The 18 Best Notebooks Up To 4000 Reais In 2020 – Purchase Manual

The 18 best notebooks up to 4000 reais in 2020 – Purchase Manual

With the notebook market growing exponentially, several models are being launched every day, with the most different features and prices. However, the most sought by consumers are the middlemen, so the Purchase Manual prepared a list with various models of notebook, all with prices between R $ 2,000 and R $ 4,000.

There are several different options to meet the diverse needs of consumers. The intermediate end the most wanted and to be there “on the fence”. They deliver a good performance and that in most cases is enough for those who are buying and do not cost that expensive.

We chose to put notebook brands already known to the market, because they have good feedback from buyers, in addition to a guaranteed support in Brazil. This means that you will find models of Dell, Vaio, Samsung, Acer, Asus and Lenovo. It notebook for all tastes and budgets, be they with 10th generation processor, Full HD screen, SSD storage and up to video card for gaming.

It is important to clarify that, because of the constant change in market prices, some models can be up to $ 4000 depending on when you read this list. Let’s try to keep it always updated.

1º – Samsung Essentials E30

The 18 Best Notebooks Up To 4000 Reais In 2020 - Purchase Manual

The E30 is a notebook with a simple configuration, and an i3 its processor seventh generation. It is not intended to run heavy programs, but has a difference between the models in its price range: Full HD screen! For this value, it is one of the ones you will find with this screen quality, then it ends up being a good choice for those who like to watch movies and series.

In addition to the processor and screen, already mentioned, it has 4 GB of RAM and an internal storage of 1 TB, then gives to download much film and leave saved to watch later. The positive side is that to upgrade by switching the storage to an SSD memory is easy, because the space of this piece is easily accessible.

2º – Dell Inspiron i15-3584-D10P

The 18 Best Notebooks Up To 4000 Reais In 2020 - Purchase Manual

One of the most basic options of the Inspiron line is the I15-3584-A10P. It features an i3 processor seventh generation, so as the model mentioned above, is not very powerful, it is recommended for lighter tasks. In addition to this processor, it has 4 GB of RAM which can be upgraded if you find necessary.

For internal storage we have an HD 1 TB, enough space for most casual users. Its display is 15.6 inches and has the HD resolution, as well as having anti-glare feature. It’s a good screen overall, but all within what is proposed in its price range. If you work with numbers, you can rest assured that it has a dedicated numeric keypad (we know how much it helps).

3º – Acer Spin 2 em 1 (SP314-51-31RV)

The 18 Best Notebooks Up To 4000 Reais In 2020 - Purchase Manual

Laptops 2 in 1 are those that have touch screen and can turn tablet when the user wishes. Usually they are the choice of those who want a model only to surf the internet, such as Spin, Acer. It has a simpler configuration with i3 seventh generation and only 4 GB of RAM, so it’s suitable for those who have a use more “basic”.

Being a model 2 in 1, your screen turns out to be smaller than the conventional models, with 14-inch HD resolution. It is worth noting that it has a hard drive with 1 TB capacity, so you will have plenty of room to store personal files. According to Acer, a battery lasts up to 16 hours autonomy that is much greater than the average of traditional notebooks.

4 – I3 Lenovo Ideapad 330 Seventh Generation

The 18 Best Notebooks Up To 4000 Reais In 2020 - Purchase Manual

The Ideapad 330 was the first line of Lenovo to be successful for the benefit cost, and even after the latest releases, remains a good buy. As previously mentioned, this model also has a seventh-generation i3, then it is also a notebook for simpler tasks, internet browsing or use for editing documents.

It follows the tradition of the IdeaPad models is that they are small, compact and lightweight, making it easy to take for college or work. Its display is 15.6 inches and has a HD resolution, providing good images for its price range, but nothing impressive. It has 4 GB of RAM, but you may be upgrading, if you prefer.

5º – Acer Aspire 3 (A315-41-R41J)

The 18 Best Notebooks Up To 4000 Reais In 2020 - Purchase Manual

In the range of $ 2400 this is one of the best models available and, unlike most of notebooks, has a processor from AMD. The Ryzen 2200U delivery perform as well as Intel’s models and is a good choice for applications somewhat more demanding. To help the computer to not stay with bottlenecks, this notebook has 8 GB of RAM.

Its internal storage is 1 TB, so if you are a casual user, will have plenty of space for personal files. You also will not need to worry about Windows because it already has the operating system factory installed. To end the set, its screen is 15.6 inches, with anti-glare and resolution HD feature.

6º – Dell Inspiron i15-3567-A30C

With a great construction and finishing, this Dell Inspirion model is praised by many consumers, since it has a good performance and not that expensive. It has an i5 processor seventh generation, which although not the most current, still manages to run multiple applications with good performance.

Coupled with the processor, the Inspiron has 4 GB of RAM and an internal storage of 1 TB, something common in this size models. In addition to the standard USB ports, it also has HDMI input and memory card reader. Its display is 15.6 inches and has the HD resolution, delivering good images, but losing to some competitors of the same price.

7 – Lenovo Ideapad S145 I5 8th generation

This model is one that stands out among the options the IdeaPad S145 line, because it has a cool set, better than basic but with a friendly price options. The 81S90005BR has an eighth-generation i5 processor, which when coupled with 8Gb of RAM available, delivering a good performance even in tasks that require a little more from your computer.

Its display follows the pattern of notebooks with its price range, ie, has a resolution HD and 15.6 inches. It follows the characteristics of other notebooks of the same line, being lightweight, compact and thin, making it easier to transport. It has 1 TB of storage in HD, but it has to M.2 SSD slot, then you might be upgrading anytime you want.

8º – Acer (A315-54-54B1)

The 10th generation of processors is already knocking on our door, but not all models have such an affordable price, which is not the case of this Acer option. It features a 10-generation i5, which delivers excellent performance, whether in basic tasks or in some programs that require a little more processor. It also has 8 GB of RAM, this can get an upgrade.

It uses a 1 Tb HD as a storage form, but to take advantage of the full power of the processor is recommended to put a SSD. Its screen has a good image, good colors and a nice glow, but the resolution is only HD, which ended up disappointing some consumers.

9º – Samsung Expert X30

The X30 is a notebook for those looking for a model that is more powerful than the basics, but not nearly as advanced. Its processor is an eighth-generation i5, which runs masterfully light programs and can be used for some applications that require a little more, thanks to 8 Gb of RAM available here.

Its display is 15.6 and has the HD resolution, so it should end up getting a bit considering the price charged for this notebook. Samsung highlights the wide touchpad and curved keys that facilitate and improve typing, benefiting working with document editing, for example, and need to type all day.

10th – Dell Inspiron me one second (i14-5481-M11)

Another model 2 in 1 on our list, but this time with an option a little more powerful. This is a Inspiron notebook with for those who like to surf the internet or make tasks simpler with practicality, thanks to its touch screen that makes it turn a tablet. She is 14 inches and has a HD resolution, which is not the best, but still delivers a good quality.

Despite being “just” a i3, your processor is 8 ° generation, which means it has a longer life. This notebook only has 4 GB of RAM, but enough already with SSD 128 Gb factory installed.

11º – Asus Vivobook (X512FA-BR568T)

Who carries the notebook often know that a model is compact and lightweight helps a lot in everyday life, because the less weight in the backpack, the better. The proposed Vivobook is precisely this be an option with good performance and is easy to be carried anywhere, weighing just over 1.7 kilos.

It has intermediate configurations with an eighth generation i5 and 8 GB of RAM. Its display is 15.6 inches, but has a ‘Nano Edge “format, as it is called by the company, which decreases the edges and leaves the same size as a 14-inch screen. Another positive point is that it has fast loading, achieving up to 60% load within 50 minutes.

12 – Lenovo Ideapad S145 8th generation I7

Finally we arrived at the best model of IdeaPad S145 line, which is so acclaimed by consumers. This unit is for those looking for performance above normal intermediaries, because it has an i7 processor eighth generation and a dedicated graphics card with 2GB of DDR5 memory. This configuration makes it hold on some heavier programs and even games.

The downside is that this model also has an internal storage in the form of HD, which ends up limiting rather all his power. You can upgrade to an SSD M.2 and then place your notebook in the highest! Oh, and comes to HD screen, this device has a 15.6-inch Full HD resolution, making the experience of watching series and very enjoyable film.

13º – Samsung Expert X40

The Expert X40 is a version more ‘basic’ from Samsung, but still has a dedicated video card. Like much of the market models, this one has a GeForce MX110 with 2 Gb memory, so if you need to run some programs that need a greater power graph, the X40 can be a good option.

In addition to the video card, it has an i5 processor eighth generation, combined with 8Gb of RAM and 1 TB of internal storage in HD. Both the memory and the hard drive are easy to access, so if you choose to upgrade, you will not have difficulties when changing parts. The notebook screen is 15.6 inches and HD resolution.

14º – Samsung X50

Who works with heavier application of rendering knows that to have a good performance, laptops need to have a dedicated video card. Among the models “basic” with this feature is the Expert X50, Samsung. It features a GeForce MX110 card with 2 GB of dedicated memory, which gives a little more power to this device run some heavier programs and even games.

But the power of this notebook comes not just from its dedicated video card. Its processor is i7 eighth generation and has 8 GB of RAM, this can be expanded if necessary. For internal storage it uses a 1TB HD, but we recommend that you make an upgrade, putting an SSD and taking advantage of all its power. Its display is 15.6 inches and has a HD resolution.

15º – Vaio Fit (3340173)

Many know the Vaio brand when she was a partner of Sony, but even after the two manufacturers take different directions, the company continued to make good laptops. The Vaio Fit is a good example of this, as even with a processor “old”, it still has great performance for tasks that are not so basic as well.

This model has a i7 of the seventh generation, and has 8 GB of RAM. As I have a few years since its launch, its price ended up falling, so now is a good time to buy it. Its display is 15.6 inches and has a HD resolution, which is a drawback considering its price. In addition to good specifications, the device also stands out for having a great construction that makes a lasting option.

16º – Acer Nitro 5

For those who like to play and looking for a notebook with good settings for this, Acer Nitro is one of the options more “affordable” market. It has an i5 processor and eighth-generation 8 Gb of RAM, which can be expanded if you feel that your computer is choking on the desired games.

The great advantage of this model is its dedicated video card, a GTX 1050 with 4 GB of memory. With it you can run many current games with acceptable quality and a good FPS rate. It also features a 15.6-inch screen with HD resolution, all to make your gambling even more complete.

17º – Asus (F570ZD-DM387T)

In the same price range the Acer Nitro, we mentioned earlier, we have this model from Asus, which also features a dedicated video card with good power, the GTX 1050 with 4 GB of dedicated memory. This is the most common video card gamers models that are cheaper.

Unlike much of the competition, it has a processor from AMD, Ryzen 5, which when coupled with 8Gb of RAM available, offers optimum performance in various games and heavier programs. According to the company, this notebook uses artificial intelligence to learn and adapt the settings according to their use.

18º – Samsung Style S51

Samsung’s S51 line is a little more Premium, so ends up costing a bit more expensive. This is one of the models “basic” with an eighth generation i3 and 4 GB of RAM, which can be expanded (expanding and recommended). This model already comes with factory SSD, so even with a processor not as potent and less RAM than any other option in this price range, it is still pretty fast.

Even with his entire body made of metal, it remains a lightweight notebook, with less than 1.3 kilograms and a thickness of just over 3 cm. If the SSD 256 is not enough, he has another slot for SSD, so you may be expanding its internal memory. To complete the Style S51 has a Full HD screen with excellent image quality, so if you enjoy watching movies and series, will be well satisfied.


The notebooks are being great allies who need to take the computer to work or college, so choose a model that meets your needs and last for years is very important, but now with our directions you can find the best models to invest in 2020.

We also have other indications of more specific categories, such as good models for work, gamers options, best notebooks from Dell and others.