The Top 15 Washing Machines In 2020 – Purchase Manual

The top 15 washing machines in 2020 – Purchase Manual

Time to buy a new washing machine or choose your first model? Well, the market is full of options for the most different needs, tastes and of course budgets but choose the option is not always an easy task. If you are lost in so many different machines, come with us as we prepare a list of various indications, showing the main features of each!

Before searching for the perfect machine model, it is important you keep in mind that the ideal capacity for your use. Machines between 7 and 9 kilograms are suitable for families with up to 3 people in the house. 10 kilos of models are good for homes with 4 people, and, most often, can wash bedding and comforters. Above that is already indicated for larger families who need to wash clothes with a great frequency.

Our selection was based on the cost benefit of each, in addition to the recommendation of someone who has bought, but have option with all sizes and prices, then you will find some models a little simpler, with the most important functions, and others that are and expensive that they have innovative technologies that will further improve the washing of their clothes.

Without further ado, check below our details:

1º – Colormaq LCB

The Top 15 Washing Machines In 2020 - Purchase Manual

Among the cheaper options washers is LCB, the Colormaq. She has 12 kg capacity, then it is a good option for families up to four people. Being a simpler model, it has “only” five different programs laundering, and three intervals sauce and a function that will automatically shutdown. Even as a simple model, it is very durable because it has a good finish, shaft made of stainless steel and an engine with technology to automatically shut down in case of high temperatures or power surges.

His wash combines continuous rotation, a scout in special format and friezes on the wall. You can wash blankets and comforters without worrying lint or balls, as it has a very effective filter for this. For those seeking a more basic and cheap model, this is a great choice!

2º – Mueller Popmatic 6kg

The Top 15 Washing Machines In 2020 - Purchase Manual

The Popmatic is a well praised by consumer model, but it is a model for anyone washing a small load and have a small family, since its capacity is only 6 kilos .. She washes style “turboagitacao” by removing dirt from the clothes low wear of fibers. In addition, as well as other options, it has dispenser for you to put soap, bleach and fabric softener.

The panel it is intuitive and easy to be handled. You can choose from 11 different wash programs, which are differentiated by the types of clothes, is light, heavy or normal. you can also select the level of the water, so you only use what is necessary for the amount of clothes for washing. One program that stands out is the Express Wash, a quick wash, which takes around 30 minutes, ideal function for clothes that are lightly soiled.

3º – Electrolux LT09E

The Top 15 Washing Machines In 2020 - Purchase Manual

If you do not have a washing machine with a large capacity and the home space is short, this model Electrolux should meet your needs. It is compact and has a capacity of 8.5 kg, good for families of three people. Although more basic, it still has 9 different wash programs in which you can pick up to 4 levels of water.

It also has centrifugation to leave their clothes and twisted, then a few hours on the line you already have all dried up. Another interesting feature is the “intelligent dilution,” which makes the soap, fabric softener and bleach are mixed before with water, avoiding stains. As well as other machines on the market, it has a “quick wash”, suitable for clothes that are not very dirty, which lasts about 20 minutes.

4 – Consul CWH12

The Top 15 Washing Machines In 2020 - Purchase Manual

One of the biggest selling hits of the Consul is CWH12 model because it has a good capacity, good power, robust construction and is long lasting, all for a price more “buddy” when compared to competitors. Talking about all this construction and finish, it has a glass lid, a metal case and basket in stainless steel, in addition to being more durable, it is easier to clean and less wear his clothes. She also has a dispenser which dilutes the soap or fabric softener before coming into contact with clothing, preventing future blemishes.

In the cycles are up to 16 different programs, so you have to wash versatility various types of clothing, including duvets. You can opt for dual flush option to ensure that the clothes will be super clean and free of soap. In addition to washing it also centrifuge, then you already have the almost dry parts, just leave a little on the line.

5º – Electrolux LAC12

The Top 15 Washing Machines In 2020 - Purchase Manual

The LAC12 is a very complete washer and has a nice price, being a good choice for those seeking many functions but do not want to invest in any very advanced model. It is compact and with good construction and is made to have many years of life always with a good performance. Another plus point is its full capacity, which is 12 kilos and supports up to comforters wash without any problem.

All its functions are easy to access on your dashboard, so you can choose washing programs for delicate clothing, bedding and even shoes, which has a dedicated cycle. It also has turbo function and wash water for reuse. One of its highlights is the “Silent Series”, which as its name implies, allows a wash little noise, but still very effective.

6 – Brastemp BWK12

This model Brastemp is compact, but it makes the best use of space possible to deliver a good ability to clothes. One of its major highlights is the great ability to take more than 40 different types of stains including grease stains or markers, all with their “Advanced spotter” cycle.

You can use it to wash delicate clothing as much as blankets or duvets, including an anti balls cycle. It has a modern look with a panel that is easy to use, so you can switch between all cycles quickly and smoothly. It also has a multidispenser for soap compartment, fabric softener and bleach.

7º – Panasonic NA-F160B5W

For those who need a washing machine with a good capacity, this Panasonic model holds up to 16 kilos of clothes, so if you want to wash that King size duvet, here you can! According to the company, this large space is because the machine uses three different movements at the time of washing, which eliminates the agitator and increases capacity, besides of course, offer a great result.

It is also an economical option as it has sensors to measure the weight of the clothes and water temperature, adapting the cycle for the specific situation, so you only spend the amount of water required for that amount of clothes. There are several programs available, both for delicate clothes as for parts that need a deeper cleaning. All your settings can be made by the central button, which is easy and quick to use.

8 – Maxi Consul Economy 13kg

The CWE13AB is a great model for those looking for a machine that has a great economy, both water and energy. According to the manufacturer, it consumes up to 40% less water in the washes. This happens through some of its functions, including the “Eco Rinse” which savings up to 10% of water as compared to a normal and also rinse programs “Fast” and “Take odors” that help save energy in the wash clothes that are not too dirty.

In addition, this model is a very versatile option. With up to 13 kg capacity, it can wash from very light clothing even bed and bath or comforter. All its functions are accessed by a central button, and has additional to choose the water level, type of rinse and reuse of water.

9º – Electrolux Premium Care

Everyone seeks the greatest possible convenience to perform the tasks of the day to day, so thought it nice if you could control the functions of your washing machine by application? That’s what the Electrolux offers this machine, which has Wi-Fi connection for you to connect with Electrolux Home. There you can set schedules for washing, type of cycle clothing level that is in the machine, see the status of the cycle and more.

Electrolux Premium Care has the capacity of up to 13 kilos of clothes and has several different cycles, the “fast” one of the highlights, because it can do a complete wash in 25 minutes. It also has Jet & Clean function, thinning up to 100% of the detergent and fabric softener in the water, preventing them from causing stains on your clothes. Your right is in stainless steel, which ensures better care of your clothes, and greater durability.

10º – Electrolux Perfect Wash 16kg

Electrolux Perfect Wash has powerful jets to take even the deepest dirt, preserving the integrity of their clothes, of course. According to the company, with this machine clothes have up to 35% less fading and suffer 50% less wear precisely because of this water jet technology. Jet & Clean dilution system also prevents stains occur soap or fabric softener, since the machine dilute them in water.

It has a filter for lint that is very effective and filters up to 10 times more than conventional, and has a basket in stainless steel that is large and durable. There are 12 different cycles, including options to wash duvet. You can also select the type of sauce and rinse, and set the water level according to the amount of clothes you are washing.

11 – Brastemp BWD15 Abana

When washing the clothes we have to separate some parts of others because it could wash together spoil them, for example white and colored clothes. But what if you could wash both sets simultaneously and separately? This is the proposal that the Brastemp model that has two baskets that can run simultaneously with the technology “Double Wash”, which leaves the water softener and the two baskets mixing.

In total this machine supports up to 15 kg of laundry in the basket single mode. By using two baskets simultaneously supports the lower and up to 7 kilograms to 2.5 kilograms less. It also has the allergy rinsing function, which removes up to four times more soap than normal, and a cycle for comforters and a panel to choose between several different types of washes.

12º – Electrolux Load perfect Lava & Seca

You must be tired of seeing models of Electrolux here, but the brand is one of the references in this business, so it has so many options for the most different needs. The Load Perfect Care is a machine a little more expensive than conventional models of the company, it is also dryer. Its total capacity is 8 kg washing and 5 kg for drying, so if you have a large family, may need to perform more cycles.

The company is very concerned about the integrity of their clothes, so it uses the Sensi Care technology, which adjusts the time, consumption of water and energy to wash clothes in the right measure and wear. Allied to this technology, we also have another, called “Auto Sense”, which measures the temperature and humidity of the clothes to perform a drying accurately, without drying them. There are several different programs, including rapid cycling, cycle for wool and silk clothes and steam program, which reduces wrinkles and eliminates germs.

13º – Samsung 11kg WW11J

Who said that Samsung makes no washing machine? This model is one of the most sought after among options with a little more expensive. It has the EcoBubble technology, which causes the soap, water and air are mixed at the beginning of the wash, creating a foam which penetrates the fabric up to 40 times faster, providing the same cleaning hot water, only saving energy.

It has several different programs laundering, including a washing fast, which makes the whole process in 15 minutes, and another to remove stains from clothes. Cleaning this machine is also easy to do thanks to Eco Drum technology, which keeps always clean front door, and this washer even warns you when you need to clear. In its panel you can access various functions, including the type of cycle, water temperature, pre-washing options, among others.

14 – Wash and Dry Touch LG Prime Brushed Steel 9 kg

A very interesting model of LG’s Prime Touch. It has many interesting features that will leave the whole process of washing and drying and efficient and safe. Starting with the technology Smart Care 6 Motion, which features six washing movements for this style. These washes are customized for each type of clothing. The Direct Drive technology makes the clothes are washed more efficiently and safely without damaging them. You can choose up to 14 programs in different washes, from babies clothes to comforters. It also features the Smart Diagnostics button, which performs an inspection on the machine in case of problems. At the end it is given a code, so you simply turn on the company SAC, put the phone near the power button, wait for the data transmission and the attendant quickly analyze your problem and provide a solution. The entire device Touch panel so you can choose quickly and easily present any function. Watch out when buying this washer as it is not dual voltage.

Main features:

15º – Samsung Add Wash

Powerful, modern, full of functions and very expensive, this is the Samsung Add Wash. Right away you already realize a different characteristic of the others, because it has a double door, that is, forgot to put any parts or want to put more softener, for example? You do not need to open the front door to put them. VRT Plus system reduces noise and vibrations during washing while maintaining the drum even if balanced rotating at high speeds.

Your dashboard makes access to all functions is fast and convenient, these including different cycles for different washes clothes, steam sanitization, self-cleaning and so on. The Add Wash also features an intelligent diagnostic system, already providing the report and possible solution directly to your mobile application.


Now with our selection it was easy to choose a washing machine. Remember to also look at the measurements of each model on the manufacturer site, after all you do not want to risk buying a machine that is too big for the space you planned to put it. We indicate some machines here that are wash and dry, but if you want to check more models so you can take a look at a list prepared with the best options in the market.