EAPRIL Pre-Conference

EAPRIL Pre-Conference


November 22, 13h-17h30

Target group

Open to everyone. Mainly dedicated to

  • Newcomers in the field of practitioner research (incl. academic junior researchers, practitioner researchers, …);
  • Practitioners and teachers, who wish to attain / improve their research competences. (including participants who are enrolled in a master training programme.


For Master students and newcomers in the field of practitioner research (both international and local participants): This pre-conference aims to offer them an international dissemination platform with the possibility to receive specific comments and/or guidance from peers as well as more experienced practitioner researchers (senior researches, teachers and other practitioners, and EAPRIL board members) as well as peers. This will support them in (1) setting up a practitioner research project or study, (2) deepening or improving their research plans (3) discussing methodological issues and challenges in their research, (4) preparing and submitting an attractive and high-quality conference abstract, (5) presenting their project in a clear and in-depth manner, as well as engaging in a profound discussion, and (6) meeting and networking with researchers who have similar research interests.


For more experienced researchers: This pre-conference offers a possibility and a place to organise a project meeting or a preparatory meeting with project partners. EAPRIL is happy to offer the space, the programme and content of the meeting should be organised by the researchers themselves.

Programme structure (13h-17h30)

13h – 14h: Opening + panel discussion by senior (practitioner-)researchers.

  • Opening, based on article in Vocations & Learning of Hannu Heikkinen, Frank de Jong and Ruben Vanderlinde (Special Issue). The authors are invited to introduce the theme, and to shed light on this article.
  • Panel Discussion: Students will be invited to send in questions beforehand (October 20) so that the panel discussants can take them into account when preparing this session. Questions the panel speakers can focus on could involve also specific methodological questions e.g. How many interviews are needed to get reliable results, How can I assure that the results/recommendations will be implemented?, How can I secure ownership/involvement of the project in my team?,…

14h – 15h: Roundtable / Poster sessions (submissions are needed)

  • Students are invited to submit their roundtable or poster presentations (Roundtable per 3, each 30 minutes / Poster per 5, 90 minutes in total)
  • An extra submission round will be organised in September for these extra submissions of master students. Final deadline September 15 (no extension). Special link will be communicated to coordinators of the programmes by end of August.
  • These submissions reviewed by board members and by coordinators of master programmes (not of their own students).
  • Senior researchers will be invited by EAPRIL to attend these sessions (1 senior per session at least)

15h – 15h30: Coffee break

15h30 – 16h30: Workshop – activity  (2 options, to choose 1)

  • Option 1: Invited workshop 1 (e.g. meta competences, e.g. academic writing, writing a good research proposal, interactive methods for presenting my research, …)
  1. The added value of research for my school? How to stimulate a research culture and competences at school? How to make sure your results will be used/have impact? (subject to change)
  2. Extra workshop themes to be communicated (suggestions from master student programme coordinators are appreciated)
  • Option 2: Workshop ‘Small-scale case study (in a local Portuguese school)’: Option A) Set up a small-scale study in cooperation with local Portuguese school or Option B) discuss a case study presented by a school. Students can use this workshop moment to A) discuss a research design and all related steps to set up this project or B) to discuss the challenges related to the case study presented. This workshop will be moderated by a board member. (will be checked with Local Organising Committee and schools involved. Update will follow later)

16h30 – 17h30: Slow dating with senior researchers (in small group of students)

  • Students are invited to book a timeslot with a senior researcher to discuss their research/general issues/share opinions. They would have to do some preparatory work for this for the best use of time e.g.
  • The clearer you are on what support you need from the senior researcher, the more you will get out of the 15-minute conversation but please remember this is a taster. Spend time thinking through what you want to achieve and what areas you want to discuss with the senior researcher.
  • Develop a 2-minute description of your research that provides a context for the problems or challenges you would like to discuss.
  • Research issue or challenge: what are my options, what are the advantages and disadvantages of my research focus? What are my ultimate objectives?
  • After your session, reflect and note any actions from your session. That is, which action points am I going to take forward?

 (morning: optional school visit)


EAPRIL Conference, including pre-conference programme

  • Early bird fee as an existing EAPRIL Student member (i.e. Bachelor or Master student – student category 2): 265 euro (including Pre-conference activity, if opted for)
  • Regular fee as an existing EAPRIL Student member (i.e. Bachelor or Master student – student category 2): 365 euro (including Pre-conference activity, if opted for)

Pre-conference programme (November 22, afternoon 13h-17h30, optional school visit at surplus fee)

  • Master students: Free of charge if they participate in the EAPRIL Conference (265 euro early–bird fee, 365 euro regular fee)
  • Master students: 50 euro (if they only participate in the pre-conference)
  • EAPRIL members: 50 euro
  • EAPRIL Non-members: 65 euro

School or company visit (November 22, morning (for participants of pre-conference programme) or afternoon, 1 option to choose from)

  • 35 euro (for all participants surplus)