Some impressions of our participants

Why  should you attend our Conference?
The reactions of our participants speak for themselves…

“I think it was one of the most professional conferences I have ever visited. The cloud idea was brilliant and made it easy to select sessions from the dynamic programme.

“This was my first time attending an EAPRIL Conference, and I must admit I felt very spoiled from all the attention I got from you and your colleagues, as well as by the sessions I attended. I enjoyed the company of like-minded people from all over Europe and was very impressed by the very creative way of the format of the conference.For example, the opportunity to chat with keynote speakers was a great treat!”
– Loucia Constantinou, Cypriot Teacher

“The Speed Dating sessions were a really nice way of getting to know other delegates. I felt immediately connected with colleagues from abroad.” Conference impressions

“The EAPRIL conference distinguishes itself from other conferences by its good balance between theory and practice. You always had the choice to attend either a theoretical or a practical session, as well as sessions that combined both.

“In just two days I could see what a great forum for meeting and exchanging experiences and ideas EAPRIL is and I was impressed at what fantastic hosts and organizers EAPRIL has”
– European Development Manager

“The conference focused very much on educational practice, which I hoped to see at the EAPRIL conference.”

“After further discussions with … during the conference there is a very high possibility of further collaboration with her and her colleagues, including the possibility of them training our school staff in Cyprus… It was a very fruitful experience for me and the participants.”  – Charis Charalambous, Preparatory Apprenticeship Nicosia

To Frank de Jong and the conference committee:
In my twenty years of conference going  I have rarely felt the need to congratulate the committee on outstanding achievement – but this time I shall make an exception. I have also run several conferences so I can see the situation from both sides of the fence.

As a delegate, I have enjoyed the conference in the first place because the theme that is close my beliefs has been well maintained: that professional practice is as valuable as theory. The support for this approach in the keynotes and the sessions that I have attended has been consistent and the evidence has been compelling. 
Thank you for my invitation to join you.

Secondly, I would also like to commend you all on the implementation of the conference programme that is the best I have seen. What I liked so much was the emphasis on participation, discussion and collaboration that is often missing from conference of this kind. The session titles and the instructions for submitting were particularly effective. I missed the speed dating but applaud the idea of getting to know as many colleagues as possible at the start of the event. Innovations like Flipping the Session demonstrate that the committee is prepared to take the participatory approach further and I found that the delegates were willing to undertake more active roles than I have seen in other conferences. I think a shared vision well communicated might have been the reason.

Colour coding and the app created a programme that was easy to navigate. The booklet was very helpful.

 I have had an intellectual treat and made many new colleagues. Thank you.

Kind Regards.