The 18 Best Cookers To Buy In 2020 – Purchase Manual

The 18 best cookers to buy in 2020 – Purchase Manual

Friend of many and enemies of some, the stove is one of the basic appliances in any kitchen, but precisely because of its importance in the house of any person, the amount of models available in the market is huge, so it’s hard to choose which are the best models for every need.

For you who are lost in this task, do not worry because the Purchase Manual prepared a list with several options to buy stoves in 2020. It has basic model, intelligent stove, two ovens option among many other choices.

As with any appliance, you must have patience and evaluate both the qualities of each model. The first step is you decide which stove size needed for your kitchen, so we separate the two options, four, five and six burners, ie, has a model for everyone! Given that many people are becoming adept at planned kitchens also choose some options to embed stoves, which will fall like a glove in your project.

Our list is based on cost-benefit criteria, namely that the stove provides for the price it is sold, and also popularity, after all models are well praised by consumers they tend to have a higher reliability. We also gave preference to some brands already known to the market, so if you need warranty, will have the full support of them.

Without further ado, check our list of the best stoves to buy in 2020:

18 – Table Stove Venax Flamalar Vetro 2 Bocas

The 18 Best Cookers To Buy In 2020 - Purchase Manual

If you live alone in a small place and has no room for a conventional oven, you can opt for this table model Venax. It has only two burners so is a compact option that, as its name implies, can be placed on top of a desk or table, for example.

He has only the buttons to control the flames, but does not have automatic ignition. Its construction is made of stainless steel to provide extra durability and ease when cleaning. Speaking of cleaning, the flame grills are removable, which further makes it easier to clean it.

17 – Venax Gemini Vetro 2 burners

The 18 Best Cookers To Buy In 2020 - Purchase Manual

Another option is this two-burner model Venax, but different from the stove mentioned earlier, it is a “compact” option floor. The advantage of having a stove two mouths floor is that it is still easy to carry to other places and also has a small oven with 22 liters capacity.

He has the control buttons flames and oven, but also does not have automatic ignition. Its parts are made of stainless steel to give more durability and ease when cleaning this appliance.

16 – 4 burner stove Atlas

The 18 Best Cookers To Buy In 2020 - Purchase Manual

If you are on a short budget, but need a stove at least four burners, Atlas is an ideal option for your needs. This model has a table made of stainless steel to give durability and ease at the time of cleaning the stove. In addition, the oven has a self-cleaning finish, not to stick to grease or other dirt.

Even as a very simple model, it has automatic lighting. His pieces are removable, which facilitates the exchange or even cleaning a little deeper. The oven has a 50 liter capacity and tempered glass.

15 – Esmaltec Bali 6 burners

The 18 Best Cookers To Buy In 2020 - Purchase Manual

For those who need to cook a lot, six-burner stoves are the most recommended by great “productivity” they can offer. Among the various models available in the market that the Esmaltec stands for those looking for a cheaper option, but does not give up a good quality.

It has a robust construction with oven door made of tempered glass and steel handle. Several of his pieces are removable, so it is easy for you to do a good cleaning. Your oven has a good space, 87 liters, and has self-cleaning finish that leaves no dirt and grease build up and get stuck on the sides.

14 – 5 Esmaltec Agate mouths (5062)

The 18 Best Cookers To Buy In 2020 - Purchase Manual

Another model of Esmaltec with a good cost benefit is the Agate 5062. It follows the same dilemma of the model mentioned above, which is to have a friendly price, but still offering a good construction and finish, which makes it a very durable stove. This option is five mouths, but has a very large oven, 95 liter capacity, able to prepare several recipes.

Among its five burners, one is high power, to repair the dishes faster. It is a good stove if you have children at home because it has a safety button that just leaves the fires were linked after it is pressed for 10 seconds.

13º – Atlas Agile Glass 4 bocas

Another model of the Atlas on our list, but this time is an option a little more expensive. This stove has a visual and sophisticated and elegant, and some of this cool design comes from your desk, it’s all made of tempered glass. Like other models in this list, the pieces of this stove are removable, which makes it much easier when cleaning.

He has four burners, two being of normal power and the other two in the “family size”, all of which are driven by automatic lighting. The downside is that your oven does not have a size as large as the competitors, with 50 liters.

12º – Electrolux 4 bocas 50SB

Electrolux is one of the brands that is a reference in the manufacture of stoves, and stands out by offering models with a beautiful and a good visual construction, to last for many years. The 50SB is another one of those indicated for those not much cooking since he has “only” four mouths. These four flames one is a fast burner, two are averages and the other is to help.

Both parts as the glass furnace are removable, so help you in time to make cleaning and maintaining hygiene in day. Speaking of the oven, the this model has the capacity of 57 liters.

11 – consul 4 mouths (CFO4)

The Consul also has a good range of stoves on the market, with the most diverse characteristics. The CF04 is a more basic model, but with an interesting design. All its finish is made of brushed metal, with some parts in black to give a more modern design to it. Speaking of design, flame controllers are on the stove table, which prevents children turning the gas unintentionally.

Two of his four flames, one is a fast burner and the other three are semi-fast. The trivets are double glazed and easy removal, with a design that gives stability to the pots and hassle out of cleaning. Your oven is 58 liters and it has automatic ignition.

10 – Itatiaia Waves 6 burners

With a design more “boxy”, Itatiaia comes with a good model on the market, though for many their appearance is not very pleasant. This stove has a great finish and has several interesting features. Let’s start with your oven, which is 88 liters and has an ergonomic handle, self-cleaning interior, internal lighting and a door with two stages to provide more security.

This model is six mouths, but you can also find the same online versions 5 or 4 rings. The flames control knobs are removable for easy cleaning and it has automatic ignition, to make everything fast and convenient.

9 – Brastemp Plates Clean 4 (BFO4NAR)

Many people seek a stove with the body made entirely in stainless steel, as well as being more beautiful and elegant, it is also a durable material and easy to clean. These stoves are not cheap, but this model Brastemp is one that has best value from the available options.

Besides the good construction and finish, it has a removable oven with glass, which makes it easy cleaning. Each of its cleaners has its own large, it is easy to remove and has a great durability. It features automatic lighting, sliding shelves and other removable parts, if necessary.

8th – Pleasure Glass 5 bocas

The Piacere Betro is more a model which focuses on controlling the flames buttons at the top of the table. This design is becoming more popular recent releases, and makes you can have all the control easily and quickly, and also prevent small children turning the gas unintentionally.

He has five mouths, with the central calls with a triple burner, plus another double burner and others with family burner. Prepare several recipes in this cooker becomes a very quick task. Your oven is 81 liters and dual grid, so you can cook more than one dish at a time. In addition, its interior also has self-cleaning finish, so it’s easier to do the cleaning.

7 – Electrolux four mouths (52ERS)

Most people who build their planned kitchens opt for mobile and embedded appliances, so this is a stove for those who are looking for an option to embed that delivers a good quality and more modern features than conventional stoves.

One of its highlights is the touch panel, which is for you to use the timer function, so you can leave the recipe on fire for the exact time you need to go and do other things without worrying about turning off the fire. Your oven has 70 liters capacity and inside finished that facilitates cleaning and prevents the accumulation of fat.

6 – Brastemp 4 mouths (BF150)

Another model that has digital panel is the BF150, the Brastemp. However, it is for people who do not need to cook a lot, since he a stove with four burners. The touch panel has a timer programming function, so you can set the exact time of food and cooking need not be around to turn the fire on time, because the BF50 take care of it for you.

It features dual calls to give more agility in time to prepare the recipes, and also have electric Grill gratin pasta and brown meat. The company invests in a modern and sophisticated design, placing a panoramic glass in the oven so you can track your food without having to open it ever.

5 – Brastemp 4 burners with double oven (bfd4nab)

For many people the oven is the most important part of the stove, so Brastemp has just arrived with the foot in the door and created a model with two independent ovens. This stove has two ovens that can work simultaneously, one that runs on gas and other electricity. The company ensures that you can prepare different recipes while full will not mix internally.

He has ClearTec cleaning technology, with an inner lining that does not leave the stick and facilitates fat when cleaning. Still speaking of the furnaces, they have glass doors with panoramic view, so you can follow the recipes. The stove is 4 burner and features automatic lighter, flat table and enamel coating, which will facilitate the cleaning of the appliance.

4 – 6 burners Brastemp (BYS6NCB)

Another model to embed very interesting is the BYS6NCB, the Brastemp. In this case, a large stove, six burners, suitable for those who cook more often or in greater amounts. It draws attention for its design, in a combination of silver with black and smooth curves as well, giving a sleek, modern look to it.

As the stoves of other brands, here you can remove the buttons controlling the flames, oven door glass and other pieces, all to do a thorough cleaning. Speaking of the oven, this has 96.litros capacity, a size that gives you to do revenues in large containers and quickly. It also features automatic lighting to give more convenience to the consumer.

3 – Brastemp Turbo calls 5 burners (BFS5VCR)

It is not new that brands adopt burners with different powers to give more versatility to the stoves, but Brastemp decided to go further and put a burner with power “Turbo”, that is, its main flame ensures even more power for you to save time in the preparation of various recipes. Speaking of recipes, you do not have to worry about the cooking time of each food, as it has the timer feature that turns off the flames when you program.

The oven has sliding shelves to facilitate removal of the food, in addition to its Easy clean glass technology, which facilitates cleaning, and can also be removed for washing. It has glass table that is completely flat, Cooktop style, and can be found in version for pressing, ideal for planned kitchens.

2 – 5 Bocas Stove Electrolux (76DXW)

For those who take seriously the word modernity, Electrolux has a very interesting model with many features that are not present in the other mentioned in this list. The 76DXW has a digital touch panel that has functions that go beyond the timer, we’ve seen in previous stoves. You can also select pre-selected recipes, change the temperature of the oven, place your inner light among other functions.

It is a great model for anyone who wants to learn many recipes that go in the oven, as it has two available. The top is electric, while the model of the bottom is the gas. You can even use both at the same time to prepare different recipes. One of its most interesting features is a sensor that detects the internal temperature of meat and turn off the oven when it is in the sweet spot. This sensor works like a needle that you poke into the meat to check its internal temperature.

1 – Brastemp Smart Cook 5 burners (BFD5SAR)

With the new wave of smart appliances, which connects to Wi-Fi, possibly also we find stoves with this function. This model Brastemp can be connected to your internet network to integrate the company’s application, which offers some interesting features! It has a small screen in one of his side, which is where you select the functions.

Just download the company’s application to directly send recipes to the stove, choosing the “Do for You,” in which he adjusts the electric oven settings, or “It makes you” function, it is shown a step by step recipe on the LCD screen. You can also scan the bar code of a frozen food that recognizes the stove and have identified the best method of preparation.

The Brastemp BFD5SAR has a modern look and flat table, good-looking design of a stovetop, and that makes it easy to clean. Is a five stove burners having automatic ignition, stainless steel finish, two built-in ovens (electric and gas) burner and quadrichama Cleartec cleaning technology with an enamel coating.


An alternative to the stoves are cooktops, who bet on modern designs and practical, since they are more compact and can be placed on desks, for example. These appliances are gaining more space in the market, so we also have prepared a list full of indications, with gas cooktops, electric options and even induction.

For your kitchen, you can also take a look at other lists prepared from different appliances. It has blender, mixer, popcorn maker, kettle, electric oven, toasters, coffee makers and even electric grills!