Keynote Speakers

Keynote speakers (45 minutes)

Pasi Sahlberg Prof. Dr., Finland.

Director General of CIMO (National Centre for International Mobility and Cooperation)
Keynote Abstract

Frank de Jong Prof. Dr., the Netherlands.

Professor of Education Stoas University of Applied Sciences and Teacher Education, The Netherlands, Chair of EAPRIL
Keynote Abstract

Patrick Belpaire, Belgium.

President of The European Training and Development Federation (ETDF)
Keynote Abstract

These speakers will have a timeslot of 45 minutes in the main conference room where they will present their keynote.

Q&A Session with the Keynote Speakers (60 minutes)

During a time slot after the keynotes, participants have the opportunity to have a meeting with the keynote speaker to ask questions about the content of the keynote. The session will take place in a smaller room for a limited number of participants. Because we want to keep this session intimite and face-to-face, we would like to ask the participants only to attend this session if you have specific questions for the keynote speaker. During this session there will also be parallel sessions in the other rooms.