The First European Learning Compass

Are you looking for a way to compare/measure learning performances?



You will definitly be interested in our presentation of ‘The First European Learning Compass’ as part of the new L&D programme for our next conference!


To boost our first L&D programme, ‘The European Learning Compass’ was developed in cooperation with the School of Business and Economics at Maastricht University. This Project aimed at providing an overview of the existing learning analytics within Europe.


Learning Analytics are measures and tools used to collect data about learning and development in order to monitor, evaluate and improve learning environments and outcomes.

Furthermore we wanted to assess whether data can be used to judge and                                                                                    compare the state of learning between                                                                                     companies and countries.


EAPRIL wants to open the black box of learning analytics on a European level because practitioners want to have facts that are easy to comprehend and use in practice. Therefore we tried to make this overview as a first step to create a platform for knowledge about these benchmarking facts for all the L&D practices in Europe.


At first the theoretical framework for this project was developed based on the important theoretical concepts and theories in the L&D research field. Second, the data was collected by searching for reports in the L&D research field and practice and checking references of these initial reports, next to the associated network of the organisation. These associations where also contacted for more information. At last a structured search term based research was conducted. After the coding process and data analysis, where a traffic light rating system (Newcastle University, 2009) was used to mark the quality of the reports, the data were put in a learning and association matrix. As a result 52 individual learning analytics were identified, phrased as questions. These learning analytics were grouped into 16 Learning Categories, which can be interpreted as a summary of the focus area of L&D in Europe.


 Did you know that 52 learning analytics
in the field of L&D in whole Europe are used
measure/talk about learning in organisations?

Did you know that 16 learning categories,
as most important themes where
the L&D practice in Europe is occupied with,
can be identified?
e.g. needs assessment, certification, L&D strategy

Did you know that the
learning industries’ market value
in whole the World is estimated
with 287 Billion dollar?

 Did you know that The L&D expenditure in Europe
is the second largest of the World?

 Did you know that more and more
European organisations are interested in
Learning analytics and external benchmarking
for learning?


 If you want to know what this project has discovered about measuring in the L&D practices, come to our conference, where all the interesting results will made public!


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