The 10 Best Headphones To Buy In 2020 – Purchase Manual

The 10 best headphones to buy in 2020 – Purchase Manual

Now it’s time to meet 10 models of on-ear headphones (in Portuguese-ear headphones) are phones that do not fall within your ear and usually have better insulation than the ear or earbud.

When choosing this type of phone, you should evaluate the following:

Socket head:

The plug it happens comfortably? You can adjust size? This is very important to prevent headphones shake his head. People who wear glasses must be carefully folded, as some models end up shaking the stems of the glasses and after a while you begin to feel a headache.


The pads that will in your ear should be very soft and comfortable, as well as in the previous item, after many uses they may start to annoy and hurt you. The quality of them is also directly linked to how your phone will be able to isolate external sounds.

Sound quality:

Of course the most important is the sound quality of the handset. Full-bodied bass, sound crystal clear and without distortion and a good equalization are key points. Models that provide settings for these parameters via applications require special attention.

Wired or wireless:

This is a factor that is totally personal, but lately adherence to wireless headphones is being very large, as they already have a good battery life, and consider the fact that many cell phones today do not have more input P2.


If you want to answer calls, give commands by voice assistants like Siri or even play with your phone, you must choose an option that has built-in microphone.

Insulation and noise cancellation:

These features serve to let you fully immersive what you’re listening. It is interesting to when you are at home and want to disconnect from the world, or just want to have a better experience watching a movie or playing something. Usually, noise-canceling headphones have other “profiles” to partially shut down this function and allow you to walk in the street, for example, where you can not get totally immersed in the external sounds.

Without further ado, check out the best headphones in our indications:

1 – Sony MDRZX110

The 10 Best Headphones To Buy In 2020 - Purchase Manual

If you need a headphone with a price a little more input, Sony also has templates for your budget. The MDRZX110B.AE is a cockroach and very cool option. He has a very clear sound with dynamic drivers of 30mm. Its cushion is soft and provides the same comfort over long hours of use. It can isolate and songs and has a beautiful design. It is a lightweight model and can be folded so that the transport is facilitated. As is a more basic model, it does not have any volume control, music or even microphone on your wire.

2º – JBL JR300

The 10 Best Headphones To Buy In 2020 - Purchase Manual

JBL also thought about a returned phone model for children. The JR300 has a visual and flashy, and is available in vibrant colors like red with blue, a mixture of roses, blue with orange. It is a lightweight model and size adapted for children. Its volume is also adapted to not cause any problems and the pillows are very soft. Until the plug had its reworked design for the children to have an easier time connecting it. The audio quality is very good, the standard of the company. The downside is that if your child wants some more neutral colors, something less flashy, will run out of options.

3º – JBL C300

The 10 Best Headphones To Buy In 2020 - Purchase Manual

JBL produces great products in the audio field, and for those with short money the company introduced the C300. it is compact and very light, and has a very interesting audio quality. His bass is full-bodied and sound has a very nice sharpness. The pads are very comfortable and can be folded for easy transport. You can use it for hours will not feel any discomfort. Its design is not ugly, but neither has anything flashy, so in terms of beauty it is a handset ok, nothing to praise or criticize. The downside of this model is that your cable is very simple, not feeling a sense of something very sturdy and without any control (volume, move songs or something).

4 – Motorola Bluetooth Press

The 10 Best Headphones To Buy In 2020 - Purchase Manual

Many people are getting adept to wireless headphones, especially with most of the mobile phones of the new generation eliminating the P2 entry. Motorola has launched the Pulse, a model more “cheap” and with a very interesting quality. It has passive noise isolation, blocking external noises. In addition, you can control the music by some buttons that are located on its side. With Bluetooth 4.1 connection. The company promises up to 20 meters connection, and your battery has battery life of 10 hours. It also features microphone so you can answer your phone calls. The downside of this model is that some people end up complaining of a certain facility, plus any disconnection of the device.

5º – Edifier W800BT

The 10 Best Headphones To Buy In 2020 - Purchase Manual

How about a range of up to 75 hours on a wireless phone? The W800BTBK manages this feat! According to the manufacturer, are up to 75 hours of use or 800 hours in standby mode, this thanks to Bluetooth technology with CSR, with high efficiency transmission and with the least possible consumption. To charge this device are needed three hours in the making. He has a great finish and soft pillows as well, which provide a great background noise cancellation. Their sound is well crystalline, with strong and expressive bass. It has microphone, which can be used to answer calls, use voice commands to the phone and gambles.

6º – Sony MDR-7506

If you are looking for a handset with a focus on more professional jobs, the MDR-7506 is a good choice. Its sound quality is excellent, with a closed design and noise reduction. It’s great for anyone working with recordings, for example. It is foldable for easy transport and has a spiral cable format, preventing the same roll or embarrass and giving greater durability. Beauty is not the strong point of this model, but as a forward option for work and usually you will not leave him in the street, this query ends up being “forgiven.” This phone is not among the cheapest, but also is far from well expensive models to the brand itself.

7º – Sony MDR-XB650BT

The 650BT is a great option for those looking for a wireless headset with quality and do not want to pay exorbitant prices. Its design is simple and elegant and has different colors. It is very comfortable, with soft pillows and swivel, which makes it easy to carry. The EXTRA BASS technology gives an extra emphasis on the bass. As we are talking about a wireless phone can not help but comment on your battery. According to the company, it has range of up to 30 hours of use. You can also answer telephone calls with it because it has an integrated microphone.

8º – Beats EP

With a look a little more “young” beats the bet in your model “EP” to conquer new generation. This model features the sound quality already known products of Beats, with a very clear sound, powerful bass and no distortion in the audio. His pads are very soft, so you can get an extended period with the handset without feeling any discomfort or pain. It has a control on your wire, so you can answer phone calls and even change the songs. If you need to use it on Apple products just choose the option with lightning connector when making the purchase. It is available in colors: blue, red, black and white. The downside of this model is that for those seeking a full immersion, it will not be the best option. In addition, its price is a little expensive.

9º – Sony 1000XM2

Sony is one of the great headphones manufacturers and 1000XM2 is one of its most advanced models. It is a wireless handset with an impressive sound quality, with a very good equalization and can be changed via APP (available for mobile and computer, but the configuration of a device is not “saved” to the other). Their foams are well comfortable and your bluetooth range is very interesting. The main distinguishing feature of this device is noise cancellation, which makes you isolate yourself completely from the environment. Other pre-programmed modes are available to avoid all this immersion at times, such as when you are walking on the street and need to be aware of external events. Its battery lasts about 20 hours with noise cancellation enabled, but if you choose to turn off this function, will make more runtime. It comes with cable so you can use it without spending battery. With 10 minutes of charge you get an hour of use. With so much quality this model comes out for a price well salty and this is its downside.

10º – Bose Quietcomfort 35

This is probably the best wireless phone canceling market noise. Your audio is well balanced with an equalizer that works constantly to his music sounds always good, regardless of style. The company offers an application so that you can manage the equalizer, control level of noise cancellation and other functions. Speaking of cancellation, just push the button on its side to turn on the function, which will give you a new level of immersion. You can also adjust the level of that function for different situations and environments. It has connection with virtual assistants and cell phones you can use voice commands by phone. Are two microphones with noise cancellation, so you can also use it for phone calls. The company promised an update for this model is compatible with the Alexa, virtual assistant Amazon. Its battery lasts up to 20 hours and it can be used wired. The downside of this model is its price, which is extremely high.