Review: Monitor Dell Alienware Aw2518Hf – Manual Da Compra

Review: Monitor Dell Alienware AW2518HF – Manual da Compra

Alienware is a famous brand among gamers and has been in business for over 10 years. His trademark was always create and powerful computer hardware and facing the games, but over time the company was expanding its list of products by investing in peripheral segment and related. Acquired in 2006 by Dell, the company now also manufactures mouses, keyboards and monitors to gamers. A monitor model that is gaining attention is the AW2518HF, facing the most demanding public.

This monitor has screen TN 24.5-inch Full HD resolution and essential settings for gamers as a high refresh rate, a low response time and technologies that improve gaming performance. Continue reading this review we find out a little more about AW2518HF!

Review: Monitor Dell Alienware Aw2518Hf - Manual Da Compra

AW2518HF: Design and finishing

Those already familiar with the Alienware products know that the company does not skimp when creating models with modern and well-flashy designs. With this monitor is no different, the company follows the current trend of screen use, avoiding thick edges and offering the consumer something very immersive. Another interesting factor of this type of design is that if you are working with more than one monitor, it is better still time to join them because of the very thin edges.

Review: Monitor Dell Alienware Aw2518Hf - Manual Da Compra

It has a finish with well-defined geometric shapes, which give a modern air to the unit. Your back does not have many details, the matte gray color is complemented only by the logo of the company. It has air vents to improve ventilation, which many may be confused with speakers, but no, it does not have this feature.

Review: Monitor Dell Alienware Aw2518Hf - Manual Da Compra

On the issue of connections the company did not skimp: are 2 ports HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort and four USB 3.0 connections type A (one with quick charging capacity) and output for audio.

Review: Monitor Dell Alienware Aw2518Hf - Manual Da Compra

Your support is a little big, especially at the base and can take a good desk space with 20 cm deep. Despite occupying a good space, you have full control of the movement of this monitor. The adjustable height reaches 48 cm and you can rotate it 25 degrees to either side or put it at 90 ° vertical. You can adjust up to 5 ° the monitor up, if necessary.

Review: Monitor Dell Alienware Aw2518Hf - Manual Da Compra

AW2518HF: Tela

The AW2518HF TN panel has a 24.5-inch size with an aspect ratio 16: 9. The level of brightness is 400 cd / m, ensuring totally sharp and very bright images, sometimes too much. most sensitive eyes can suffer from it, but you can make settings to suit the best scenario. One downside of this model is that it has reduced blue rays, so to get much playing time you may feel some kind of headache.

A TN panel is good for improving the performance attributes that are required for those who want to play at a high level, such as the response time. The cost of this is slightly distorted colors and not as vibrant. If you try to look at this monitor from other angles, you will see that the colors will change tone, something that does not happen in other types of panels. Overall the screen quality is very good and delivers everything needed for your audience.

AW2518HF: Performance in games

Now for the part that really matters in this monitor, which is his performance in games. This model has 240Hz refresh rate, which ensures that the monitor can monitor the most wattage settings for games, with the best video cards on the market. Even 144Hz already sufficient refresh rate for most players, who really wants to raise the level of their gambles for extreme feel the power of 240Hz in some heavier titles.

The high refresh rate is combined with the AMD-Free Sync feature, which synchronizes the rate with the game and prevents blurry images and even some cuts. The response time of this product is only 1 ms, so you will not have any delay in time to play. So many features make the games are rotated in a more “natural”, with minimal variation frames. To complete the company placed a full HD resolution (1920×1080), which is not the best resolution on the market, but is far from being bad.

For you have no doubt you are enjoying or not such a big amount of refresh rate, this monitor provides a monitoring feature in real time, showing the variation rate while you play. You can use some preset modes for games, those that change the color and temperature. The available modes are: FPS, RTS and RPG. Even a timer is available if you need to use in the middle of the games (hello speedrunners). Other various configurations are available for you to make the most of all that this monitor can provide.

AW2518HF: Conclusion

For those who are looking for a high quality gamer monitor, the Alienware AW2518HF is certainly a great choice! It is not as expensive for the settings that have and will surely be able to cater to the more hardcore audience. It’s a beautiful display, with a good finish and great specifications. Its design is very modern and is not as exaggerated as other products of the brand itself.

The screen quality is good, has a great brightness and decent colors for those who want to just play. If you need something more vivid and true, this certainly is not the best option. For those who do not need an option with higher resolution than Full HD model that can meet well and deliver a great gaming experience.

AW2518HF: Technical Specifications

If AW2518HF is still not what you’re looking for, take a look at our list of monitors gamers who have other indications. For those with short money, also prepared some indications of good and cheap monitors, as well as an article just facing good options for the job.