The 13 Best Electric Pressure Cookers In 2020 – Purchase Manual

The 13 best electric pressure cookers in 2020 – Purchase Manual

Who cooks knows that any appliance that can make this task quicker and easier is welcome. There are several options to help you in time to prepare the food, but one of the most sought is the electric pressure cooker, which besides you save a good time at the time of preparation of all kinds of food, it also gives more security you .

There are several useful features that are not present in these pots and make them much more useful than a conventional pot, but of course also more expensive. Many people are afraid of pressure cookers, since it is common to see accidents involving them, but with electric models you can stay carefree, they have several systems to detect any problem, be it high pressure, above the average temperature among others to detect these problems automatically turns off the pot alone.

As we said, the practicality is also a very important factor in this appliance, as they have many interesting features. You can use the “Timer” function to set when they will start cooking and after it’s done, you do not have to worry about going out there and turn it off, as do it alone. Moreover, they are also easy pots to be cleaned, as they have internal nonstick finish, which leaves no food to stick.

There are other different features that you would not have in a common pressure cooker, as the possibility of frying and sauteing food, have ready-made schedules, change the level of pressure among others. For you know the right size pot for your home, just use the formula for the amount of people in the house +1, that is, if your home has 4 people, so a good pot is five liters.

Without further ado, check our list of some of the best pan models of electric market pressure. Separate options of all sizes, prices and the most different functions.

13 – Electric Pressure Cooker Britain 3 Liters

The 13 Best Electric Pressure Cookers In 2020 - Purchase Manual

Ideal for those who do not need a lot of capacity, this model of Britania is a very cheap option for you who are looking for electric pressure cooker. Like other market models, it has a timer function, so you can place the food, schedule a time for her to start and go do other things, she will cook and off alone, including keeping your heated recipe for a while.

It has nonstick interior to the food does not stick to the sides of the pan, as well as having some safety features such as automatic shutdown in the event of unusual temperature and protection against excess pressure. It is also an easy model to carry, as it has side handles and handle on its cover to facilitate time to open it.

12º – Fun Kitchen 5 L

The 13 Best Electric Pressure Cookers In 2020 - Purchase Manual

The Kitchen Fun is also a model with a more affordable price, but it has a power of 900W and 5 five liters capacity, then it is a good option for those who do not want to spend much, but will use it often. Like other market, it has already planned some recipes, so you need not be researching the ideal cooking time or that the pressure to use, as it already does it all alone.

Another quality of this model is that all its external finish is in stainless steel, which ensures more durability to the product. In addition, it has intelligent memory, so if the power goes out and back within five minutes, it will continue the cooking process where you left off. In total, up to 8 functions already programmed, but you can also adapt these according to your personal preferences.

11 – electric pressure cooker 4 liters Philco

The 13 Best Electric Pressure Cookers In 2020 - Purchase Manual

This is one of the most basic models of Philco, with only 4 liters of capacity and power of 800W, but make no mistake, because even though most basic, it delivers a great performance. Your tank is removable and is finished in non-stick material, then do the cleaning here is an easy task. In addition, it has four safety devices, as well as internal temperature control that automatically turns off the cooker if it that more than usual.

His panel is analog and already has five programmed recipes, which were rice, beans, meat, porridge and soup. Three different lights indicate the type of operation, and also show if it is operating in the heating mode, which causes the food remains warm even after already cooked.

10º – World Pratic Cook

The 13 Best Electric Pressure Cookers In 2020 - Purchase Manual

If you do not mind having a little less capacity may be paying a price for the good comrade Pratic Cook, the Mondial. It is an option that has 5 liters capacity but has inner lining non-stick, to the food from sticking to the sides, and external finishing in stainless steel, which gives more durability, ease to clean and clear, that touch the most beauty the pan.

She already has six ready schedules, with them to meat, beans, chicken, soup, vegetables and rice. You can program the start for each of these functions in a future time of up to 24 hours, so the meal is ready at exactly the time you want. The dashboard displays information such as the remaining cooking time, or what is needed to start it working, clear beyond what function is being used.

9º – World Master Cooker PE-39

The 13 Best Electric Pressure Cookers In 2020 - Purchase Manual

The Master Cooker is a more complete version of the other electric pressure cooker of Mondial we quoted earlier. Besides having a greater capacity of five liters, it has a total of 14 functions for you to prepare various types of food, from vegetables, seafood and even cake! Its lid has an ergonomic handle and does not suffer from thermal effects of pot, which also has security lock.

It has a digital display to show which function is being used, plus the remaining time for your recipe is ready. You also have available a timer technology to schedule when the pot will start cooking and to maintain its revenue heated even after finalized. Its finish is stainless steel inside and made with non-stick materials.

8th – Midea PPA 72

One of the most affordable options with six liters capacity is Midea PPA72. The company emphasizes its security system as one of the strengths of this pot, as they are 9 different devices operating in this part. This system can turn any function if it detects something abnormal, valuing the family well-being. Its construction is sturdy, made of brushed stainless steel, and has an internal container nonstick for easy cleaning.

4 schedules are already ready, with the ability to create your own. In addition to cooking, she can also roasting, frying and sauteing, making it a very complete and versatile option. A small display shows how much time is remaining until the food is ready, and when completed, it will continue to be heated. You can use the timer feature to schedule when the pot will start working, so you do not need to stay close to drive it.

7 – Electric pressure cooker Britain 5 liters

Britannia has a good range of electric pressure cookers for the most different needs. This model has 5 liter capacity and has more functions than the quoted text option in the beginning, of course, all this for a slightly higher price. One of its highlights is the removable cable, which ensures the possibility of you take it to the table without major problems.

Are up to 10 different schedules for different types of food, including rice, beans, different types of meats, porridge, soup and others. She has a post-heating function, which continues to keep the food warm after finished. Its body is made of brushed steel with non-stick container, which makes it durable and easy to clean. A digital panel is responsible for showing all the information the moment as chosen function, remaining preparation time among others.

6 – Pressure cooker PP01 Arno

The PP01, the Arno, stands out among the pressure cookers for the wide variety of foods she can prepare. According to the manufacturer, are up to 21 different recipes, all of these are described in a clear and easily in a book accompanying the pan. It is a very compact model, despite having a capacity of up to 5 liters, so you can find a space in your kitchen easy way.

Its design is not the strong point, but the PP01 has a great finish, made in stainless steel on the outside and coated with non-stick internally material. She has seven automatic programs, in addition to having to keep food warm function even after it is ready.

5 – Cadence Sabore

Cadence is a very strong home appliance brand in Brazil, so I could not stay out of our selection of cookers. Sabore is a model that combines the basic design in stainless steel with few parts in red color, characteristic of the company. Valuing the welfare of the consumer, the Cadence put 8 different safety devices to ensure that, in case of problems, your pot already shut down alone without any accident.

On the functions are up to 6 options already programmed, from the preparation of beans to the meat cooking. You can manually set the cooking time for each recipe to achieve the ideal point, and can also use the timer function to let her scheduled to start cooking at a specific time. After the food is ready, it automatically turns off, but keeps food warm.

4 – Philips Daily Collection Walita

Going against other models, Philips bet on a visual more “classic” for the Daily Collection, which features brushed stainless steel finish, which makes it durable and sturdy. It has an analog stick in the middle to control all of its 10 programs, in addition to three different cooks options. Its total capacity is 5 liters, which is in the middle of the market and is sufficient for a family of 4 to 5 people. .

It also has the heating technology, so even with its ready-made food, it will remain warm for up to six hours. Cleaning this cooker is easy, since it has a whole nonstick interior, with Whitford golden coating, which also ensures protection from scratches.

3 – Pressure Cooker Philco PPPV 6 Liters

The PPPV is a good choice of Philco and has a modern design and flashy, all red. Speaking of modernity, it also brings some interesting features, with at least 14 different schedules so you can cook several types of food, from rice, meat, vegetables even seafood. You do not have to worry about the food preaching on the sides, since its interior is all made of non-stick material.

A very interesting feature is the way “cooking”, which lets you use the PPPV with the lid open, something that is very useful for making stir-fried dishes, for example. It has auto-off, but like other models in the market, has a function to keep your food warm for a while.

2 – Electrolux Chef Digital PCC 20

One of the best options on the market is the PCC 20 since it combines good construction, modernity and a good amount of functions. Its exterior finish is made of brushed stainless steel, but on the inside it has a non-stick walls, the food does not stick and be easier to clean. She has three pressure levels of intensity, which allows the consumer to cook different types of food and leave them at the right point.

PCC20 also has the timer feature, so you can program it to start cooking within 24 hours. With the “Buffet” you keep your recipe heated within 2 hours after finalized. In total there are 15 pre-programmed modes, and you can follow the remaining cooking time and pressure used by digital panel that it has.

1 – Viva Digital Philips Walita

The Living Digital is part of the Philips line a little more “premium”. It has 5-liter and 11 custom menus, which include the preparation of rice, beans, vegetables, potatoes, soup, chicken, pork, beef, fish and even pudding! Not have what you want to prepare between these options? Do not worry, because it has the “my recipe” button for you to create your own configuration.

According to the brand she has an intelligent cooking system with a computer program that controls the temperature and the perfect time to get your meal at the right point. Another positive point is that this pot is easy to clean, because in addition to having a finish nonstick inside the computer also has a removable lid.


As we said at the beginning of this publication, an electric pressure cooker will make your life even easier in the kitchen, and also give more security. However, there are other appliances you may be getting to leave the task of cooking more quiet and fast.

The Purchase Manual prepared the best indications of several other appliances, including blenders, coffee makers, electric kettles, cooktops. cookers, electric fryers, electric ovens, refrigerators, blenders, bakeries, electric pipoqueiras and even toasters!