone 2

The latest release from Asus was one of the most mobile phones that came to prominence in recent months. Starting with their extremely powerful configurations, here we have a Snapdragon 855+ processor and a GPU Adreno 640 (700 Mhz). Among the versions available you can choose 8 or 12 GB of RAM. In the internal memory, it has 128, 256, 512 or 1 TB of storage, all with UFS 3.0 technology. Its screen has 6:59 inch AMOLED panel, support for HDR and 120 Hz refresh rate. It has 2 DTS speakers: X, biometric reader integrated screen and incredible 6000 mAh battery, the one that has fast charging and reverse charging 30W 10W. Once again the company stood accessories that can be purchased for the device. As in the first edition of this device, it has a small additional cooler that improves its cooling (which is already adapted to withstand heavy gambles). The base dock that turns your phone into a computer was also maintained, with it you can connect a mouse, keyboard, monitor (and the clear cell) and play your favorite games like you’re on a PC. The company’s own controls were well inspired by the Nintendo Switch. Are two joysticks that you can connect the sides of the device to facilitate the time to play, or if you prefer, join these two to a gamepad and turn into a control only (as of any console). He also has another basis for you to simply mirror the image from your mobile phone on TV. You can make various combinations of these accessories, riding the best setup that is convenient for you right now.


All devices listed here have a great gaming performance available today in the market, those who are not so heavy. Phones that are not meant for games can also interesting performances, but you end up losing some advantages like software customizations for gaming, screens with better specifications for this type of task among others. If the phone you want does not own the accessories manufacturer, you may be taking a look at our indications of external controls for appliances.

The 10 best mechanical keyboards in 2020 – Purchase Manual

You are looking for a good mechanical keyboard? Despite the many models on the market, some options end up highlighting, so the Purchase Manual made a list of 10 templates that you can be investing in 2020 to have the best performance possible in their games.

In mechanical keyboard operating the buttons is done by switches, small switches that are under each key. There are different types of these pieces, each of which has a different characteristic, ie, can be silent, “noisy”, have tactile feedback, linear and others.

Because the switches are a fundamental part of this keyboard type, it is important that you know the characteristics of the most famous. Check out:

Now that you know a little about the mechanical keyboards, see our signs:

1º – Redragon Kumara

The 10 Best Mechanical Keyboards In 2020 - Purchase Manual

The Redragon is one of the benchmarks in peripherals with good money. The Kumara is a mechanical keyboard with a price well in mind for those looking for more input option. It features Switch blue, Outemu, which is characterized by having a click more audible and tactile feedback.

all its keys have anti-ghosting system and all backlit in red. In addition, this keyboard also has some shortcut buttons and standard ABNT with C.

2º – Motorspeed CK99

The 10 Best Mechanical Keyboards In 2020 - Purchase Manual

Continuing the input models, the CK99 is an option for those with short budget, but insists on a mechanical keyboard. It has swtiches optical KL (Light Strike) with an aluminum construction which appears to be very tough. Unfortunately this model does not have the standard ABNT, then you will have to get used to the American layout here.

All your keys have anti-ghosting and come with white backlight. You even have a background lighting in other colors, but only on your background. Despite being simple, it is a very interesting keyboard and meets well its role for the price.

3º – Razer Blackwidow tournament V2

The 10 Best Mechanical Keyboards In 2020 - Purchase Manual

Already an old acquaintance of the community, BlackWindow never ceases to be an indication of good mechanical keyboard. This model has three different variants, so you can choose whether the Switch green, orange or yellow, all manufactured by the Razer.

How much of the classic brand products, it has lighting RGB chroma, and you can program the modes via the company’s software, putting synchronized with other peripherals. It is a good model for those who spend a lot of time using the computer, as it follows a wrist support to prevent possible injury.

4º – HyperX Mars

The 10 Best Mechanical Keyboards In 2020 - Purchase Manual

The Mars is a mechanical keyboard model HyperX is a little more “cheap”. He has a Switch Outemu Blue, or has that famous audible click when pressed and also tactile feedback. Lighting RGB present here can be controlled via the software company and has 5 different levels of brightness.

The company also placed a removable wrist rest, so if you spend hours in front of computer, it is good to use it. Your cable is 1.8 meters long and USB gold plated, increasing connectivity and making it stable and secure when doing data transfer. If you also use the keyboard to work, know that Mars does have a separate numeric part.

5º – HyperX Alloy FPS Pro

The 10 Best Mechanical Keyboards In 2020 - Purchase Manual

If you are addicted to the FPS, this keyboard will help you to improve performance in matches. The HyperX offers this keyboard with three different Switches options: blue, red or brown, so you can choose the model that suits you. It is a slightly more compact model, it does not have keypad.

In addition to being compact, your cable is removable, so it is easy to transport it elsewhere. This keyboard has LED backlighting, USB port for charging devices and has American standard.

6º – Logitech G513 Carbon

The G513 has advanced mechanical switches GX and you can choose from 4 different options: brown, red or blue. It is not as compact keyboard as it has the dedicated number, something that is very good for those who will also use the device to work. By having a housing made of aluminum, you will also have strength and durability with this model.

Logitech also provided lighting RGB in G513 and can be configured via software company. You can choose the color you want and create different animations, leaving your keyboard in a unique style. It also has a USB port so you can connect other peripheral straight there on the mouse, or even charge your mobile phone.

7º – Logitech G613

Tired of wires, but wants to continue on mechanical keyboards? Logitech will solve their problems with the G613, mechanical keyboard wireless company. It uses the Switch Romer-G, which is manufacturing the Logitech own and its features speed, precision, quiet click and a little tactile feedback.

If you like to create macros, this model has a few keys located on the side that are fit for it, and rely on shortcuts dedicated to multimedia. Oh, and do not have to worry about latency, Lightspeed technology ensures values ​​very close to that of a conventional wired keyboard.

8º – Corsair K70 MK.2

This keyboard focus on speed as the main feature. He has swiches Cherry MX Speed, which have a lower performance in height than average, so it can perform up to 40% faster than other models, in addition to durability. The K70 is also a light and compact keyboard, so it’s easy for you to carry.

In addition to everything mentioned above, it also has an aluminum construction and all its keys are illuminated by a LED RGB, which can be configured via the Corsair software.

9º – Razer Huntsman Elite

One of the best mechanical keyboards in the market is the Huntsman Elite Razer. You optical switches in two options: purple (has tactile feedback click) and red (linear). It features multimedia shortcut keys that are very functional, those that can be programmed by the company’s software, Synapse.

It has RGB lighting chroma, both in their keys when on its bottom, the four sides. To make the most comfortable use, the company also placed a palm rest, which can be removed when you want. You can do several macro settings and other personal preferences in software Razer, and they are saved in both the keyboard and in the cloud so you can access them from anywhere.

10º – Razer Blackwidow Elite

You like to create macros? The Blackwindow Elite does not have dedicated keys for macro but has the Hypershit function, which allows you to configure any of your keys with a second function. Like other models of the brand, you can find it with different switches, namely green, orange or yellow.

hotkeys for multimedia are also available here, that they are customizable via software. By the way, your lighting RGB can also be configured by Razer Synapse, you can create unique ways to match the rest of your setup. All settings are saved in the keyboard itself and also in the cloud.


If you are riding your setup gamer now, we can help you with indications of other peripherals! You may be taking a look at our list mouses, mouse pads and headsets gamers.

Top 10 notebooks up to 2000 reais in 2020 – Purchase Manual

Not everyone has money to invest in a more expensive notebook, while others simply do not want an expensive device, as they will use it for simple tasks. In this case the best option and choose the models we call “input Notebooks,” which are options with simpler settings, focused on basic applications.

With different notebooks in the market, it is not always an easy task to choose the ideal model with a more affordable price, so the Purchase Manual prepared a list of 10 nominations for you, all that cost below US $ 2000 approximately.

As we said earlier, the devices mentioned here have simple configurations and are intended for those who want to perform tasks as simple as document editing, web browsing and other tasks. We take into account the price of handsets, which is offered as well as indication of the buyers.

1 – Positive 2 in 1 Q432A

Top 10 Notebooks Up To 2000 Reais In 2020 - Purchase Manual

The simplest model of our list is the Q432A, an option 2 in 1 for those who want a device for internet browsing only. The spread of this notebook is that it has touch screen and becomes a tablet, just double your screen, this is “only” 11.6 inches.

It has a simple processor, but has SSD storage of 32 GB, so for you to use social networks, watch videos or edit documents, is a practical and effective model. It also has a large battery of 10,000 mAh, which should ensure a good charge for hours. This device comes with a capacitive pen for you to use when in tablet mode.

2º – Lenovo IdeaPad S145 (81WT0000BR)

Top 10 Notebooks Up To 2000 Reais In 2020 - Purchase Manual

The S145 series from Lenovo is a real sales success thanks to its great cost benefit. This is the most basic model that it has to offer, for those looking for a notebook just to basic tasks well, because it has a Celeron N4000 processor, which is targeted for entry computers. Your RAM is 4GB, so do not abuse the multi-tasking of this model.

It has 500 GB of internal storage and a 15.6-inch screen with HD resolution. The S145 is a compact and lightweight notebook, so it’s a good choice for those who need to carry the computer often.

3º – Samsung Essentials E20

Top 10 Notebooks Up To 2000 Reais In 2020 - Purchase Manual

Line And Samsung has models a little more input, for those people who are on a basic budget or need a laptop for simple applications such as text editors. It features a Dual Core processor, which is not very powerful, but delivers an honest performance, one that is coupled with 4 GB of RAM.

To store your personal files, this model has a 500 GB HD, which can be easily exchanged for a larger one if necessary. Its display is 15.6 inches and resolution HD, which is common in notebooks of this price. In addition to having a simple and beautiful design, it is also very light and easy to carry.

4 – Positive Stilo XC7660

Top 10 Notebooks Up To 2000 Reais In 2020 - Purchase Manual

domestic manufacturing model, Positive has several very basic notebooks, such as the XC7660. he has an I3 processor sixth generation, the one that is getting outdated, but still manages to deliver a good performance in basic tasks and helps reduce the unit cost. Allied to this processor, it has 4 GB of RAM.

Its screen is also smaller than average, with 14 inches and HD resolution. The Stilus has USB and HDMI, and SD and MMC card reader. For internal storage, it has 1 TB capacity, which is a differential before the other models of the same price.

5º – Acer Aspire 3 (A315-53-3470)

Top 10 Notebooks Up To 2000 Reais In 2020 - Purchase Manual

This version of Acer Aspire 3 is a very cheap model, suitable for basic tasks and very light programs. However, it is important to pay attention because this notebook does not come with Windows installed at the factory, so if you have problems with Linux, your operating system, it is better to opt for other devices.

He has a sixth-generation i3 and 4 GB of RAM configuration that is not very powerful, but still yields well in simpler applications. Its display is 15.6 inches with HD resolution and it has 1 TB of internal storage. This model also has Bluetooth connection and input to the memory card.

6º – Acer Aspire 3 (A315-53-333H)

We have just shown a model of the Aspire line that has three Linux as operating system, something that ends up preventing some people from buying it. If you are in order to invest a little more to have a similar device, but with Windows factory, the right model is A315-53-333H. Note that your processor is also better, also being an i3 only seventh generation.

Just like its “brother” older, he has 4 GB of RAM, which can be expanded up to 12 GB. Its internal storage is 1 TB and its screen is also 15.6 inches with HD resolution. According to Acer, this device has a battery that can last up to 7 hours depending on your usage.

7 – Samsung F30

The SSD storage makes a difference in a notebook, so this model from Samsung, even though input, enough with the factory SSD. The downside is you will not have as much internal storage available to store your personal files, then maybe it’s time to start using the cloud for this.

Its processor is Celeron N4000 and it has 4 GB of RAM, which should be sufficient for lighter tasks. Another important point is that it is smaller than many of its competitors because it has a 13.3-inch screen with HD resolution.

8º – Lenovo IdeaPad S145 (81XM0002BR)

Another option S145 line, this time with a slightly better processor. The 81Xm0002br has an i3 processor eighth generation, which is even a more basic option but has a better performance than the models mentioned above. Coupled with 4 GB of RAM, you can run some applications that leave some of the basics, but nothing too heavy, because it does not have dedicated video card.

Its display is 15.6 inches, size that is standard in most notebooks today. It has the HD resolution, which is not the best, but can deliver satisfactory results by the unit price. To complete the set, he has a HD 1TB, a good storage space for personal files.

9º – ASUS X543

Do light devices being the focus of several companies including Asus. This notebook has less than 2 kilograms, but still delivers a big screen to increase your productivity at work or studies. It has a 15.6 inch screen with HD resolution, delivering good images within what is proposed by him to be an input device.

Its processor is a seventh-generation i3, which is not the latest, but has a good performance. You can store many personal files in this model, as it has 1 TB HD. despite being better than many models mentioned earlier, this notebook is designed for simple tasks that do not require powerful hardware.

10º – Acer Aspire 3 (A315-42-R73T)

Intel’s dominance comes in this list, it’s time to at least one vacancy for a notebook model with AMD processor. The Acer Aspire 3 is an option with Ryzen processor 3, which for many end up having a better performance than the Intel on some occasions. It is very similar to other models “Aspire 3” already mentioned in this list, so do not be surprised if you have a “Djavu”.

The A315-42-R73T has 4 GB of RAM and an internal storage of 1 TB memory, following the trend of options in your price range. To complete the set, it has a 15.6-inch HD resolution, anti-glare feature.

The top 10 cheap notebooks in 2020 – Purchase Manual

You need a new notebook, but the budget is tight? In today’s list we will indicate some notebooks with simple settings and consequently lower prices.

Notebooks with these settings are best suited for those after something only for basic tasks like surfing the internet, watching videos or edit documents. It is very interesting for those who need to take to college and do not need such high settings.

Our price range is up to R $ 2500 and we will show from simple models to some who can endure some heavier tasks.

1º – Chromebook Samsung XE500C13

The Top 10 Cheap Notebooks In 2020 - Purchase Manual

This model is extremely basic and is suitable for those who want basic tasks well and is with the short money. It’s a great option if you need a machine to take to college, for example, for reading or editing documents. It is very small and lightweight, and easy to be transported. It has an operating system called Chrome OS that is based more on internet browsing. Its display is 11.6 inches and it has only eMMC 16GB storage. It is suitable for those already familiar to use cloud services. Another plus point is its battery, which according to the manufacturer lasts up to 11 hours.

2º – COMPAQ Presario CQ31

The Top 10 Cheap Notebooks In 2020 - Purchase Manual

This model features a Celeron N3060 dual-core and reaches up to 2.8 GHz. Allied your RAM 4GB DDR3, this notebook is interesting for those who want something just for super basic tasks and does not have a very high budget. Its screen is 14 inches in HD resolution and your graphics card is an Intel HD Graphics. To complete, it has a 500 GB storage capacity. It’s a very nice option, but your battery is weak, lasting less than two hours.

3º – Acer A315-53-34Y4

The Top 10 Cheap Notebooks In 2020 - Purchase Manual

If you’re looking for a notebook with affordable price and a newer processor, the Acer A315 is your choice! This is because for a relatively low price you will take home an eighth-generation I3 with 3.4 GHz. It has 4 GB of RAM DDR4 and a 15.6-inch screen with HD resolution. Your video card is a UHD Graphics 620, then it gets interesting performances in some games. A point that draws attention is its battery, which has a range of up to 8 hours depending on your usage.

4º – HP 246 G6

The Top 10 Cheap Notebooks In 2020 - Purchase Manual

HP is a presence on our list with the G6, a model with mold a little more “traditional”, without following the trend of thinner and compact notebooks. He has a seventh-generation i3, 4 GB of RAM and an Intel HD graphics card 520. These settings are more than enough to good use in everyday tasks. Its screen is 14 inches and has anti-reflective, and your hard drive is 500 GB.

5º – ACER E5-553G-T4TJ

The Top 10 Cheap Notebooks In 2020 - Purchase Manual

Whether a basic notebook but want to play some games? Acer E5 is one of the cheapest options with dedicated video card. It features a A10-9600P Quad-core processor with 3.3 GHz and 4 GB of RAM. Your video card is an AMD Radeon R7 M440 with 2GB of dedicated memory. In addition, you get an HD 1 TB and up to 6 hours of battery life.

6 – Positive XC7660

Although many people have prejudice with the brand, the XC7660 is a good choice for those looking for an interesting model and can not spend much. It features an I3 processor sixth generation and 4GB of RAM. Also, your video card is integrated with Intel HD Graphics 520. Its screen is 14 inches and has a HD resolution. If you use too much storage to store medias and the like, this unit will also serve you well as it is equipped with 1 TB of memory.

7º – Samsung Essentials E30

Samsung also prepared a really nice model to be among the available in the input line. This is the E30, a notebook with seventh generation I3. It has 4 GB of RAM and 1 TB of storage. Its display is 15.6 inches, Full HD and anti reflection. Another positive point is that it has keypad, which although simple look is very important to many people.

8º – Vaio C14

You are looking for a model with above average speed in this price range? The Vaio C14 is a great choice! That’s because it is the only one in our list which includes SSD storage (128 GB), causing the operating system has a much more interesting performance than if it were installed on a normal HD. The cost of this is the lack of good storage capacity for media and the like. This model has a sixth-generation I3 and an integrated video card.

9º – IdeaPad 330

This notebook is one of the best cost-benefit ratio of the market because it has wattage settings and a low price for what it offers. This model is equipped with a I5 processor eighth generation, which when coupled with its 8GB of memory can deliver optimal performance for even the most demanding users. Your video card is an Intel HD Graphics 620, then you will be able to run some games without major problems.

10º – Samsung X30

In the limit of our price line we have the Samsung X30. At the moment it is costing R $ 2474, but you may find the slightly more expensive and beyond the price limit of our list. This model has an I5 processor seventh generation of 8 GB of RAM. It features Intel video card UHD Graphics 620 and 1 TB of internal storage. Besides all these specifications, it is also thinner and lighter than its brother already mentioned in this list, Essentials.


The notebook market is very wide and can give options for all types of users, from the most advanced to those who only need basic settings. The models listed here have a great performance within their settings, but it is important to note that are input devices, so if you want to use some heavier programs or play, there are other ideal models.

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The 10 best headphones to buy in 2020 – Purchase Manual

You are looking for good headphone options? We put together a list of 10 models to choose what fits your needs and also more in your pocket!

Before you look for your model, it is important to know a few differences between the more phones available in the market. They may have two different formats, namely: ear and in-ear.

The most common are the earphones that fit in the ear, but not enough to get there. Most of these models are the most “accessible” and does not have such a high quality.

The earbud are those which have a tip (usually silicon) that come within our ears. They are often preferred the galley, and have good insulation. For its popularity, there are many models available in this format and with optimal quality.

It is also important to assess whether you need a wired headset or wireless. Generally people looking for a product to exercise usually opt for wireless options, so cable does not disturb at the time of the race, for example.

Models are also available with or without a microphone, an option that helps you to answer phone calls without having to take the phone from his pocket. Also, many phones have buttons for volume control or even playing music. Models like the AirPods for example are sensitive to touch.

1º – JBL T110

The 10 Best Headphones To Buy In 2020 - Purchase Manual

Who said that JBL does not make entry phones too? The T110 has the quality seal of the brand and an affordable price for those who need a headset, but can not spend much. The build quality is great especially when you consider the value of this model on the market. Its audio quality is also quite satisfactory and it has to microphone, so you can answer your calls. Also, your cable follows that flat pattern, which makes it embarrasses inside your backpack.

2º – Sony MDR – AS410AP

The 10 Best Headphones To Buy In 2020 - Purchase Manual

A good option for those who make physical activity and looking for a wired headset. In the finish that provides strength and also a high resistance to sweat and water, it has a different AS410AP fitting, which runs around in his ear and maintains tight during their races. Those who practice exercises that require a lot of movement knows that it is complicated to find a phone that does not release easily from the ear, then this template helps solve this problem. Its sound quality is very good and he has microphone, plus a button to answer your phone calls. It is a very affordable option for those looking for something quality and simple.

3º – Xiaomi AirDots

The 10 Best Headphones To Buy In 2020 - Purchase Manual

Wireless and compact headphones are becoming fashionable especially out there and have been popularized since the launch of Airpods, Apple. Of course, Chinese companies would not stay out of this market, and the Xiaomi decided to invest in its own model, and as always, focused on quality at an affordable price. They follow the simple format adopted by other companies. Its audio quality is very good and has built-in microphones, so you can answer calls. They have touch-sensitive sensors on the sides, allowing you to swap music, play or pause among other functions. Its battery can last up to 05 hours and it also has its capsule so it can be saved and loaded.

4º – Gout Baseus P31

The 10 Best Headphones To Buy In 2020 - Purchase Manual

This option is geared for those with iPhone as it has a Lightning connector. The P31 has a great sound quality thanks to a high-rate decoding chipset, which makes the sound with a very clear quality. It features microphone and volume buttons, as well as a mold that surrounds a bit his ear to make sure he will not fall even during physical activities, for example. Another plus point is its cable, which has 1.2 meters.

5º – JBL E25T

The 10 Best Headphones To Buy In 2020 - Purchase Manual

Wireless headphones always have a price above the average of headphones so sometimes is a bit tricky to find good options other than the eye of man. The E25BTe a cost-effective option for those who want to start venturing into the world of wireless headphones. Available in two colors, this phone has a great construction and also great quality audio. Its battery lasts about 8 hours, which is a good use of time. It features microphone so you can answer calls, but some users report that the quality is not the best.

6º – Jaybird X3

Aimed at people who practice physical exercises, Jaybird is a high-level option for those seeking wireless headset and also has a high resistance. It is proof of sweat and has extra tips, silicone or foam. As it is a very light phone, you end up not feeling it in the body while running. The quality of your sound is very good and has a good noise insulation and can be customized with the available tips. Its battery lasts up to 8 hours, requiring two hours to charge it completely. Something interesting is that it has fast loading, where with 10 minutes of charging you earn one hour of battery. It features a controller to change music tracks or answer phone calls. On the downside can quote their price is quite salty.

7º – UrBeats3

The UrBeats3 is an in-ear headset option for those looking for a brand of high construction standards. He has a great durability and is its sound quality is extremely good. It’s a very beautiful option and that is not flashy, and is available in two versions: black and black with red. Interestingly this model is that it brings a choice of tips, so you can choose the one that best pleases you and also the most comfortable. His flat cable helps the phone to not embarrass easily. This option has microphone and button to answer calls. In addition, it is compatible with Apple devices (lightning connector choose the time of purchase). One negative is the price of this product that ends up being too high.

8º – Razer Hammerhead Pro

One of the most popular devices in the world of brands could not be left off this list. Razer comes strong in the headphones market with the Hammerhead Pro, an in-ear well advanced model. The look is one that has become the brand’s signature, a mixture of green-fluorescent and black. Its finish is very well done and has a very comfortable fit, and a very good sound quality. It is used by some professional players including CS: GO, which already shows that you can rely on the audio of this model. He has adapters to be used in many different devices, and switch to calls, control volume and even microphone.

9º – AirPods

Apple is betting on a wireless future for your brand and AirPods come as a great investment in this segment. The W1 chipset offers a great sound quality, and a lot of convenience when paired with brand products. These headphones have a “box” for storage that doubles as charger base. Simply open this little box near your Iphone they already automatically be recognized and will be ready for pairing. It is equipped with sensors that detect when you put the headphones on and when the cut, giving play or stopping music for your convenience. Just double-tap on the side of one of the phones that Siri is activated and you can do voice searches using built-in microphones. The battery of these phones lasts up to five hours and can be monitored entirely by phone. The case also has its own battery, so you can put your headphones to load without it being plugged in. Moreover, the rapid charging function is included in this model, 15 minutes to carry hours of autonomy. This device can be connected with androids, but loses much of its functionalities. The format is not the best and to be one size fits all ends up not getting good ear of some people. Another negative is the price of this phone which is quite high.

10º – Gear IconX

A couple of smart phones designed to compete in the market place with AirPods, Apple, being a dedicated compact option for sports. The first interesting point of this device is that it has an internal memory (4GB), so you can use it paired via Bluetooth with your mobile phone or just independently from past songs for him. When we say that was a dedicated option for those who practice exercise a lot, we were not kidding. It has a reader heartbeat and even accelerometer sensor for reading of their movements. All these data are displayed on your phone via Samsung’s app. You can collect data from your workout synchronizing the phone with the company’s application, and play a headphone (chosen as dominant for you in the application), will start training in the application. This area of ​​the apparatus touches is quite effective and gives the user a number of functions like moving songs, pause or play to start a workout, activate commands among others. Another feature is the sound system, which uses microphones to capture the sounds of where you are and pass along to the music, something interesting for you do not get totally immersed. The unit of length can vary depending on what features you use. Using to listen to music and also with the said monitoring, it lasts between one and two hours, time is increasing if the sensors are desligados.Sua base provides up to five charges for headphones, these loads that last at least half an hour for them to be used again. This handset has a high price and does not deliver a sound quality befitting its value, making it clear that much of the price is by all its features.


Wired headset or wireless? With microphone? These and other questions will have different answers for different users, so there are so many options on the market for the most different tastes. It is important to assess the durability of the phone and if possible check how comfortable it is in your ear format. If practice exercises, be sure to pay attention to models that already are targeted to this audience, because in addition to having an adapted ergonomics, are more resistant to factors such as excess sweat. Use caution when running with wireless headphones that are compact (not of a cable connecting the two sides), many people report that they end up losing some headphones while they exercised.

What did you think of our list? Have any other headphone statement? Leave in the comments!

The 8 best cooktops to buy in 2020 – Purchase Manual

Have you heard of Cooktops? Perhaps you do not remember the name, but surely seen any in novels, movies or even in the house of a friend. Basically a cooktop is only part of the stove flames, ie, it is a platform, usually made of hardened stainless steel or glass, and on top of that are located mouths. These products do not have electric oven.

People out there, the cooktops are becoming famous in Brazil. In addition to modern and stylish for your kitchen, you can save space with these devices because you can put them on top of a bench, for example. On the negative side, you will need to buy an oven part of the product.

There are three types of cooktops:

Gas cooktop:

Functions as a normal stove, it is usually cheaper and you do not have problems with utensils.

Electric cooktop:

They have a resistance that make electricity turn heat. It does not consume gas and has a simple installation, as well as various functions that the gas model does not have as precise digital temperature control. Moreover, it is also easier to clean, it does not have flames, it is just a smooth surface. On the downside we highlight the slow change in temperature and also the need for specific pans.

Induction cooktop:

are the latest models. Energized use copper coils that come in contact with magnetic surfaces and generate heat. They also have various functions such as precise temperature control, cleaning is easy and very simple installation. Moreover, they are more secure because only heat the marked areas. These models have an energy-efficient and can reach high temperatures in a few seconds. The downside is the high price of this model and the need for specific pans.

Now that you know the difference between each type, check out some points to watch out for in choosing a cooktop:

Number of mouths:

Evaluate how many mouths you need in your home, as there are cooktops from one mouth to 6. It is important to see the power of these burners mouths because usually the companies put up to three different powers to give more versatility when it comes to cooking. So you can put the biggest pot in the mouth with higher power, average pot in semi-fast options and more.

Stainless steel or tempered glass:

The stainless steel is a better material, more resistant, elegant and consequently more expensive. The models more affordable use tempered glass, which is also a great material, have a great finish and are easy to clean.

Additional functions:

Usually these are present in models for induction, but you will find touch panels, timers, digital temperature controls, turbo power, safety locks and other attractions. Take this into consideration when making your choice.

Here are some models we have prepared for you:

1 – Induction Cooktop, Perfect Cuisine

The 8 Best Cooktops To Buy In 2020 - Purchase Manual

You need a cooktop only one mouth? Know that there are many models available in the market, and as an example we show the Perfect Cuisine, Cadence. He is a cooktop that works by induction, that is, uses electricity as a power source. This has only one mouth and its temperature can be adjusted between 60 ° C and 240 ° C, it all via digital display and adjustment knob. It features a tempered glass surface is easy to be cleaned. In addition, we also have a timer so you can program the operating time and go do other things. It is worth noting that this model is not dual voltage.

2 – cooktop with 4 Bocas Gas Glass Table Black 1519 Fischer

The 8 Best Cooktops To Buy In 2020 - Purchase Manual

With tempered glass made platform, this cooktop has four burners, one of them with fast burner 3000W and the other three burners semi-rapid 1750W. It has individual trivets, so you can clean the easy way. Like other models, it has automatic lighter. Works with LPG or natural gas, and can be connected either 127 or 220v. It is an interesting option for those looking for something cheaper.

3º – Fischer from 1642 to 6985

The 8 Best Cooktops To Buy In 2020 - Purchase Manual

This cooktop is very interesting and users give good reviews for the product. He has five mouths, one of them triple burner Power 3700W, 3000W quick and three semi-fast power 1750W, all to give a lot of convenience and versatility to the product. It features a glass table in black, making cleaning easy. He has superautomatico lighting, individual trivets and the regular burners. Another important point is that this model uses gas as a form of power.

4 – Cooktop Consul Facilitate Black CD075AE, 5 Burners

The 8 Best Cooktops To Buy In 2020 - Purchase Manual

With tempered glass made platform, this model of consul is another option that can please those who do not have a high budget but want something of quality. It runs on gas and has five mouths, two burners with fast 3000W power and three burners semi 1800W power fast. As it is done in black glass and all grills are individual flames it is easy to clean this product. It also features superautomatico firing.

5 – Cooktop Fischer 2Q Table Vitroceramic Induction

The 8 Best Cooktops To Buy In 2020 - Purchase Manual

For those looking for something small, with only two mouths but want a newer technology, Fisher 2Q is a great choice. Cle has two mouths of different sizes so you can use with different pans. It works by induction, so can reach high temperatures in a few seconds. You have control of their functions through the touch. He has nine temperature levels, power button and off, timer function, indicating system of hot surface and pan sensor.

6 – Brastemp Enable Touch Timer 5 Bocas Bivolt BDT85AE

This cooktop Brastemp is a very interesting option for those who have more budget to spend on a better model. At first glance we noted that its construction is first-rate, with glass platform and crates, Piatina iron. It runs on gas and has an excellent performance, with five mouths positioned strategically so that about a space to use utensils. Among these mouths we have a large, one medium and three smaller. The main distinguishing feature of this model is its digital timer, which has a touch screen. Just program the preparation time and go take care of others, so you never miss the point that revenues and not have to be at the mercy of the stove. He has superautomatico firing.

7 – Cooktop Midea Midea desea 4 Bocas Induction Black

For those who need four burners, but a cooktop induction, Midea has the desea. This model is quite technical and has a very good versatility thanks to its nine power selections. If you have children at home, you can use the security system that automatically turns off the unit to remove the pot from the top of the inductors. It also features timer, for you to program the exact time of each recipe. All these functions are activated by a touch panel, and you have the information in small LEDs that sit on top of the buttons. The vitrocermica surface ensures a modern look and ease in time to clear.

8 – Cooktop Induction, Electrolux, IC80, 4 Bocas

For those who can afford to have a cooktop with one mouth and the latest technology, we recommend this model of Electrolux. It works by induction, so in addition to not need gas, you can reach high temperatures in a few seconds. Speaking of temperature, there are nine power levels present here. This model has a feature called “Turbo Power”, which releases up to 160% power for 10 minutes. The “heated” keeps food warm after ready, and we also have a gift timer so you can program the operation of certain time for each recipe. All of these settings are done through a touch panel and the values ​​are shown by small LEDs. It has button to lock it, then simply mount the settings and lock them without worrying about bumping his hand on the dashboard and change any parameter. It also features an anti spill system, so if you spill something on the device automatically turns off it.


Not to generate a lot of competition, we indicated cooktops for different requirements, so you can have the best for your specific needs. These products will leave your kitchen more beautiful, elegant and will also facilitate the task of cooking, since in most of the time are more efficient than ordinary stoves.

If you want to continue giving us an upgrade in your kitchen, you can take a look at other indications that we have prepared. We airfryers, water purifiers, pipoqueiras, coffee makers, electric grills, toasters, mixers, blenders, electric kettles and even bakeries!

The 7 best air conditioning appliances portable – Buy Manual

Brazil is a tropical country and in many periods of the year just suffering from the intense heat. One of the alternatives for this is the air conditioning, but what about when you can not get the installation of traditional designs on their wall for various reasons? Do not worry, for this there is the portable air conditioner.

These models have the advantage of mobility and easy installation, since you can easily change your room set, for example, and do not need any professional to install since it does not need reforms or something. These models also end up being cheaper than traditional, called Splits.

The disadvantage ends up being that they are less powerful than wall options, and end up being better for small rooms. Remember that portable models have a wand, make the switch to hot air from the cold, and you should put this pipe in a window, for example, so that it cools your environment and throw the hot air out of the house.

When choosing a model, you should be aware of some special features such as power, noise, amount of power consumption, and the main functions: BTUs. The symbol means BTU British Thermal Unit (British Thermal Unit), relates to the amount of cold required to reduce the media temperature liter of water up to 0.56 ° C. It is used to measure 600 BTUs for every square meter in rooms that receive little sunlight during the day and 800 BTUs per square meter for rooms with lots of sunlight.

The amount of electronics on site, number of lamps, lots of windows and curtains and how many people will be in the environment also influences the overall calculation, but you can have a rough base with the help of the table below:

1º – Gree portatil 10000 BTUs

The 7 Best Air Conditioning Appliances Portable - Buy Manual

A dedicated inexpensive option for smaller rooms. The Gree has 10,000 BTUs and has three operating modes, namely: Cold mode (16 ° C to 30 ° C), dry operation mode (a drier option) and Fan Mode, where the air conditioning issue only wind, running as the same fan. It has tough outer shell to rain and sun exposure, as well as having a level of very low noise. The downside of this model is that it ends up not doing very well in slightly larger environments.

2º – Springer Midea portatil 12000 BTUs

The 7 Best Air Conditioning Appliances Portable - Buy Manual

Equipped with R-410a intelligent fluid that does not harm the ozone layer, this device is very simple as to their functions, but can deliver a good quality cooling. It has the function “sleep”, which regulates the room temperature for up to 7 hours. Another distinguishing feature of this handset is that it is very economical when compared to other list, so if you’re afraid of the electricity bill can become more quiet here. It also features functions “Timer” and “Do Not Disturb”, but does not have hot cycles. Transportation can be a little tricky too because unlike some other models, it does not have wheels.

3º – Btus Tcl Ap6018br

The 7 Best Air Conditioning Appliances Portable - Buy Manual

With a design somewhat different from the standard and targeted air vents up, Tcl AP60 18br is a well-praised model on the market. It is compact and easy to carry around the house because of their wheels. With 10,000 BTUs of power it is ideal for environments up to 20m. This model has three modes, namely: cooling function (cooling environment at a selected temperature); function vent (air fan is stationary, winding the house up to three different speeds) and dehumidify (lower relative humidity). The downside of this model is that it is a bit more expensive compared to competitors with the same power.

4 – 4 in 1 Philco PH10000F2

The 7 Best Air Conditioning Appliances Portable - Buy Manual

A low-cost option as well for those looking for a portable air conditioner for a small room. That’s because it has “only” 9,000 BTUs, with 1200W power and 499,8m³ /. While the numbers look big, it ends up not showing this performance in slightly larger rooms. The good news is that even with a low-cost option, it has automatic drain, and is very light and compact. The bad news is that in addition to being the most powerful device, it is not hot and cold.

5 – Olimpia Splendid Piu 12000 BTUs

The 7 Best Air Conditioning Appliances Portable - Buy Manual

A more focused option for the cost-benefit ratio. The Olimpia Piu has 1050W of power and a flow rate of 480m³ / h. Despite the manufacturer say that he can and freeze one to environment 25m², its 12,000 BTUs end up being suitable for rooms of up to 20m² at most, so keep it tuned. It is a very quiet model and has a nice feature especially for those who live in cold places: hot and cold. So if you’re looking for something to leave your room nice and warm on cold days, the tweet will do the trick. On the downside we highlight the lack of automatic drain, then you have to stay tuned on the machine’s water container.

6º – Delonghi Pinguino 12000 BTUs N120

The Pinguino has a very interesting design, with a robust finish and being sold in black. It has tactile and remote control panel so that its functions can be controlled from afar. With 12,000 BTUs, it ensures cooling in medium-sized environments and has three speeds. This model also comes with a dehumidification function, which prevents the proliferation of bacteria and fungi in the air. This device is pretty quiet and should not disturb your nights sleep.

7º – DeLonghi Pinguino Turbo Silent 14500 BTUs

One of the best on the market. The DeLonghi has an air flow of 330m³ / h, which is not the largest, but its power of 14,500 BTUs just managing to make it well. It has 1400W of power and can adjust the room temperature quickly. If you are looking for an option with less noise it also ends up serving well, as its noise level is 21.5 to 54.5 Db. It has system of self drainage water and the Real Feel technology which cools the environment while dry air. He has different speeds, air filter, timer, remote control and other features. This model turns out to be very expensive, so prepare your pockets when purchasing one. Another downside is its size, which ends up being a little big and can be a problem in places with little space. Its consumption is not the most economical due to its power.


Portable air conditioner comes to save the lives of those who can not or will not do fixed installations in their homes, or who need to cool small rooms as well. Those who live in apartments and can not make any changes in the structure is the perfect choice to escape the heat.

Although not as strong as the traditional ones, these devices can deliver a great performance. Factors such as mobility can carry them anywhere is also a big plus point when choosing laptops. The market is very fierce with many models available, which greatly benefits the consumer who can choose a product that fits perfectly on your needs.

It has managed to choose a portable air conditioner? Comments there which model you like best!