Presentations 2015

In the same order as the conference programme, you can find the available presentations here:

A6. Jean-Luc Patry – The Pedagogical Tact

B1.2 Manon Hulsbeek – STIP-approach

B3.3 Niek Van den Berg – Naturally Curious

B4.2 Gloria Nogueiras – Dialogical podcasts to promote reflection and autonomy in Higher Education

B6.2 Wilbert Van der Heul – Metacognitive strategies as predictor for better test results

B8.2 Maud Olde Daalhuis – Talent4Tech

B10.2 Marjo Joshi  – E-TUBE

C3.1 Laura Tamassia – Research in Motion

C7. Ewa Wapinska – Exploring a Goldmine of Classroom Practices

D3.1 Michael Paraskevi-Chrysantou – Teachers’ beliefs for FA in math teaching and learning

D4.2 Barbara Vos-ten Have – Reciprocal Peer Tutoring

D5.1 Ab Bertholet – Biased Risk Decisions

D5.2 Hans De Vries – Co-creation

D7.1 Robert Reuter – Fostering reflective thinking

D7.2 Zarina Charlesworth – From digital natives to digital learners

D8.1 Mieke Goos – 456’s got talent

D9.2 Sibel Burçer – Erasmus difficulties Turkish students in Latvia

E4.2 David Herrero – Oral presentation skills for elementary education students

E5.1 Rineke Keijzer  – Mentor in Mind

E5.2 Rebecca Eliahoo – Critical Incidents in Mentoring

E6.1 Els Laenens – Laenens_Impact of student centred learning environments

E7.1 Marike Klomp – Team research on classroom explorative dialogues

F9.1 Rene Boom – Adventure based experiental Learning

F11.2 Heikki Kontturi – Self-regulated learning in primary education

G1.4 Nathalie Hack – Tablet cloud systems for elementary science education

G11 Bram Pynoo – Teacher design teams

H5. Yun Song – Inquiry learning with tablets

H11 Windesheim Roundtable – What do teachers learn form research about assessment

H13.3 Toon Dehandschutter – Team Teaching

I4.1 Anastasia Lobanova – Place Value principle

I7.1 Koen Beirens – Learning ICT Skills for young higher educated civil servants

I8.3. Zwanie van Rij-Haze –First steps into hybrid teaching (within international collaborative context)

I9.3 Stefania Lovece – Tool for video analysis

I11.1 Eva Wascher – I-LINC Platform for ICT learning and inclusion for youth employability and entrepreneurship

J4.2 Pieter Tijtgat – The Teacher and the Brain

J5.1 Bénédicte Halba – Diversity and discrimination