The Top 10 Mirrorless Cameras In 2020 – Purchase Manual

The Top 10 Mirrorless Cameras In 2020 – Purchase Manual

The top 10 mirrorless cameras in 2020 – Purchase Manual

The mirrorless cameras, the Portuguese “No mirror,” are becoming more popular among photographers. With the high demand for this type of camera, the Purchase Manual prepared a list of 10 models of mirrorless cameras to buy in Brazil in 2020.

The spread of these cameras for the DSLR model is the mechanism they use to capture photos. They lack the mirror after the lens to throw light on the viewfinder, thus this light goes directly to the photosensor, causing the shooting becomes more quiet and unobtrusive.

How it must have fewer internal parts, ends up getting lighter and easy to be transported; The absence of the mirror also makes the entire photographic process becomes faster, since it does not have the mirror goes up and down every click. In addition, the image goes to the viewfinder, ends up becoming digital, not optical, as the DSLR.

We chose a range of mirrorless cameras, all brands already established on the market. We also chose to change the selection to be able to meet various audiences, from one photographer who is beginning to that professional who already has a reputable studio.

Without further ado, check our indications of mirrorless cameras.

1. DSC M100

The Top 10 Mirrorless Cameras In 2020 - Purchase Manual

For those just starting out, this model from Canon is a great choice because it has a nice quality and very friendly price compared to other market options. The M100 is a compact model with several different shooting modes, including that blurs the background, one of the most loved by beginners. This camera has a CMOS sensor of 24.2 MP with configurable ISO up to 25,600.

Your monitor swivel and touch, so you can choose which picture the object will have the focus by clicking on the screen itself, for example. It has support for photos in RAW and the option to place filters in the picture. You can send the results directly from the camera to another device since the M100 has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and NFC.

2. Canon EOS Mark II M6

The Top 10 Mirrorless Cameras In 2020 - Purchase Manual

The M6 ​​Mark II is an updated version of the M6 ​​who did so much success among photographers seeking a good camera and “cheap”. Now your sensor has 32.5 MP and she has pictures of 14 fps and can also be used in shooting mode RAW at 30 fps with autofocus. The video recording also received an upgrade, then the M6 ​​2 can now record at 4K at 30 fps or 120 fps full HD.

It is a compact model with good construction and has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, to facilitate sending photos. Its display is linked to tilt it up to 180 ° option, very useful feature for those who like vlogs, for example.

3. Sony Alpha A6000

The Top 10 Mirrorless Cameras In 2020 - Purchase Manual

Sony A6000 has a 24 MP sensor that promises an autofocus faster than a DSLR camera. The focus has contrast detection and fast and blast mode 11 FPS, to also ensure that the object is brought into focus quickly and accurately in videos, for example. It also features great photos even in low light, as it has an iso control that can reach 25,600.

It has manual controls its functions, support for multiple types of lenses, Wi-Fi and integrated NFC, so you can send photos directly to your smartphone or tablet, for example, devices that can also serve as a remote control for the camera.

4. Nikon M200

The Top 10 Mirrorless Cameras In 2020 - Purchase Manual

The M200 is a further model for the intermediate side of the Canon. It has a 24 MP sensor and image processor DIGIC 8, then it is a very interesting range for photos with great detail in various conditions. In addition to the autofocus system per phase, it is also capable of contrast detection 4K recordings, those that take place at 60 fps and have stabilization.

Its display screen is tiltable up to 180 °, so you can perform vlogs without major problems. You have total control ISO, ranging from 100 to 25600, then you can make photos more professionals according to each environment. The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are also present here, so you can share photos directly from the camera.

5. DSC, M50

The Top 10 Mirrorless Cameras In 2020 - Purchase Manual

Another very interesting model from Canon is the M50, the one that ‘[a little more advanced and is designed for those who already have some experience and want a better camera. One of the main highlights of this option is the possibility of footage in 4K resolution that is starting to become popular. It also has an LCD display 3-inch, articulate and sensitive to touch, which gives more convenience to the photographer.

Its sensor has 24.1 MP and makes continuous shooting at 10 fps, in addition to an autofocus fast. Your image processor is a DIGIC 8, which improves camera performance and delivering excellent results in various lighting conditions. It has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections for easy photo sharing.

6. Fujifilm X-T100

The X-T100 is the cheapest camera X Series viewfinder, but that does not mean it is a bad model. This model has a system of hybrid autofocus and a CMOS APS-C sensor of 24 MP. Your display, as well as in other cameras, can be tilted or turned to the side, but can not be rotated. The camera’s design is also a point to be commended, and she had a great finish and spend a great sense of being a durable good model.

Its ISO can be changed between 100 and 51200, and it has a 91 point system for autofocus. Its fast and slow firing system compared to some competitors, but it can record at 4K at 15 fps, or Full HD at 60 fps, if you prefer. This camera has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections for easy time sending photos to any device.

7. Sony Alpha A6500

Sony Alpha A6500 is similar to the A6000 at various points, but has a great advantage: footage in 4K! It offers the possibility of recording in this resolution with HDR enabled, then you will have videos with great quality and crisper colors. This model has a focus for phase detection with 425 points and a CMOS sensor of 24.2 MP.

His shooting is very fast and can capture up to 300 shots every 30 seconds, and you can order all images made directly to your phone or tablet, as it has integrated Wi-Fi and NFC. Its screen is LCD and touch screen, to make it easier for you to select and change each camera function, in addition to being articulated.


X-73 arrives with a visual and retro but with an updated and 4th generation sensor, the APS-C X-Trans. It has 26 MP and manages images with an excellent level of detail, even in unfavorable conditions. For post-processing, this camera uses a quad-core processor, giving you the ability to shoot continuously at high speed, and flawless!

Its focus is automatic and has pixels of 2.16M phase detection value according to the company is up to 4 times higher than some competitors. For video recording, it can make footage in 4K at 60 fps.

9. Nikon Z50

Nikon Z50 is a great model mirrorless camera, especially outside as it has a very affordable price, something that does not happen here in Brazil. She has a great constriction, besides being very comfortable and easy to handle, which makes it easy to work for hours. Its display is 3.2 inches and touch screen, as well as to be tiltable selfies and vlogs. She has a great image quality, even in low light, but just a little sin in stabilization.

It makes footage in 4K, including resources for videos in slow motion. The Z50 has a Nikon 20 MP sensor, automatic adjustment of light sensitivity, or manually, maybe controlled between 100 and ISO 51200. In addition, it also features an intelligent detection function of faces, focusing automatically faces or eyes, even in the midst of several people.

10. Sony a7R IV

Sony a7R IV is one of the best mirrorless cameras on the market! She has an Exmor R CMOS sensor of 61 MP with image processing engine BIONZ X, that means you have high-quality images in 4K resolution with an excellent post-processing and good capture details with quick and accurate clicks. Its ISO can be set between 100 and 32000.

It also has image stabilization in the body 5-axis, and a structure that reduces blur. It also has a remote control to use some functions and makes shooting in 4K, you can make recordings with a high resolution. Like other models in the list, it has Wi-Fi for wireless data transfer connection.


Now just choose the camera that best fits your needs and budget and go to the pictures! Remember that you need a good computer to edit them, so we have prepared a list with several notebooks that are excellent for designers, those who are also great options for image editing programs, then you may be giving all models on here.