The 10 Best Mouse Pads In 2020

The 10 Best Mouse Pads In 2020 – Purchase Manual

The 10 best mousepads in 2020 – Purchase Manual

You are looking for good mouse pad gamers to rock in their online games? Enough to be losing sight because your mouse is not sliding well, today we indicate 10 excellent models of mouse pads for you!

Separate options for all tastes, from small models, medium models, extra-large, options with more rigid surfaces, and even mousepads with RGB, so you can sync with the rest of your peripherals.

Here are some tips to choose a great mouse pad:

Now here are some notes:

1. Exbom MP 7035C

The 10 Best Mouse Pads In 2020 - Purchase Manual

For those seeking a mouse pad input gamer, this model is an interesting option. It features a rubberized non-slip base, and has sewn edges Nylon. Its size is enough to put the keyboard and mouse and it has 70cm x 35cm measures.

2. Redragon Suzaku Extra Large

The 10 Best Mouse Pads In 2020 - Purchase Manual

The Suzuku is one of those giant mouse pads that cover almost the whole table. This model is a great cost/benefit of Redragon and has its surface made of raw silk fabric, giving a great movement for the mouse and comfort for your wrists. It is waterproof and easy to clean, in addition to having non-slip rubber. Its overall size is 80 cm x 30 cm.

3. Corsair MM200

The 10 Best Mouse Pads In 2020 - Purchase Manual

The MM200 is a very good mouse pad Corsair and has a super affordable price. Its surface is cloth and offers a great slip, being optimized for gaming sensors. Its edges are sewn together, which gives more life and has non-slip rubberized feet to keep it always fixed wherever you are.

4. Corsair MM300 Small CH

The 10 Best Mouse Pads In 2020 - Purchase Manual

This mouse pad from Corsair has a smaller size, for those looking for something compact in a more “normal” size. The material in this model is quite sturdy and its edges are stitched for durability. It is a good option for those looking mouse pad accurately and quickly in time to slide the mouse. Its bottom has a non-slip rubber, which ensures that it stays in place on your computer desk.

5. HyperX Fury S Speed

The 10 Best Mouse Pads In 2020 - Purchase Manual

Slightly larger than the model cited Corsair, this mouse pad carries in its DNA the quality of peripherals HyperX. It is the Speed ​​category, has sewn edges and a very uniform surface, to provide a great slide. Also, your fabric is very soft, which is very good for your wrists.

6. Redragon Epeius, RGB, Speed

If you want a mouse pad RGB, but do not have much money to invest in more expensive models, the Redragon are here to help you! The Epeius is a model focused on speed that has RGB lighting in their edges, with up to three different ways. It has a touch button so you can change these modes, plus easy customization by software offered by the company.

7. Logitech G240

With an ultra-thin thickness, this model Logitech has many fans thanks to its cost/benefit. It has the classic size, with measurements of 28cm x 34 cm, and is done in a consistent tissue and moderate friction surface, good for low DPI settings. If you have a Logitech mouse will benefit even more, since it is adapted to the sensors of these models.

8. Razer Goliathus Terra Speed

If you like a great mouse pad, Razer has prepared an interesting well in the category Speed. The Goliathus has a fabric that is stretched, creating a flat surface, and allowing the mouse to slide smoothly quickly. He has sewn edges for a better life and a size of 44,4cm x 35,5cm.

9. Razer Vespula V2

Like the MM600 already mentioned here, this mouse pad from Razer has two faces, one for control and accuracy, with more texture rough, and one for speed, with a smoother texture. The spread of this model to the Corsair is that it also has palm rest, something very useful for those wishing to spend long hours in front of a computer. Their surfaces are non-slip.

10. Goliathus Chroma

An option with RGB Razer Goliathus is the chroma, which brings the great advantage of the possibility of synchronization of illumination colors of this mouse pad with other peripherals via Razer Synapse. It is made with a micro-textured surface, with a great performance for those looking for speed, Although he is RGB, it is not rigid as other models, so flexibility is also a plus point here.


The mousepads are just part of the set of peripherals you need to have a good gamer setup. If you also want some suggestions for other equipment to your computer, you may be taking a look at other lists that we have prepared. It has mice, keyboards, monitors and headsets.