Professional Gamers Make More Then University Grad

Its not even so much about the companies behind the games. Its more because Valve allows players/fans to buy compendiums which give buyers cool cosmetics and other stuff and enables them to unlock all sorts of stuff.

A portion of each sale goes towards the prize pool of the tournament. And they set milestones. For each milestone, which is essentially when the prize pool reaches X amount in set intervals, Valve unlocks more perks/rewards for all compendium buyers.

IT works really well as you can tell as they have consistently been able to break prize pool records.

Actually the players are mostly responsible for the prize pool by buying compendium or compendium levels. (and treasure chest for skins I think).

Dota players also get incomes from organisations eg: navi fnatic etc, etc, we’re talking about the income from riot not from sponsors or clans etc because dota players receive that swell.

Riot sponsors a league called lcs were every player participating gets a monthly income from riot as well as the organizations paycheck. A steady income is way way better than a bigger price pool at the end of the year.

so how prize distribution have changed in 2 years? At least there is majors now. Also 50 players make just 10 teams which is less than competed in the ti6. Not that the 13th-16th get 0.5% of prize pool still 20k

The 100th highest earner in dota makes almost the same as a top 25 player in lol and the top lol player onky earns the same as no.60 in dota, you say after the top 100 the earnings drop off in dota and become lower then lol, please show me some data to support that statement, also riot doesnt support players below the top 100, so why would they out earn dota players after the top 100 when they dont recieve salaries OR high prize pools – makes no sense and is inconsistent with the evidence we do have. A lot of times these players are still very young.