Top 10 Gamer Chairs To Buy In 2020

Top 10 Gamer Chairs To Buy In 2020 – Purchase Manual

Top 10 gamer chairs to buy in 2020

Having a good chair is a piece as important as having a good computer because it is there that you will leave your body all the time you are using the computer or playing. We take extra care with their health, in addition to seeking greater comfort, so the Purchase Manual prepared a list of 10 models of chairs gamers who are great options in 2020.

Usually, gamers chairs have a look a little more flashy and stand out of office models, for example, for its wide range of settings (and higher price). To many, it may seem an investment “useless” but long-term guarantee that your spine will thank you a lot!

We separated 10 models, then you will find more basic options, which consequently have less adjustments and are cheaper to older chairs with the most different functions and an incredible build quality! See our guidelines below.

1. Mymax M × 0

Top 10 Gamer Chairs To Buy In 2020 - Purchase Manual

The cheapest and simple gamer chair of our list is the Mymax, a brand that has several different models to meet the largest possible number of consumers. This model has a great construction, metal frame, and synthetic leather upholstery PU. How is a simpler option, it only has height adjustment, so you can not make adjustments in your arms or inclination, for example. It’s a very comfortable gamer chair that meets the requirements and the price that is sold.

2. PCYes Mad Racer STI Master

Top 10 Gamer Chairs To Buy In 2020 - Purchase Manual

For those who are looking for models with a more affordable price, PCyes has some interesting options. The Mad Racer STI is “cheap” and offers a great quality construction with padded jackets that give the same comfort in gambles and several hours. The mechanism “tilt” causes her to accompany the body inclination whenever you need to relax, and also have height adjustment via a gas piston.

3. Mymax MX7

Top 10 Gamer Chairs To Buy In 2020 - Purchase Manual

The MX7 is one of those chairs that have a very strong structure, so it can handle up to 150 kilos. The company only specifies the structure of the chair is made of metal, but without saying what materials are used for the upholstery. This model has two pads, one for the back and one for the neck, those that can be removed if the user desires. It has settings of its height and also tilt back.


Top 10 Gamer Chairs To Buy In 2020 - Purchase Manual

One of the most celebrated market chairs is the TGC12 model, which is very comfortable and has a good range of settings. She has a full detail design, coated upholstery in high-quality PU, has small pillows for back and neck, those that can be removed if you wish. Its armrests are adjustable, and also have adjustments for height and inclination of the backrest.

5. ThunderX3 BC3

Top 10 Gamer Chairs To Buy In 2020 - Purchase Manual

The BC3 is a model that has pretty good options aesthetically, the main with a finish in military camouflage that will give a totally different air in your room. In addition, it also features AIR Tech, construction that allows greater breathability, so it is always fresh and very pleasant, even if you spend hours and hours sitting. Its backrest is adjustable up to 180 °, in addition to balancing system and height control.

6. Master LED GT15 – DPX

They found that the chairs gamers would escape the famous LED? This option of DPX is a chair gamer that has built-in LEDs, all to give an even nicer to your room. Your Upholstery is in nylon and PU, as well as having an overall slope, so you can even sleep in the chair if you need and height adjustment via pressure. It has abutments for the lower back and neck that can be removed.

7. DT3sports Elise

Surely you ever seen a chair DT3 around, since they are one of the reference brands in this market. The model “Elise” is a good choice that combines good design and quality, with its whole structure made of steel and seats with injected foam. The height of the chair can be controlled via pressure, and also have an option for tilt adjustment. It has the balance function and two pillows included, which can be removed as needed.

8. DXRACER Nex (OK134/N)

The DxRacer is one of the best and most famous chairs brands in Brazil, mainly among gamers. Their models are not so cheap, but the Nex is part of the line more “accessible” of the company. It has coverage based on PU and nylon, with a great building and finishing, then it is a model that lasts long. its height may also be adjustable, in addition to controlling the inclination and set to 170 ° in their arms. The Nex also has neck and lumbar pillows that can be removed whenever you want.

9. ThunderX3 Yama1

The Yama1 is a model slightly different from most gamer’s chairs since its design is all based on AirTech design, which arrested by the user breathability. It has strategically flexible zones, which help to improve posture and give comfort to the user. Both lumbar support as the head is adjustable, so you can find the best settings for good ergonomics. The lever allows to adjust the backrest between 90 ° and 135 °, and also have a mechanism for adjusting the tension of this abutment.

The most expensive model in our list is our Iron Footrest, the DxRacer. This chair has an excellent construction, with bases in aluminum and covered polyurethane and PVC details. It has a durable finish and of course, it is quite durable. You can make adjustments in your inclination, height, and even the arms, which are fully adjustable. Their difference is that it also has a back leg, then just leave and relax. It has support for the back and one for the neck and shoulders, all removable.