You can find the EAPRIL 2012 Conference programme here online

‘Interaction’ is a keyword at the EAPRIL Conference. To stimulate this interaction the EAPRIL conference makes use of some very interactive presentation formats.

The six presentation formats are:

– Present and Discuss Session (P&D)

– Thematic Roundtable (Roundtable)

– Workshop (Workshop)

– Practice and Research Dialogue Session (P&R)

– Creative Session (Crea)

– Poster (Poster)


When submitting a contribution the presenters were asked to select a cloud which corresponds best with their submission.

The twelve clouds are:

1. Teacher Education

2. Teachers’ Professional Development

3. Teacher Competence and Professional Actions

4. Innovation and Learning Practice

5. HRD and Workplace Learning

6. ICT, Media and Learning

7. Health Care, Social Work and Nursing Education

8. Environment, Science and Engineering

9. Economics and Legal Education

10. Culture, Language and Arts

11. Physical Education and Sports

12. Practice-based Research and Inquiry